Apple Watch Adds Two Years To Your Life – DNA Testing The Why And How: AS HEARD ON WGAN: [12-12-18]

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According to recent studies, Apple Watch can add two years to your life. Find out more as Craig is on with Ken and Matt on the WGAN Morning News.

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Airing date: 12/12/2018

Apple Watch Adds Two Years To Your Life – DNA Testing The Why And How

Craig Peterson: 0:00
Alright, good afternoon. Good evening. Good night. Good morning this is Craig Peterson I had some comments come into about the the Good morning thing from yesterday, but I think I’m going to stick with good morning anyways. All right. But hey, I got the bases covered for everybody. This morning. I was on with Ken and Matt. We talked about the Apple Watch. Why are they saying that it can add two years to your life just because of one of its features, which is really kind of cool. also talked a little bit about the Salvation Army this morning and what they’re doing with their new big drive. Did you know you can now donate just using your smartphone and DNA testing. It’s hit the news again. So we talked a little bit about that 23 me and ancestry kind of a busy morning a little less eclectic, though the neutral with getting mad. So here we go.

Unknown 0:57
Graffiti sounds with us because he dialed the phone to

Unknown 1:00
Craig. Hey, good morning. It’s a great time with here. I like that sort of thing. You know, the toy drives helping out and Salvation Army you know, they’ve got a new campaign going on now to with QR codes for those people that just don’t carry carry cash anymore as well with the red kettles.

Unknown 1:21
Wow. That would be me. I never, ever, ever, ever carry Ken. you make cash when I didn’t have cash?

Unknown 1:26
And that’s like the one I didn’t I think I said at the time. It was like the one time in the last year I’ve had cash on Yeah,

Unknown 1:31

Unknown 1:33
go ahead. People volunteer, they help out and they definitely need to help this year and their donations. You know, people just again, they don’t even think about it so many times. I just don’t have cash and they walk on by so having the opportunity now to call in and make donations because a really great thing to just a reminder that time of year have you have the money, it’s well worth helping out with people.

Unknown 1:59
I agree with you now on to come to tech stuff. So I of course, I was going to get the I watch for Christmas. And my wife delayed buying it. So I decided to just buy it for myself.

Unknown 2:11
You realize Christmas hasn’t occurred yet, right? You could have waited. You don’t know what she’s gonna do.

Unknown 2:15
She she would not commit to it. And I was not gonna

Unknown 2:18
there hasn’t been some holiday there. And right, Ken?

Unknown 2:21
Ken day, 10 days day, we celebrate every day. And so. So do I understand that by getting this watch, I’m going to live longer.

Unknown 2:30
Yeah, all you need to do is buy the watch can and you’re guaranteed two more years of life. Wow, that is great news. It’s really that simple. Yeah, the Apple Watch is kind of cool. Because we’ve talked before about the new technology that’s going into these watches going into these devices. And one of the things that it is doing is helping us be a little more conscious about our fitness. And and it’s not just exclusively the Apple Watch. In this case, we’re we’re talking about some research that was done on about a half a million adults. And they found that people that had fitness trackers, which of course, are built into Apple watches, but also into many other devices that these fitness trackers that have these reward schemes, so activity levels increased by more than a third. And they did all of the math behind it, then they found of these half a million adults that they would probably add about two more years to their expected lifespan. And it brings up something else interest in, which is the whole idea behind some of these reward type programs. It’s called gamification. And the idea is you can take most things and turn it into a bit of a game and you get a lot more participation. So we’re not just talking about game like, can I run faster than can or match, which

Unknown 3:55
you almost certainly could,

Unknown 3:58
we’re talking about, about games where you’re kind of competing against yourself a little bit, and if they try and make it fun. So the more fun it can be, the more interactive it is, the better the odd. So when we’re talking about the Apple Watch just the technology behind the gamification and getting you to exercise a little bit more is a huge win way about just the standard fitness trackers. And then that he can, you’ve got the heart monitor now that’s built into the new Apple Watch. Yes, and that’s already apparently saved some lives because it’s watching that season arrhythmia and informs you about it. And one of the most common arrhythmias that you have in this day and age atrial fibrillation, and you’ll see more and more of that as a population continues to age but it detects that and going to help you as well manage various types of irregular heartbeat so you made a good investment on can

Unknown 4:57
see this was this is what I’m saying this was an investment not just a toy, this was

Unknown 5:03
you’re saving your own life is what you’re doing. Exactly. Yes. You’re giving the gift of time

Unknown 5:07
the list of time with cultural every the listener two years. I mean, can you have another hat? Sitting it up? You know, a glass case? No, freaks me out that that’s there

Unknown 5:15

Unknown 5:16
another time. Yeah,

Unknown 5:18
maybe. Well, correct me, dishonor tech guru joins us telling us about all the things that Apple can do for you.

Unknown 5:26
I would have put it that way.

Unknown 5:28
So interestingly, I believe it was last Christmas, my wife got me a pretty cool present, which was the 23andMe genetic testing thing, which I actually really enjoy it. I thought that was really cool.

Unknown 5:41
They have apparently signed a big deal with a drug company. And I assume some of that genetic material and some of that information, maybe what handed over to them, maybe how’s this going to work? And if I’m freaked out about that, what do I do?

Unknown 5:55
Yeah, this is really cool. I did the same thing I signed up for 23AndMe and my kids did it. And my dad did it. My mom’s going to do it. In fact, I bought her one of these tips to test her DNA that I’m bringing with us at Christmas time it because right now, you can get these kits for half price, which is pretty cool. And of course, the whole idea here is you spit into a little vial that they that they give you it’s part of the package and you close it up the a shake it and you put it in the envelope, and you send it back. Now we’re all very well old enough to remember when DNA sequencing cost millions of dollars and took a couple of years to do just for one person. Right? Right. You remember those days, I do

Unknown 6:45
like the good old days,

Unknown 6:48
I remember. Well, now with 23AndMe, and there’s some others out there ancestor is doing some kind of similar things, a big difference with ancestry. And 23AndMe is 23 needs, looks at your DNA to look for some and abnormalities as well. So when it has a whole health thing associated with it, and what what’s happening here now is that the price has gotten lower the cost of doing it. And the timeframe for doing it is not in the lower it’s a few weeks now, instead of a few years. And the show is a few million dollars, we’re talking about a 50 to $100, depending on what you want. And as I said, right now, there’s even price breaks. But you know, bottom line is it really does actually cost more than they’re charging. And the way they’re doing this, this this this is reminiscent of Facebook here, Matt, but the way they’re doing it is they’re selling your data. And in this case, they’re selling your data to the major pharmaceutical companies. Now, it’s not that they’re selling it, and the pharmaceutical companies are going to come back to you. And you know, we give advertising or other things like Facebook or do but in this case, what’s happening is they’re using it because of the future of our medications and our medical treatments, we are changing everything. This is already true. In some cases, it’s going to be true across the board, within 10 years they are going to make medication specifically for Ken Altshuler to fix a very specific problem like his addictions, new Apple watches. And the whole idea is they need a lot of DNA samples to be able to examine and they need you to answer the questions. So Matt, did you get like hundreds of questions that 23 me wanted you to answer? Did you answer any? I did.

Unknown 8:49
Yeah. No, I did. I actually have I have long since given up caring about my privacy whatsoever. So I’m happy to assist the genetic research that they do. So I answered probably one of them. I mean, there was a lot of them.

Unknown 9:02
Yeah, there are a lot of them. I think, last count, there were some 800 questions kind of depended on on what information they wanted. So we’ve got Glaxo Smith Klein, for instance, who put $300 million out and bought a stake in 23AndMe, 23AndMe has been selling this data. And it’s a very, very big deal. Now you can get your information that you might have already given to 23 meter DNA stuff, you can’t get that sharing restricted. And you can do that by going on to your 23AndMe account online and you can look for the bio banking consent, and you can withdraw your consent. But I agree with you, Matt, I, you know, I’m at the point where, you know, we’ve got 500 million records stolen, or people’s, it should say, information stolen from Marriott, and everybody else. And it looks like it was the Chinese by the way, and look, the NSA knows everything about me anyway.

Unknown 10:03
I mean, at this point, I don’t, you know, besides from what I understand about this, too, I mean, it’s not as though 23AndMe and companies like this are handing over a list of names, addresses and phone numbers with your genetic material. It’s basically the data, right? I mean, it’s they’re trying to send over the information that would be of use with I mean, identifying material really doesn’t even do anybody any good in the in the kinds of agreements that these are really

Unknown 10:28
Yeah, it really doesn’t yet. And, but that’s where the concern comes in, because of this data, even though it’s somewhat anonymized. In other words, they can’t figure out that it was mad about DNA that they’re looking at

Unknown 10:43
right Yeah, exactly. They they you can back door your way into it and that’s where people start getting concerned we’re still a ways away from that but you know any hi I got a quick thing a Christmas present for everybody who’s listening your data is helpful here we know it okay. As you just mentioned, if it’s not out there it will be shortly it’s just because of all of the staffs and three fifths of Americans have never even checked their credit report so here’s what I’ve been working on the last week and a half with my team this we’re absolutely free you know I’m not some big marketer This is trying to sell yourself or get your DNA of I’m putting together something that goes through exactly what you need to do to check your credit report understand your credit report be able to read that credit report and how to use the new laws that the federal government just put in place to freeze all of your credit for free and stop the bad guys from opening new accounts in your name and causing you know when the grief so if you send me an email just Once this is finished, I will send it out to you I’ve scheduled interviews with Equifax and you know the three big credit companies out there so I’m going to be talking with them are going to include those interviews are going to have background information, I’m going to have screenshots I really want to help you out. And that’s my Christmas present belated Hanukkah, Kwanzaa you name it. That’s my present to everybody who wants to just send an email to when we’re done, I’ll send that out to you. Because as Matt said, we’re our information’s out there, or it’s about to be out there. And this is something you can do and you can do for free. And it’s going to really it’s going to help you out because so many Americans have already been affected by having their data stolen.

Unknown 12:48
Joining us. Our tech guru joins us. Everyone’s a seven day. Thanks, Greg. We will talk to you next week.

Unknown 12:55
Take care, gentlemen. Thanks. Bye bye.

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