Facebook Battle With Apple – GDPR Snares Google: AS HEARD ON WGAN: [02-06-19]

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Craig is on the WGAN Morning News with Ken and Matt as he does every Wednesday morning. They talked about a lot today from the Facebook and Apple feud, the AirBNBs spying on you, the shortage of cybersecurity workers, and the GDPR bagging its first tech giant Google.

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Airing date: 02/06/2019

Facebook Battle With Apple – GDPR Snares Google

Craig Peterson 0:00

Good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here, of course. And this morning I was on WGAN and all of their affiliates up throughout the state of Maine and covering the course that also covers parts of New Hampshire. But we talked about the Facebook program, the controversial one, what’s happening here, there is a big fight going on between apple and Facebook. I mean a very big fight and it looks like Apple might end up being the police, at least for their platform. They’ve been trying to keep Of course, our data safe now they’re trying to keep the companies like Facebook, in line with our privacy as well. So good for them. So we talked a little bit about what was happening there. In fact, we talked quite a bit about that. And we talked about the EU privacy law and how it has snared its first tech giants. So here we go. 

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It is the WGAN Morning news. It is Wednesday morning and it is time to talk to Craig Peterson. Craig, how are you this morning Hey, good morning guruing away. Guruing that a verb Can you

Unknown 1:09
gurus she gurus they grew all guru

Unknown 1:13
it’s like French right? Yeah. Sweet to a new songs

Unknown 1:17
and French. We’ve just we’ve just raised the intelligent closure this this short clip wanted this. So let’s talk about Facebook. Let’s leave time at Facebook. And so there was a program to pay Apple users for data. Has that been changed now? Yeah this is interesting because I got a couple of different Facebook things in here this week including what I got from mass all new

Unknown 1:45
which is kind of cool that Facebook purity thing I checked it out after you mentioned it last week but yeah, Facebook really gotten nail here we found out just a few weeks ago that our Facebook of

Unknown 2:00
users were offered something that I kind of knew was going on here. Here’s the bottom. I remember I mentioned Facebook had a VPN and don’t trust it. Yes. Because VPN are supposed to be protecting your data. And I knew Facebook had a VPN and it was free, and they were tracking all of your data on it, right? So it’s kind of the opposite world, right? For what you expected from VPN. Well, Facebook, apparently when a step beyond that and was paying users 20 bucks a month, I guess it was to use the VPN for research purposes. Now, personally, I don’t have a big problem with that. But you guys if you know it’s for research, you know, the monitor new and they’re paying you 20 bucks, you kind of expect them to be monitoring what you doing right? I would assume so. I would assume so. Yeah, I don’t think that’s a real big deal. But as it turns out, Apple did a little bit of investigation into our friends.

Unknown 3:01
Zuckerbergville making up all kinds of words today. Zuckerbergville

Unknown 3:09
and what Apple found is that apparently Facebook has been kind of short circuiting some of the Well, some people would say lawyering some of the terms of its policy. And it looks like Apple might actually be forcing Facebook to be honest and not use our data in ways that are part of this overall agreement. That other words, Facebook’s been collecting data. So Apple said, If you continue to collect data, we will see the platform. In other words, we won’t let you use Apple stuff anymore.

Unknown 3:49
And so what they did is they pulled their keys, Apple pulled Facebook keys, so no, all of a sudden all of these geeks out there and Silicon Valley working

Unknown 4:00
for Facebook that are used to just pop it up their little internal Facebook app on their iPhones and having a Facebook bus come and pick them up in the morning for work along with their latte already warmed up for them in the bus. No, no, no Apple turned off their keys. So none of the apps worked on iOS anymore. And those portal Facebook we knees were I mean workers were out there waiting for their locked data show up at a bus and and messy work. So there is a big tug of war going on between apple and Facebook right now that looks like Apple might actually force it on iOS for Facebook. To be honest,

Unknown 4:46
it’s something they’re not really known for our right we’re talking to Craig Peterson our tech guru joins us on Wednesdays at this time talking about the world of technology. Craig. Speaking of security and cyber security and whatnot. Is there a person

Unknown 5:00
Is there a problem, I guess out there in cyber security whereby we don’t have enough human beings to even do the jobs to keep us all safe out there? Is this is this a problem? Well, yeah, it’s a problem for a number of different angles

Unknown 5:14
right now, according to a study that was just released by

Unknown 5:18
it’s a nonprofit association that that issues, some certifications and it’s all about cyber security and cyber security professionals. According to this study,

Unknown 5:30
I was wrong. And you might remember I said that we were about one and a half million cybersecurity workers, Shawn and that’s the number have been using for a while now they’re saying that we are about 3 million cybersecurity worker shortage.

Unknown 5:47
And that’s absolutely huge because what that means is two things one, we are of course, we were in great need of people who can keep our system safe from the federal government.

Unknown 6:00
All the way through the local mom and pop shops. So that’s a problem. It might be good for you if you really wanted to get into the cyber security industry and get a better job better paying jobs, because these are some of the highest paying jobs in the tech field. But it’s bad again now because that means everybody and their brother is going to start hanging up. I should go outside their little bio repair computer store to say I’m a computer computer security company. Now I do cyber security and I think that’s going to be a problem as well. So it’s always been hard to figure out who to hire to help you with your it and it’s getting a lot harder to find out who can really do the cyber security for you

Unknown 6:47
to great data scientists are tech guru he’s doing this morning and he’s joining us as he does every Wednesday at 730 I saw on your website a a lamp that could have a hidden camera.

Unknown 7:00
And could be put in an Airbnb room. I mean is that can they do that? Well, you know can as a lawyer is you know about two party consent obviously his main considered a two party state I don’t remember so one party state is Yeah, one party okay so one party state How about if I were to put a camera in your living room with the width depth somatic is a two party state means that both people have to consent to be recorded and one party state like main means if I’m on a phone call with you, I can record you without your consent. Right, right.

Unknown 7:37
I don’t think so. Yeah, I think that’s it. I don’t think you can put a camera and then and then the other person not knowing about it. Well, this is a new a new lamp issue from Panasonic, I think is when you’re talking about and it’s called the HomeHawk, which is a little bit concerning. And the idea is that you can place it in

Unknown 8:00
Your home and it has this very wide angle lens it’s 140 degrees. So it’s basically takes one whole side of the home. It has a big camera and it streams at 180 red p resolution, which means it’s considered to be high def. It’s not like 4k or anything but it has a motion sensor built into it. It can detect movement, it has double A batteries to back it up in case there is a power failure. So it is kind of cool. And it’s interesting to how they launched this camera. But it is designed to monitor your home. So from that standpoint, if you have it in your home to kind of keep track of maybe burglars breaking in or when the kids get home. We’re probably on a good legal ground although you probably want to talk to your lawyer but how about when people might put that into an Airbnb where they’re renting out their homes. We’ve already seen hidden cameras and Airbnb bees that are built into little clock, teddy bears, etc. These nanny cams are put into the homes. And in most cases, these things have been found to be illegal. So it’s kind of cool. Maybe for your own home. It’s kind of scary when you think about renting somebody else’s home. And what kind of cameras might say how to get in the way in there.

Unknown 9:31
We’re talking to Craig Peterson. Our tech guru joins us now as he does every Wednesday to talk about the world of technology. Craig. Another thing you have any website here is something I saw, I think last week myself, which is about those European Union policies, privacy laws that were recently instituted and they’ve apparently snag their first giant whale looks like Google as a huge trend that they’re gonna have to pay doctors about those privacy laws, specifically in what happened with Google.

Unknown 9:58
Yeah, this is kind of interesting because they are coming here. Now California just put a similar line place. And these are called the GDPR, GDPR rules. It’s I think it’s a global or general data protection rules that are over there in the EU. And it’s kind of scary for businesses. Because if you have any data on your team customers, and that means if they even visit your website, they can and will control the data that you have for them. You might ask, Well, how can they do anything? I’m just some little guy years and then main. Well, what they’ve been doing is they actually have put up a Great Firewall, kind of like the Great Firewall of China. And if you break their data, privacy rules, they block your website throughout the European Union that’s already been happening. And for most people, most little businesses, who cares right that’s not going to really be an impact to you but Google

Unknown 11:00
Nailed by French regulators it’s not a big fight for company like Google it was 50 million euros which is a little over $50 million in real money but

Unknown 11:13
they they apparently violated these rules It was alphabetic charged under this and they said the company had not properly gained consent from users. Now I want to warn people who are here in the US who are doing email list to might be collecting some data online for people that might sign up for the email list. Even signing up to get something from you is not enough for this new generation of laws that are going to be the fact that in mass and California and other states in the feds are looking at this as well. Even just having them sign up is not considered consent under these laws. They have to take it affirmative action to say absolutely you can send me marketing message.

Unknown 12:00
So keep an eye out for this. Google is going to have to pay a fine Facebook’s probably not far behind them. And if you’re a business person, you might not be far behind them either because these laws already exist to some degree, and they’re getting tightened up here in the US as well. So be careful with all of your online marketing and sales activities.

Unknown 12:21
Craig Peterson our guru joins us every Wednesday at 730 Guruing away. Thanks for joining us and we’ll talk to you next week. Great day. Take care guys. Thanks. Thanks, Craig. All right. We’re gonna take a quick break here and 


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