Chrysler Recall, FBI Router warning, Cryptocurrencies, Pink Collar Jobs: AS HEARD ON -The WGAN Morning News [06-06-18]

On This Episode…
There is an issue with Routers – FBI worldwide alert.  Craig discusses the problems with these routers and what you have to do.

Are you addicted to Cryptocurrencies? Craig talks with Ken and Matt about what some Dr.’s are saying and also gives a warning about Cryptocurrencies and your security clearances.

Don’t use Cruise Control if you drive a Chrysler or Fiat.  Craig speaks with Ken and Matt about two issues related to cars.  Both can be deadly.

Pink Color Jobs?  Craig explains to Matt and Ken what these jobs are and why they have this name.

Do you love knowing what technology is coming in the next year?  Craig tells Ken and Matt about Mary Meekers Internet Trend Report and how and where you can access the information.  She is the standard bearer of “what is coming in tech.” 


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Airing date: 06/06/2018

Chrysler Recall, FBI Router warning, Cryptocurrency issues, Pink Collar Jobs

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey, good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here this morning with Ken and Matt. I spent a little time and we talked about of course the FBI warning about our routers and when a little detail. But you guys know about that right. Then we also talked about the Fiat Chrysler warning about 5 million of their vehicles being very, very, dangerous. And social media and how it’s now a pink-collar job. Isn’t that new. And we talked about Mary Meeker and her latest report the 300 slide internet trends report and what that’s all about. And if you are investing in bitcoin or any of these other cryptocurrencies and you have to maintain a security clearance, we’ve got a big warning for you. So here we go. Have a great day. I’m enjoying myself. I am out in the Adirondacks here doing a little bit of vacationing and meetings of course with friends. That’s the way it always goes.

: [00:00:59] So Here we go with Ken and Matt.  Welcome back again its 738 on the WGAN Morning News and it is Wednesday which means it’s time for Craig Peterson, our tech guru. He joins us at this time every Wednesday.

: [00:01:11] Sir, are you this morning doing, I am well, I’m out in Lake George, at Americade, doing some motorcycle riding yesterday it was a little rainy, but it should be nice the rest of the week.

: [00:01:24] Excellent. Yeah. My wife last asked me if we had a router and I didn’t know the answer.

: [00:01:32] So, there’s an issue with routers Yeah this is the same one that we’ve been talking about the last couple of weeks. The FBI has come out now and given a worldwide alert and we’ve got to be really careful with this because the problem is that the routers that we’re using for our homes, and unfortunately many small businesses are using these home routers as well. Those routers are compromised, many of them with a whole bunch of Russian software, that is taking your data and is sending it all the way out or actually to Russia. Today in Russia they are looking at it for bank account information, credit card information, personal information. So, you’ve got to replace these things. I’ve had a lot of our listeners have reached out to me on my text number. I gave out a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned the ORBI, you might remember you can get that right now. Best Buy has the best price on it. That’s ORBI. You can get it on Amazon. And one of our listeners was concerned because looking at the reviews on Amazon there were a lot of complaints about the ORBI that come up right at the top of the reviews. However, the ORBI device is a great little router and if you look at it the reviews chronologically it’s fantastic.

: [00:02:54] They had a problem about a year and a half ago with some other firmware that’s been pretty much fixed now so the ORBI is what I’m recommending people to replace their home routers. Now, if you have a router from your Internet service provider they are taking care of this problem. If you bought an aftermarket router that’s when the problems start coming up and that’s when you really should look at replacing it was something new. That’s because there’s probably not new firmware to fix this problem. It’s absolutely huge. It’s devastating. We still haven’t really begun to see the fallout from this. But make sure you reboot your router at least weekly for now, and go ahead and replace it. And I’m going to be sending more information to people and explaining things, but have a good look at that ORBI router and it will make a difference for you. Big difference. It’s a scary world.

: [00:03:52] Speaking of scary worlds, is it possible to be addicted to getting cryptocurrencies. Should I be afraid of, you know, buying them going forward?

: [00:04:04] Yes, it is. It’s interesting because I’ve got a couple articles on that this week in my newsletter. But the problem that we’re finding is that people are getting kind of a gambler’s addiction to buying cryptocurrencies and it’s becoming such a problem that we’re starting to see not only doctors talking about it but it could end up being something that gets into the AMA standards as well. Cryptocurrency addiction. The other thing that is happening right now with cryptocurrencies is that we’ve got a problem with background checks and security. You know, if you have a clearance from the federal government, you have an FBI background check, that is required for working, for instance, down at the shipyard and you bought cryptocurrencies. They’re saying now that that could be a big mark against you when it’s time to get a background check to renew your security clearance. And the reason why is they’re saying that with cryptocurrencies they are so frequently used by the black hats, by the bad guys, the criminals, that they may take that cryptocurrency that you have and count it against you thinking that you may be doing illicit things online. That’s because you can use a cryptocurrency to buy drugs, not just marijuana but all the hard stuff, like fentanyl and other things. you can use that cryptocurrency for all kinds of illicit transactions. So are cryptocurrencies back in the news this week and one of the big warnings is the federal government has not made a standard yet but a lot of people within the review board are saying cryptocurrencies are a big mark against you if you have to have a security clearance.

: [00:05:58] Craig Peterson is our tech guru he joins us every Wednesday at 738. Craig, I use cruise control all the time, now I don’t have I don’t have a fiat. I have a Honda Ridgeline, so, I am kind of safe but, I mean can things go bad with cruise control? Let‘s talk about your Honda for a second.

: [00:06:27] These newer cars including the Honda, In fact, I had to send a thing to my mom about the Honda and how these keys that you don’t have to put into the ignition. Right. You just keep them with you. Right. A lot of people tend to leave them in the car or when they lock the car in the garage. And what the problem that we’re seeing now is that people are dying because of that. And here’s why. Can get them a little key flaw that you have for your Honda. And this isn’t just a Honda problem. But if you take it with you even into the house it can be close enough to the car that the car sinks. OK can’t hear or see is nearby. And if you forgot to shut off the engine which is you know you look at our generation we’ve been turning off the key for how many decades right. And now you have to hit that button to shut it off. So, they forget the shut off the engine and that engine keeps running. And what’s been happening is people getting been getting brain damage and even dying from the carbon monoxide to creep in from the garage into the house because the car’s still running, and we don’t know about it. So, a real word of warning here to all of our listeners. This is picking on Honda, I am just picking on Ken. So, because of that problem we’d be very, very, careful especially it’s been hitting the older population. Now back to the original thing you’re mad about the cruise controls guys. Matt and Kim here’s what’s going on.

: [00:08:03] The Chrysler Corporation you remember last fall I think it was October or so we were talking about a problem with Chrysler’s and how the software in that car could be manipulated so that someone could remotely drive the car and drive it into the ditch. Do you remember that? It was in the news. Yeah, Well now the latest is that there is a bug and Chrysler Fiat. They are warning people that have their cars double checked your model number and I have a list of them up on my Web site that are known to be effective. I should say but be careful because some other cars can in certain situations and it has already happened people. If you have the cruise control on it will not disengage. You can get a break. You can hit the cruise control off button and the cruise control will stay on. So if you’re going down the pike at 70 miles an hour that engines going to keep trying to go down the pike at 70 miles an hour. Now if it happens to you, thing to do is STAND on had brakes, because the brakes are designed to overpower the engine and that engine still going to be going, going, like crazy. Get over to the side of the road. After to coming to a full stop and then put the car in park. OK. So Important safety tip for Chrysler Fiat owners out there, cruise control on some of the vehicles can in certain conditions decide it is not going to shut off.

: [00:09:40] So contact your dealer they’ll have a fix available for you they can let you know if your car is affected or you can do some searches online. The joys of technology you guys. We are talking about Cruise control. Not even autonomous vehicles. I’m just so concerned about the future frankly.

: [00:10:01] We’re talking to Craig Peters on our tech guru who joins us at this time every Wednesday. CRAIG My final question for you what exactly is a pink-collar job and why is social media one of them.

: [00:10:13] Yeah that’s an interesting thing right because we know all the jobs that women tend to move towards and men tend to move towards other jobs. It’s turned out that social media for businesses is a job that has been attracting almost exclusively women. And it’s a decent job you can do look from home depending on the job position of course. But it’s been called the pink-collar job because when it comes to social media it’s really been a woman’s world. And I’ve got to mention one more thing if you want to know where the Internet is only Mary Meeker every year puts out her slides. She is brilliant. If you are an investor you’ve got to check her she’s got her 2018 Internet trend report out. And, of course she does mention a little bit about pink-collar in there. But she talks about everything it’s almost 300 pages of slides. It’s incredible amount of data very dense. But it’s everything from people buying online what kinds of devices they’re using. We reach saturation e-commerce versus brick and mortar. Hey, it’s your business. Check it out. I’ve got it up on my Web site as well. This is her 2018 internet trends report and it is really the standard bearer when it comes to trying to figure out what’s coming our way online.

: [00:11:42] All right, Craig Peterson our tech guru joins us at this time every Wednesday. Appreciate you joining us sir. We will talk to you again next week.

: [00:11:49] A gentleman. Take care.

: [00:11:50] Thank you very much sir. All right.