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Best way to celebrate the holidays is by gift-giving.

If you want to have the best ideas for the kids, elderly, and special someone, Craig has prepared a list of best recommended ones you could get.

Happy Holidays!

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Airing date: 12/20/2017

Gift Giving Ideas and Reasons


Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey I had a little bit of back and forth gift giving banter this morning over in the state of Maine with Ken and Matt in their morning show. And I want to say just howdy to everybody. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Have a good Boxing Day. Of course, Hanukkah. Just kind of passing here now. And you know whatever you’re celebrating this time of year. Just have a great time. Spend it with your family. Enjoy it. You know we all try and spread love and cheer and everything else. And one of the ways we do that is through gift giving. And of course that’s a big deal and we talk a little bit about gift giving today. Some of the gifts, some of the reasons I think that these science, technology related gifts are some of the best things you can give younger people, the exposure they get et cetera. But we’ve talked about that this morning so here we go.


Matt Gagnon: [00:01:01] It’s time again for Craig Peterson, ladies and gentlemen. He is our tech guru and he joins us every Wednesday at this time to give us an eye on technology around the world. How are you doing Craig?


Craig: [00:01:10] Hey good morning. Doing really well.


Matt: [00:01:12] So did anything blow up since Net Neutrality?


Craig: [00:01:16] Nothing’s working anymore. Did you notice that too?


Matt: [00:01:17] I did. Yeah.


Craig: [00:01:19] I can’t stream Netflix anymore.


Matt: [00:01:12] I tried Google stuff.


Ken Altshuler: [00:01:21] I love Net Neutrality. I think we should all be neutral.


Craig: [00:01:25] Well Ken brings up a great point. Right. Because who is not for neutrality? The problem is that bill, well not that bill you know that ruling had nothing to do with neutrality. It’s kind of crazy but yeah Ken. I agree with you. Who is not for neutrality? A bit is a bit. Don’t discriminate.


Ken: [00:01:45] Speaking of bits. How many bitcoins do you have?


Craig: [00:01:51] Wow. He is so good with those segues.


Matt: [00:01:55] Tell me you bought bitcoin when it was a buck. Because I would like to have been that guy who’s like you know what, this is a decent investment.


Ken: [00:02:02] Which is going to fall, come crashing.


Matt: [00:02:03] Hey, whatever. Sell at the top. Buy low sell high.


Craig: [00:02:05] How about the Papa John’s? Did you know about this story here? A couple of engineers. They had bitcoin, right? And I had the opportunity to get in when it was really cheap. I didn’t see it going anywhere so I didn’t bother.


Matt: [00:02:17] Oops.


Craig: [00:02:18] Yeah. And so a couple engineers were sitting there. Software guys working late at night and one of them offered bitcoin to pay for 2 Papa John pizzas from the other guy. And so off they go and they do a little trade on Papa John’s pizzas. And today, today the bitcoin that was used to buy Papa John’s Pizzas is worth, two pizzas, 180 million dollars.


Isn’t that something you know you talk about, talking about making some serious money here right. It’s nuts.


Matt: [00:03:02] And if I had 180 million dollars in bitcoin that I got for pizzas right I would sell it right now. And I would think I would just kind of make do and maybe put it in some blue chips. Something a little bit more stable than bitcoin.


Craig: [00:03:17] Well it’s probably about time. You guys you know you know about the whole tulip thing that happened in the 1600s. For those that are unaware of it. OK. There is this tulip bulbs bubble. And here’s how it came about. People finally started having a little more leisure time. And in Holland they started to make their own gardens just pretty gardens. Not necessarily vegetable growing their own food which people have been doing for millennia before that but really pretty gardens. So they started getting tulips and putting them into gardens because they were so gorgeous and a lot of people liked it and so they were all trying to buy tulip bulbs. And it got to the point where those tulip bulbs were worth more and more and more. And there was a huge, huge bubble. People lost everything because of the value of the tulip bulbs and of course it ultimately collapsed. Now we’re seeing that today. In fact if you go to my Web site you’ll see right there on the home page an article on this with a graph. And today’s whole value of bitcoin where it’s up to, well it was as high as almost 20,000 dollars per bitcoin. But it follows, that graph follows perfectly the tulip bubble. So you know I look at it and say well you know we buy him today some people are saying bitcoin that today is I think it was trading like it’s sixteen thousand dollars a coin last time I checked. It depends on which market you’re buying it from. But they’re saying it could reach 50 thousand dollars, Matt, per bitcoin.


Matt: [00:04:56] Yeah. I saw one that said 60.


Craig: [00:04:58] Yeah. That’s really, you’re tripling, better than tripling your money here in no time at all. But the other side of this you could completely lose everything. There’s a couple I read this from a U.K. newspaper a couple over there in England. A younger couple. They’ve got one or two kids. And they are typical middle class life. They had a house and they had you know past tense car and everything. They sold absolutely everything that they owned and they bought bitcoin. And this was recent. This is just in the last few months. And now I’m looking at it same there of course this is a millennial and they think they’re going to just corner the market and they’re going to make a lot of money by selling everything they had in mind bitcoin. But it really could be huge. It could absolutely destroy them and their finances. And that’s what people are trying to warn people about right. We have the tulip mania that happened. It lasted three years. It was 1619 to 1622. Bitcoin, the bubble started in 2014. I’m looking at the graph right now and it’s following tracking exactly the tulip mania which over the value went to almost zero. And there is others here too. The Mississippi bubble Selsey bubble. U.S. stocks remember 1923 to 32 when they ran up for nine years. Basically bitcoin has no real value. Obviously the values that people are willing to pay and much of that value has come from ransomware according to the FBI and the briefing I had with them here just a few weeks ago. So if ransomware problem is finally solved and there’s lots of people working on solving that problem is bitcoin still going to be used and who’s going to use it because it isn’t just going to be used to pay off the bad guys to pay ransoms to get your data back.


Matt: [00:07:00] We’re trying to Craig Peterson our tech guru. He’s joining us as he always does on Wednesday at this time to get a look at what’s going on in the world of technology. Craig I’ve got to ask you, is there any place to go since it is the I think we’re getting to like the crash period of buying presents inside for Christmas. Any sort of gift ideas for us? Any gift lists perhaps?


Craig: [00:07:23] Yes indeed. I’ve got a few of them up on the site.


Matt: [00:07:26] And I, just to interrupt you really quickly, if anybody’s looking to purchase me a present. Craig Peterson is a good person to talk to because I’m pretty much placated by technology and gadgets so.


Craig: [00:07:36] Anything on the list for…


Matt: [00:07:39] I literally told that to my wife I’m like if you want to make me happy like that’s fine. You could buy me like a shirt or something but really just something to play with like I’m five years old or whatever. That’s really what I want.


: [00:07:47] You know I was going to suggest Matt, that people not buy for you from my STEM toys list which is for like 3 and up. I was going to suggest look at the men’s gift list.


Ken: [00:07:58] I think it’s probably for him.


Craig: [00:07:59] Because I got a men’s list, a women’s list and a kids’ list. But it sounds, Matt, like you’d be perfect for the kids’ list.


Matt: [00:08:09] I think so. I would agree with that.


Craig: [00:08:13] And I’ve got it broken down. But there are some really great gifts. And I am big into exposing kids to technology not to congress critters. But we need that little drum thing there.


Matt: [00:08:28] Badum tsss…


Craig: [00:08:29] Badum. Exactly. And technology is every business nowadays. You know I think ten years ago we could say yeah your business it’s not reliant on technology right? You’ve got a good old brick and mortar or manufacturing business. But there’s not a single job in the country that I can think of even micros, dirty jobs that does not rely on technology. So we’ve I think we’ve got to expose our kids to tech. Give them some fun things to play with that they can manipulate, that they can change. You know I’ve got one thing on my gift list for really young kids and I got this in fact for one of my granddaughters here last year from Fisher-Price called Codapillar. And this is a little caterpillar device and it has body segments and each body segment makes the caterpillar do something different. So they can effectively program this caterpillar to move around, crawl around. Turn lights on and off on its body and things just by moving these body segments around. And my 4 year old granddaughter just loves this thing. So doing that gives her a bit of a head start on logic and I think that’s great for your kids and your grandkids for you. So if you go to my Web site, again, you’ll see that right on the home page. My three different gift lists. A lot of fun stuff starting as little as 20 bucks, going way up there. One of my favorite things is a manufacturer. He’s down in Texas. And he makes some really, really great note pads and other things out of full grain leather. They’re just beautiful Saddleback leather. But anyhow you’ll see all of that up on the website. Most of these are available for last minute gifts. We’ve put links right in to the articles you click on the link I might make as much as three or four whole cents from Amazon. But these are all gifts that I either want or things I have and I recommend other people. There’s just lots of great things to share.


Ken: [00:10:43] I particularly like on the men’s list the Thermapen digital meat thermometer.


Matt: [00:10:47] Yeah. Meat thermometer yes.


Ken: [00:10:52] You also have the you have the Apple, I know it should be the Apple iPhone 8 plus on your list. Although you know I did get the X because.


Craig: [00:11:00] Well not everyone’s a rich lawyer.


Ken: [00:11:04] You know what. Actually the X is only like well only like 200 dollars more than the 8.


Matt: [00:11:07] It’s only up for a thousand.


Ken: [00:11:08] By the way I bought an iPhone 8 for my daughter. It still cost me a thousand dollars. You know I mean the 8 is you know, if you get the 256 gigabytes which I probably didn’t have to do. But it still is I mean it’s still thousand dollars.


Craig: [00:11:26] You know you guys asked about something just a couple of weeks ago and I want to point out that when it comes to the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X and the older iPhones, there’ve been complaints from people saying when you update your software the phone’s slower. Remember that?


Matt: [00:11:41] Everybody hates that.


Craig: [00:11:43] Yeah well did you see what came out. Just I think it was yesterday. But apparently Apple has not admitted this but some tests have shown it to be true that the, what Apple has done is people complain about their battery life. Right. And newer software always uses more memory, more processing power and everything else. And it really looks like what Apple has done is if you have an older phone but it’s not even just the older phone, it’s if you have an older battery. The new iOS versions go ahead and recognize that your battery is older that it doesn’t hold the charges well. And so it literally does slow down the phone so that you still get reasonable battery life. So expect that to start hitting. I bet you next month there’s going to be a lot of gnashing of teeth over this whole thing. Is the right thing for Apple to do? I don’t know.


Ken: [00:12:45] I love the Navdy mounted windshield projector by the way.


Craig: [00:12:49] You know what I want. I want the Apple you know CarPlay I want that to be on a projector that I can just sit on my dashboard and shoot it up on my screen. The heads up display be like you’re driving one of those Apache helicopters you know going along the highway.


Matt: [00:13:02] Well it’s called the self-driving cars.


Ken: [00:13:05] So many toys and so little time.


Matt: [00:13:09] Craig Peterson our tech guru. Thanks so much for joining us. But we’re going to talk to you again next Wednesday which will be after Christmas. So Merry Christmas from us to you and we’ll talk to you again next week.


Craig: [00:13:16] Take care gentlemen. Bye-bye.


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