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Craig joined Ken and Matt talking about the iPhone slow down. Was it even intentional, or are your phones meant to last only up to the next available update? 

Craig also talks about why has tech investments dropped, and is this going to be good or bad for the upcoming year?

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Airing date: 12/27/2017


iPhone Slowdown Problems – Why Has Tech Investment Dropped



Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey everybody I hope you had a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year coming up this. I think will be the last podcast of the year for me. Actually no, I’m actually going to do the show on Saturday so there will be another one but it probably won’t be released until next year 2018. Anyways, have a great year. We have a lot of amazing stuff in store for you as the year comes up. And this morning I spoke with Ken and Matt over in Maine and we talked about two different things. The whole thing with the app will slow down with the older iPhone. I thought Matt might have had a really good point with that. And also talked about investments. Why did the tech business this year not get investments? And Ken even brought up the fact although we didn’t really talk about it that it really was kind of the year of the hack. Stick around here we go.


Matt Gagnon: [00:00:55] And it’s that time again ladies and gentlemen Craig Peterson our tech guru joins us on this Wednesday after Christmas to tell us about all the things people are taking back to the store now that they got them for Christmas. How are you doing Greg?


Craig: [00:01:07] Hi. Good morning doing really well. Had a great Christmas and nice to have the whole family around.


Ken Altshuler: [00:01:13] Are you returning all your presence that you got for Christmas, Craig?


Craig: [00:01:17] No, no. This is really kind of cool. What we decided to do a few years ago because we have a few kids. Is that rather than everyone trying to buy presents for everyone else, we would just have a randomized drawing of who it is who’s going to be responsible for like as someone this particular person’s stocking up or who’s going to give this gift or a gift to this other person. And so it’s worked out well because we’ve got the eight kids and Karen and I and grandkids course getting older. So the focus then becomes more on what this person like as opposed to just how to get things for 10 people you know. And so as far as the returns this time goes, Ken, the gifts that I got this year news from one of my daughters were just so spot on I wouldn’t even think twice about trying to return it.


And so it was really, really nice our daughter came up from Kentucky was living out there and her boyfriend came with her and it was just really, really nice. I liked it this year.


Ken: [00:02:28] So Craig, let’s talk about that you know we’ve been at the top stories of 2017. There were a lot of security breaches in 2017. Is that kind of the best, the top story in that tech world?


Craig: [00:02:41] I would say it is. Know couple of big stories this year though the breaches were just astronomical. It was crazy just about everything was breached and the other big one had to do with investments and investments in technology. A lot of companies what they did this year in 2017 and they’ve done this sort of thing before in the past. But if you’re looking at a highly regulated industry which tech has become and you need to kind of grow your bottom line here so that the stockholders and investors are happy. What you end up doing is going on acquisition sprees and companies were not investing in research and development in the last year. It’s starting to pick up now but really RND was way down. It was very difficult to get businesses started. We did not see the kind of angel investment money in technology that we saw certainly from the late 90s. And there was also quite a few articles that I read this year about investment and about the just really poor attitude that tech investors have had over the last few years. So that’s the other big story for tech this year. And you know I don’t know if you want to blame it on the government overreach or you know you could very well explain it kind of explain it away of hey you know the technology industry is becoming more mature. Right. You guys probably are on Facebook almost every day. You know so who’s going to displace Facebook? Who could displace Google who could displace any of these major players out there? And it’s a difficult question to answer because it’s you know a lot of people I think kinda the answer that almost nobody can displace them. But then again you know I’ve been around in the tech industry for a long time and you know back in the 70s it was IBM was it. IBM was king. And that’s what I was working on in the mid 70s were IBM computers. And then of course Microsoft kind of displaced them. Now we see Apple making all kinds of stumbles. You know they’ve got some great products still but they are not the type of quality that was out there when Steve Jobs was around. You know their iOS 11 has all kinds of little glitches here and there. And now this big story that is out there about Apple iPhones slowing down is an interesting one because forever and ever people are used to older hardware kind of slowing down because a software gets bigger. But this looks like what Apple did is almost unforgivable here. If the allegations are true they’re going to be in so much trouble. I assume you guys heard about it this.


Matt: [00:05:48] I did.


Ken: [00:05:49] I did. Can you explain to us a little bit.


Matt: [00:05:49] I’m very glad I’m sitting here on my comfy Note.


Ken: [00:05:55] Is it true the iOS updates is not working as well on old iPhones?


Craig: [00:06:02] Well yeah you know but there is a problem with this. You know if you continue to add more features, which Apple has been doing, the programs tend to get bigger. They need more memory. They tend to require more processing power. So if you have a slower smaller computer you’re going to end up with a, of course, slower running computer if you put more software on it. It’s just like you know when you’re driving you go down the street and you decide you want to hook up a trailer to the back and pull a tractor along right. It isn’t going to work very well because that car just isn’t designed to handle the load. But what we’re looking at right now are allegations that what Apple did was justifiable I think from an engineering standpoint. But the way they did it was wrong. Here’s what’s going on apparently Apple said you know as these devices get older their batteries get older and older batteries don’t hold the charge very well. In fact what happens is you end up with kind of a cliff in performance on the battery so they’re going along, ok 80 percent batteries, 60, 50, 40, 0. And so what Apple did is they apparently changed their code so that if you are running an older phone with an older battery they just slow it down so that your battery lasts longer. And I’m sure that’s really cut back on some of the tech support calls saying why did my phone die on me all of a sudden? And I’ve heard that before about various phones from people I know. Friends and even family hey, my battery just bam, it was like 40 percent and it was gone. So apparently what Apple did is they added a little feature that if you had these older batteries on these older phones they would slow the phone down so that the battery would last all day long. Well frankly that’s OK.


Matt: [00:08:09] Are you sure that’s the reason? It wasn’t to, I don’t know encourage you to buy your new twelve hundred dollar iPhone that may have just been released too, Craig? Sorry, a cynic here.


Ken: [00:08:14] So skeptical. Yeah.


Craig: [00:08:20] Now you’re getting into Ken’s department. Yeah exactly. Because if what they were doing was just save your battery life why did they not make it an option in the settings menu?


Matt: [00:08:27] Exactly.


Craig: [00:08:33] Because right now you can go with the low power mode you can turn your phone the low power and the shirt slows everything down and turns off background tasks and things. Why did Apple not do that? And that’s the big question right. Matt, you’re right. Did Apple’s slow these devices down to make it so that you’re more likely to buy a new iPhone. As I said from an engineering and support standpoint I can see yeah I would definitely want to have the ability to slow down the computer in this case the iPhone so that the batteries lasts me but I wouldn’t have hidden that from people I would not have kept a secret you know. I have a kid that went in with their iPhone talk to the geniuses at the Apple Genius Bar and none of them knew about this stuff right. There’s oh you’re just crazy you know. Yeah they just slow down over time blah, blah, blah. So when did they do it and why didn’t they tell us about it? And why did they do it? This is going to be a very big story for the next month or so. And then once these suits hit because now there’s at least a half a dozen lawsuits waiting for the day they got group status going after Apple on this and Matt, I think you might be right. And this goes back to Steve Jobs right. Would something like this have happened under Steve Jobs? Why did they hide it? Right. That’s the big question.


Matt: [00:10:06] Well, Craig Peterson, our tech guru. Unfortunately we’re going to cut a bit shorter here a little bit today. We got another interview behind you. So thank you very much. Hope you had a great Christmas Craig.


Ken: [00:10:10] And we will talk to you next year.


Matt: [00:10:12] In 2018.


Craig: [00:10:17] Yeah right. Take care gentlemen.


Matt: [00:10:14] Thanks Craig.


Craig: [00:10:18] I really got to thank everybody too. I can’t let the year end without this. Wow, wow, wow. Without you guys, I don’t know what I would do. There’s a lot of information that I really want to get out but it only matters if we have people listening. And I appreciate all of the people who shared this podcast and frankly it’s amazing to me how amazing it is and how we’re continually getting new subscribers to the podcast, to my weekly show notes emails. And we’re even approaching 700 people that I send text messages to every week to remind them about the live show. A day doesn’t go by without someone filling out the form on my website asking questions which I always answer by the way. And it’s just wonderful. I love it. I love being able to share my, oh my, more than 50 years of computer expertise and knowledge out in the industry with people now. You get to a certain age and wow it’s, you know, your perspective changes a little bit. Let me just put it that way. And giving back becomes really important, at least it has to me. So thanks for letting me give back. Thanks for the feedback. And thanks for really everything you guys are doing to help promote the show as well. I really, really appreciate it. Have a great New Year. And we’ll be talking to you again very soon. Bye-bye.


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