Best Malware Advice – What’s My Mario Brothers’ Worth – Spam Phone Calls: AS HEARD ON WGAN: [02-20-19]

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Craig joins Ken and Matt as he does every Wednesday morning. They talked about robocalls and the Super Mario Brothers video game that sells for $100,000. Craig also shared with Ken and Matt his best malware advice.

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Airing date: 02/20/2019

Best Malware Advice – What’s My Mario Brothers’ Worth – Spam Phone Calls

Craig Peterson 0:00
Hey everybody, bOy getting busy this week, I’m putting together all of the content for our course. And this is really exciting. This is, I’m so excited because this is gonna be the best course ever. Anyways, so everybody who signed up for this welcome aboard. Glad to have you here this morning I spoke with Mr. Ken and Matt we went over the this whole problem that we’re having with frankly, these robocalls that are coming in. The spam calls the junk calls, what does it mean? What can we do about it? So we talked about that this morning. We also talked about our friends over at Nintendo here and is your game your Super Mario Brothers game worth $100,000 or more? A kind of an interesting question right. If you have one of those sitting around in your in your attic or your basement also I did some tech support help this morning for Ken which is kind of interesting because it ties in exactly with the course I’m doing right now but if you want little tech support help and want to know how to use secure your machines what’s the best browsers and stop did that this morning with Ken as well. So here we go with Ken and Matt. Happy Wednesday.

Unknown 1:27
Back again and Craig Peterson is with us now as he always is Wednesdays at this time 7:38 on Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday. Craig, how are you this morning sir?

Unknown 1:37
I am I am I’m doing pretty well this morning. It’s been a busy week and now almost winter again.

Unknown 1:45
Before, I have a question to ask you because I you know I was using Firefox and I started using Chrome and I opened this link and all these you know Orbits drops. It says, don’t you want to buy an airplane ticket?

Unknown 2:01
Your PC may be infected right now. 

Unknown 2:05
So what is the spyware clean your computer program to put on,

Unknown 2:12
or we learned a lot from Wreck It Ralph. And Ralph breaks the internet. And I don’t know if you’ve seen that movie. You

Unknown 2:19

Unknown 2:24
the problem is, there’s a little green guys running around trying to get you to click on things. So I think you’re real question is, how do I stop those little green guys? Right? Yeah. Okay. Okay. How

Unknown 2:36
do I do my computer? How do I get rid of them? Do I get pest modern pest services?

Unknown 2:43
Yeah, that’s kind of what you have to do. The pop up stuff is fairly easy to stop. Famous last words and what you do what I always do, and I do this in, in Firefox, which is a little better I should

Unknown 2:56
go back to Firefox. I don’t know why my daughter told me to use Chrome stopping and going back to Yeah,

Unknown 3:03
yeah, it is. Firefox is much much safer with your information just in general, right? They’re not out there trying to watch everything you do and sell it all in fact, they’re they’re very good about making sure they’re up to date and blocking things but what’s the best malware? That’s such a good question and last week I started I had what four different cult courses classes last week for people free ones that I did. And that’s one of the top questions and it’s a kind of a difficult one to ask. It’s kind of like you know, what’s the best helmet to wear? Well, it depends and what it depends on is what you’re trying to protect against because there’s a lot of nastiness out there but here goes the drum roll because if you’re running Windows you have a Windows machine then you’re looking for the basic protection you can turn on Microsoft software and it’s got Windows Defender get that turned on and Windows Firewall get that turned on and you’re pretty safe as far as everything in general goes and then there’s one more piece of software that I advise everybody to get and put on their machines and that’s Malwarebytes. Malware-B-Y-T-E-S. It’s very very good that was

Unknown 4:21

Unknown 4:23
that’s what Matt suggested Malwarebytes

Unknown 4:25
ladies Florio Yes. Yes, exactly. And I got a great tip from Matt last week to with this this of Facebook plugin though. Are you enjoying? It

Unknown 4:37
isn’t it’s life changing? But

Unknown 4:39
whatever. What’s that one?

Unknown 4:41
That’s the one where you can filter your Facebook feed and get rid of all i don’t

Unknown 4:45
i don’t do Facebook. So I don’t care. Maybe you would if you could filter? No, I’m not. No.

Unknown 4:50
Yeah, it actually works quite well. Yeah,

Unknown 4:54
Malwarebytes is really, really good. And then, you know, the Facebook stuff, there’s a few the little filters, but built into Chrome, you can turn on pop up blocking, and I do that as well. So with Chrome, you go to your settings. And there’s got to be there’s a great search bar inside of the settings and look for pop up blockers. You can do the same thing on Safari, you can do the same thing on Firefox, it makes life much easier. Now, if you’re a business, you can certainly use those basic pieces of software and Apple, if you keep up to date with your patches on Apple. It’s even safer from the standard virus and hacker standpoint. And then Microsoft is, but since Windows seven Microsoft to ship with some of the stuff turned on. So there’s your basics I really like. And this is what we use for our professional customers. I really like Cisco’s, what they call AMP, which is their anti malware protection stack. And it’s a bunch of different software. But there’s one other thing you guys got to do, right? So I mentioned carry on all of your default stuff right now, at least on turn it off use Malwarebytes, but there’s something out there called OpenDNS. And this is a lifesaver. This is probably one of the best things you can do as well. And it’s also available for free or really, really, really, really cheap depending on what you’re trying to do. And what OpenDNS does is when your computer tries to find where to go online. So you type in, it has to turn that name into an address. So it has to be turned into an internet address, because that’s the only way to get around. Right. It’s not it’s like a sort of Ken’s house. So where’s Ken’s house? Well, now you have to look it up in the phone book. Right Ken? Right. And it’s 123 mainstream street in Scarborough, Maine. It’s the same sort of a thing. So what happens with OpenDNS, if you’re using that is the computer says, Okay, well, where’s Google that it’s trying to find the address and sort of asks, in this case, if you set it up, right? Ask OpenDNS, OpenDNS, okay, well, he’s he’s 123 Main Street, and off you go, everything’s wonderful.

But if you have some malware, if you have some evil software on your site, or let’s say it’s trying to drive you to some adware based site or trying to get you to go somewhere you shouldn’t have be cooked on something you shouldn’t have is going to ask, Hey, how do I get to the Kaminski house over there in Moscow, Russia, OpenDNS is looking at that and say, Whoa, wait a minute, we know those Kaminski guys and they’re tied into this unabomber guy and this is a bad place to go. And so it OpenDNS as at that point is it stops you from going there and pops up a little while doesn’t pop up. But it comes up a little message on your browser saying that’s an evil place to go but it also stops malware that’s on your computer so one of the first things this evil software does matter where does is it phones home just like ET and tries to figure out what do you want me to do next to do you want me to infect next. Our evil plan to take over the world. And so it tries to call home so how does it call home it does the same thing it says hey I want to call home and it goes to mask OpenDNS. OpenDNS says I know who you are I’m not letting you call home and we’re talking about even on their paid plan one or two bucks a computer a month just stop the bad guys from calling home. It’s phenomenal OpenDNS look it up now there’s better software than that we tend to use Cisco Umbrella which is the next level up from OpenDNS but there you go I just gave you my best tip ever can they keep faith and and it’s Mac and Windows okay so is it just across the board is great

Unknown 8:57
doing it

Unknown 8:58
okay all right so Craig Peterson joins us at this time every Wednesday and he tells us about all the things that can needs to know about his computer I’ve noticed Craig by the way that on my phone I had installed a like a robo killer app which had been reasonably effective for the past few months in stopping this avalanche This is waterboarding effort of these people to try to just destroy my phone and get like a call every 30 minutes or so but in the last two weeks like I don’t know if they’re getting around it they got new numbers whatever but now I’m starting to get more of these stupid robo scam thing calls and whatnot again and they’re always the same they’re always some insurance thing or they always have a warranty to sell me or or whatnot but there’s also some people that are actually like literally scamming you and saying that you know you owe money and you got to pay the police department or whatever talk to me about phone scams and 29 in 2019

Unknown 9:55
Yeah, IRS, etcetera etcetera. I’ve gotten most as well and the FCC just released these results of a new study. And it’s a welcome to 2019 guess what half of all cell phone calls give or take this year are projected to be spam calls these these junk calls, or worse their their phishing attack phishing P-H. Not the not the kind with the line and the hook but what they’re trying to do is hook you so they call up I got I was on the floor of a conference and I was actually the exhibitor and I got calls from the IRS. And like, repeatedly, you have to send money and how do you pay the IRS? Well, it turns out from this phone call that I have to buy Apple gift cards and send them to the IRS in order to make good on my debt to

Unknown 10:51
it’s just crazy. So what do you do? Oh, my gosh. Well, yet you’re using Hiya right, Matt? Yes. Okay. Yeah. Hiya, H-I-Y-A is very good at stopping these just in general. But it’s gotten so bad because they’re, they’re using your local area code and prefix when they’re calling you. So if a call comes in, and it looks like it’s from your neighbor, because it’s your neighborhood phone number, you’re more likely to answer it, then it’s easy to fake and they’re continually faking it. And there’s no end to this insight. And I hate to say that, so let me tell you what I do. Okay, guys, I’ve set my iPhone into Do Not Disturb mode. Now, that can be a problem, because there’s people who you want to call you. Well,

Unknown 11:43
they want to be disturbed, right? Yes.

Unknown 11:46
Yeah, exactly. So on the iPhone, what’s really nice is I can put it in Do Not Disturb mode. And then I can say, if someone’s in my contact list, let the call through. So I have a I have thousands of contacts in my phone. And so if any of them call me it goes right through to my phone. But you know, between us nowadays, when you call someone you kind of expect to get voicemail so if it’s not someone who knows you really well, and they end up in your voicemail because you have Do Not Disturb turned on and you have habitat of culture contacts through and great, okay, so your wife’s college kids calls, etc. going to come right through. But somebody that you haven’t spoken to, in 10 years might go to voicemail. I don’t think that’s a big deal. But that’s what I’ve done. I’ve got higher running, I ended up buying the paid version, which is pretty good. And then on top of it now, because it’s gotten so bad. And the FCC is agreeing with us. We’re not crazy, at least not about this Matt, that, hey, this is going to get worse. So take a look at that. On the Android side. There’s a bunch of apps that you can put on your phone. Apple doesn’t let apps begin to your phone calls away. Android does. So there’s a lot of different options in the Android space. But I have found this to be very, very effective.

Unknown 13:15
We are talking to Craig Peterson, he joins us every single Wednesday. Right around this time. I you know, Craig I was kind of I don’t know a lot about video by new I remember Mario Brothers and and because I they were kind of cute. And they ran around a lot. Why would Why would a a video game sell for $100,000?

Unknown 13:42
I mean, seriously, What? Why? Why?

Unknown 13:46
Well, it wasn’t 100,000 100,000

Unknown 13:55
Yeah, it’s

Unknown 13:56
it’s interesting because this version of the video games it was sealed. It was unopened. Now just because you have one that might be sealed and unopenedn, it’s not probably going to sell $100,000. This was a special version at only sold in New York. And Los Angeles was called sticker sealed so it has a special sticker on it. And it was also certified by this gaming authority of some sort. 

Unknown 14:25
So it’s a collectors’ item is what you’re saying?

Unknown 14:27
big time Okay, big time. But you know, a lot of people loved it. It was one of the big first big games frankly out there for the Nintendo 1985 was when of course it was this version of the game was released. There were some that were a little bit earlier than this but that’s why it’s sold for that so don’t go out digging them up from the basement of the attic. The odds are excellent. Your Nintendo game is probably worth at least $5 okay but it’s probably not 100,000

Unknown 14:58
that’s such a bummer oh

Unknown 15:01

Unknown 15:02
we’re up

Unknown 15:03
Craig Peterson our tech guru joins us at this time every Wednesday and this was no exception appreciate it Craig thanks so much for joining us

Unknown 15:11
I’m gonna go to that Malwarebytes place

Unknown 15:15
yeah hey if you guys want access to that training I did last week I did record it it’s a few hours worth of it all about security stuff just send me an email just and and I’d be glad to make it available to Ken or anybody else who wants to. Just

Unknown 15:34
all right there it is. Ladies and gentlemen Craig Peterson the man the myth the legend is with us as usual and we’ll talk again next week Craig.

Unknown 15:40
happy wetness day

Unknown 15:43
wetness day indeed. Alright, so coming up at 8:08.

Unknown 15:48
That’s part of the reason I do these. These hits here on the radio. It’s just so much fun. Sometimes. I have fun with these guys. They’re a little bit of play around. Anyways, hope you’re going to have a great we talk to you later. I’m going back to the treadmill today. Yeah. Isn’t that fun? Go Craig. Start an exercise again. Have a great day. Bye bye.


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