Faster Wi-Fi is coming. Hackers grabbing your frequent flyer miles. Turn your PC off: AS HEARD ON WGAN: [10-24-18]

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Do you travel? Do you use Frequent Flyer Miles?  Craig, Ken, and Matt discuss the newest currency of Hackers.

Keep your PC on, or Turn it off — Age-old Question.  Craig, Matt, and Ken discuss the pros and cons and why you should probably turn it off.

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Airing date: 10/24/2018

New Wi-Fi Standards, Stolen Air Mlles, Turning off your PC

Craig Peterson: 0:00 Hey, Good Morning, everybody. If you’re involved with protecting the computers in your business, or you know someone involved in a government office or an NGO, you really need to look into the Infragard. There’s no question about it. It’s a phenomenal program. And yesterday I ran webinar for the Infragard program and we were talking about the Chinese and what they’re doing it is way worse than I ever thought it was. They are really getting into everything. So just a real quick shout out is where you can find them online. I n f r a g a r d dot org and sign up. It’s well worth it. They have to do this lightweight background check and it takes a few months usually but then you’re going to start getting up to date information that type of stuff I get. So, if you’re really into it, check it out. Alright, so today I was on with Ken and Matt. Then per usual, we went through a few different things. We talked a little bit about turning off the power on your PC’s. We also talked about the new Wi-Fi six standards that are going to be coming our way and you know a couple of other things. So, we actually had a little bit more back and forth this morning with Ken and Matt. So, we’re gonna go with that. Also. I have tomorrow’s webinar ready. This is a public webinar about ransomware and about what you can do. So, make sure you sign up for that. Craig Peterson dot com Craig Peterson dot com. So, here we go.

1:38 It is 739 on the WGAN Morning News. And it is Wednesday. Which means Craig Peterson is with us once again to give us an eye on technology around the world. How you doing, Craig?

Hey gentleman, Did you know what the differences between a Fenway Frank and a Yankee Stadium dog, Fenway Franks are still being served right now. Oh, boy, that was perfect. Where’s the rim shot? Yeah, I’m done. You can get a Fenway Frank. Yes, you can.

2:04 So, speaking of Fenway Frank’s, I’m not going to talk about China and Russia right now, because I’m tired of China, Russia, but I am interested in anything new about Wi-Fi. Because my daughter says it’s been like $1,000 to improve the Wi-Fi at our house. Is there hope coming to us? Yeah, we have those little airport-

2:22 things all over the place. Oh, yeah. those are those are actually pretty good. There are some good Wi Fi boxes out there, routers. And, you know, we talked about some of the routers and some of the problems she mentioned with China. But we have new technology coming up for our cell phones. But you already know that right, we’ve got five g coming out. 5g LTE and Wi-Fi has always been confusing to people. You know, we started with 802 11 A, then B. And then I remembered I think there was a see there is a G, there was an N. Now there’s an AX. So, there trying to do two things. One, they’re trying to make it a little easier to understand. So they’re changing the Wi-Fi logo, you know, that little logo with the three kinds of concentric circles? And it shows you a quarter of the pie. Yeah, in the top. Even Matt, even your Android phone probably has that same logo.

3:20 Yes. My archaic brick of

3:24 that one. Yeah.

3:26 So, what we’re gonna do is, to add a little number in there. So now, instead of all of these confusing numbers and letters, it’s going to be Pie with a number. So, the current standard will be called Wi-Fi five. And then the older standards, obviously, they’re going to go down. But, I think I can see what you’re referring to something called Wi-Fi? sec? Yes? Which is the new generation. You’re going to need this because do you have a 4k TV right now?

3:54 Yes, I do.

3:55 Yeah. Okay. And do you have like Netflix, or Yes,

3:58 Netflix, and Hulu and Amazon and all those things

4:03 Will get one everything? Well, the problem a lot of people are having with their older WI-Fi is that there just isn’t enough bandwidth to be able to run your high def TV at full speed. And, so they come up with a new standard, it’s going to be hitting the shelves next year. That they are calling Wi-Fi six. It fixes some of the security problems. Plus, it can run fast enough for your next TV, which is going to be an eight K TV

4:35 forgot?

4:37 Can I even see that?

4:39 You know, honestly,

4:42 one of the things that’s kind of neat, if you might not have really noticed this, but a 4k TV looks better with everything because it has some very smart software inside of it. So, you can feed it a pretty crappy old, even a VHS signal, but certainly a DVD and it up scales it to make it look a lot better. So, Matt, in answer to your question. Yeah, you can see it in a very large TV. But, if you’re using a smaller TV eight K is not something that’s going to make a big difference for you. You know, who really likes are you? Are you a gamer? You can see yourself a gamer at all, man.

5:22 Yeah, man, are you a gamer? Yeah, back in the day, I might have been. But now I have four kids. three jobs and no time. So, now, not really. But I might I do have a PlayStation four. And my son plays it. Yes. So occasionally, once a year or so I might be able to pick it up.

5:35 Well, if you’re much beyond Donkey Kong, you’re you’re going to know about this kind of stuff, you’re going to notice the difference. So, all of the all of the Wi-Fi will be faster, it covers your house a little bit better than what you have right now. And it’s going to be able to handle all of the future expansion that we’re looking at. And frankly, it’s needed for the cable companies who are going to have to compete against the cellular networks. Because remember, I mentioned five G, the new standards on cell phones, well, that’s going to make it so in most of the more Metropolitan and even suburban areas, you’re going to be able to get internet as fast as cable is providing in many areas right over your cell phone. So, they’ve got to come up with something, that kind of you know, one step further, and frankly, this is a benefit all of this stuff to getting rid of that terrible and you know my opinion on this one, right. But that terrible so-called net neutrality, because it really has reintroduced competition so we’re going to see in competition from not just the Wi-Fi devices, but between cable companies and the cellular data companies in the very near future. There’ll be some more so it’s kind of cool and can get ready to buy that 8K TV

6:55 Do they make it, in I mean I have a 65 inch now, I need a 75 or 80. This is 65 just big enough for me Unknown 7:03 oh they’re measuring some of these 8k TVs in feet now. Yeah baby, I found one that’s 30 feet or mind you. It was like $60,000

7:19 the Winner in South Carolina can afford that and

7:21 that’s exactly

7:22 So, yeah you can get them but you know there’s some really big ones and the cheaper lower end ones. Frankly the only ones you might really consider for home use, there only 10 grand right now so you know the rich attorneys probably running out buying them already. Can

7:40 you. Gotta keep up with your show? Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yes. Craig Peterson, our tech guru joins us as he always does on Wednesdays at this time to go over what’s going on in the world of technology. So, Craig I gotta be honest with you. I have flown an awful lot over the last 10 years. I, I fly, I don’t know dozens of times a year and I never have signed up for frequent flyer miles because I’m an idiot, however

8:04 I haven’t been able to use them and I

8:06 have used I just never I never get around to it. But, anyway the point being frequent flyer miles now apparently are are vulnerable to being hacked. What? Tell me about that.

8:15 Yeah, well I’m just saying kind of ice sign up programs. I don’t know that I’ve actually ever used any miles because there are so clever and making them expire on you. When you know multiply. The the largest black markets on the dark web is called dream market, now. There have been a few there’s come and gone but they are now stealing and selling people’s frequent flyer miles and there’s some pretty good prices, if you don’t mind buying stolen stuff but the dark web. You can get some you know hundred thousand miles for as little as 30 euros, there on the dark web. So, you got to be kind of careful. Most people just aren’t paying much attention to it. So when they disappear like mine do, because the airline decides to just you know absorb them because you haven’t used them in time. They a lot of people just don’t notice but you can get 200,000 British Airways miles for 45 bucks on this site right now. 100,000 from Delta. British Airways and I mentioned Emirates Skywards, just about anybody. So, be kind of careful if you are a person who’s serious about frequent flyer miles, it’s kind of a yet another currency that they’re using. And, some basic tips here. Don’t just leave your boarding pass around about, you know, get rid of it shredded if you have to. Do not post photos of your boarding pass online. I’ve been shocked at some of the FBI webinars. I’ve been running for their Infragard, where they’re talking about people posting pictures of, for instance, World Series tickets online. Yeah, I’m going to the World Series. And, then people zoom in and on them and they copy them, they print them and then they’re selling these tickets, online worlds. You know, suppose it World Series tickets that I have your ticket number. And then you show up and it’s just not any good, any market, somebody already used it. So, it’s just happening and it’s happening all over the place. So, don’t have your airline account numbers kicking around, don’t post the pictures. And if you have to live in fear,

10:33 live in fear. You say

10:35 constant fear. Constant fear. Yeah, who knows this person in South Carolina might not be the actual Winner. Who knows, right? It’s the bad guys are out there. And they’re doing it every day.

10:48 We are done, Craig Peterson. He is our tech guru. You know, by the way Peterson saw that coming. Their coming to get all the valuable information directly without even talking to us about it up so quick. I’ve been told many times to turn off my apple or my PC every night, these little last longer and that’s better for and also things do should we be doing that?

11:11 Yeah, it’s such a good question. The question of the ages, right? I’ve always been of the school that. Yeah, you should just leave your computer running because of mental fatigue, you know, turn it on and off, things heat up, cool down and then break. You know, when your computer’s dies, it’s probably dying, or right after you turn it on or right when you turn it off, because of the surges in power and the heating stuff. There is a great article that I shared up on my website from Where they reached out to eight different vendors of hardware, each of them had kind of a different answer. And I think my answer today, because also have security concerns is, Yeah, you probably should turn turn off your computer when you’re not using it. Because, at the very least, hopefully, you’ll notice your computer starting to get busy or get hot if it’s a laptop when it’s being hacked, being used for mining Bitcoin by some third party with malicious software. And, then from the hardware standpoint, it probably is not going to make an appreciable difference in the life of the divided cell. There you go. Just turn it off now. I think that’s probably the best bet.

12:29 All right, ladies and gentlemen, that is your tech update of the week. Craig Peterson, our tech guru joins us at this time to give it to us every week. Appreciate it Craig and we will talk again next Wednesday. Take care gentlemen, thanks

12:40 thanks a lot alright so let’s take gives it

12:42 to us every week I heard that Matt. All right everybody take care make sure you sign up for the webinar. You are really going to enjoy this. It’s absolutely free, again you know we’re not charging for this at all. I’m not selling you anything. This is a give back on trying to help 100 companies by the end of this year. small medium businesses with their security for free. I’m serious. Okay check it out. Craig Peterson dot com. Have a great day. Bye-bye.