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Joined Jack Heath today to talk a little bit about the Super Bowl half-time show, where not only Lady Gaga was showcased, but also synchronized drones by Intel called “Shooting Stars”.
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Airing date: 02/06/2017

The Super Bowl Halftime Show – Intel Shooting Star Drones


Craig Peterson: You can’t live in New England and not be a Patriots fan. Well this morning across the state of New Hampshire, boy were they excited. We’re going to talk right now with Jack Heath, who’s been talking about the game all morning all across New Hampshire on a dozen different stations.


Jack Heath: Craig Peterson, we have a few moments left, our Tech Talk guy. Show airs in the iHeart side of things over the weekend. And Craig got some tech thoughts on those drones, on those spots you may have seen. Some high-tech stuff at the Super Bowl. Craig take it away.


Craig: Hey, wasn’t that really neat to see last night? What a great game. And the technology was everywhere last night. Of course we’ve talked before about the security technology. Every face was monitored. Every face had a background check run on it last night that entered that stadium. And then we had the halftime show. This was really, really neat. There were drones that were made by our friends over at Intel. Now, Disney’s been using these for a while and they really are quite neat. And they’re about the size of, well, maybe a football. There you go. They’re called Shooting Stars. Disney’s been using them for shows but the FAA placed restrictions on them. You may not realize it but they were not, in fact, flying last night during the game. All of these were flying earlier in the week. They were recorded earlier in the week. Lady Gaga standing up, what looks like standing up on the top of the roof, did not happen last night. That was also recorded earlier in the week. So they were able to play some games, play some tricks here. They have those Shooting Star drones which, by the way, were controlled by a single person. It is really neat what Intel’s done with this. They didn’t just makes the drones, Jack. They’re starting a whole new business. It’s cool tech. it was just everywhere and I’m glad too. I think it was fun. I think it added to the whole show last night in those 300 drones with, that each by the way, can display about 30 million different colors. Those 300 drones flying in unison, making US flag and then that the Pepsi logo and all kinds of fun stuff, was something we can look forward to seeing in the future different events.


Jack: Interesting take on that. A little insight behind the scenes on the high tech side. And that from a guy who admits that he’s only seen a handful of pro football games. I hope last night changed that for a while Craig in terms of you exciting. Of seeing how exciting. Thank you, Craig.


Craig: Hey thanks, Jack. It was a great game.


Jack: It was. Craig Peterson from Tech Talk and what a game.


Craig: Make sure you subscribe online. http://CraigPeterson.com/itunes. And we’ve got another Daily today. I’m gonna get into a lot more detail on drones. What’s happening? How they’re being used? And what these new Intel drones might mean. Take care. We’ll talk a little bit later.