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Discussed Net Neutrality and going into detail with Jack Heath over at WGIR, to give a little clarification about this heated debate. Let’s find out what both sides have to say.

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Airing date: 12/04/2017

Breakdown Of The FCC Net Neutrality



Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Was chatting with our friends in New Hampshire today, Jack Heath and a little bit of controversy you might have heard over Net Neutrality. Jack asks about it and I’ll go into some details on both sides of what that debate really means and of course as always I give my opinion on it too. Oh by the way sleep cycles. There’s a really cool new article out in Fast Company.


Jack Heath: [00:00:27] Alright, joining us now in the Auto Fair listener lines, Mr. Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guy. A nd Craig always leaves me some great notes here of interest. Craig, good morning. Hope you having a good start to your week. Killing Net Neutrality will set the Internet free. Tell us about this one.


Craig: [00:00:44] This is a really interesting point because about 90, 95% of everything that I’ve seen online says this Net Neutrality thing that President Obama campaigned on and was put in just a few years ago back in 2014, 2015 is when it went into effect, that this repeal will cause the whole internet to fall apart because all of a sudden people are going to be charged for fast lanes, will be throttled traffic and some sites are going to be completely blocked, all of which just doesn’t make any sense here Jack. People are using the Internet. We have been. There have been incredible amounts of innovation. Look at all of the technology we have right now on the Internet. And the Internet was really kind of a free zone with very light touch regulation from when it first became able to do business online in ‘91 all the way up through 2015. And none of that happened. And so from the other side you look at it Jack, if you’re driving down your neighbor’s road and your neighbor says hey listen my road is dirt would you please quit hauling big tankers full of oil down my road. They have a right to do that. When it comes to the Internet, it is owned by a number of different companies. In fact it’s a network of networks. And if you are a company like Netflix where any evening Jack, 50% plus of the traffic on the Internet is generated by Netflix and Skype together. Yet neither company owns any of the roads. They don’t own any of the pipelines. Why should you have the ability to use all of these roads all of these pipelines they’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars on for you to do whatever you want to? And then the other side you know Jack, you’re not a big Internet user, right, bandwidth wise. You know there’s a lot of people out there that just sit there read some e-mail and maybe do a little Facebook posting and try to keep up with the grand kids. Why should they be subsidizing their neighbor that spends all day streaming video all day playing online games? You know and why should they pay the same price? But it’s just crazy. And I’ve got one more point on that Jack. You remember of course the days of the phone company being kind of in charge of everything. Before that Judge Green got involved.


Jack: [00:03:36] The what? The what? The phone company? The phone company?


Craig: [00:03:42] And what happened with the phone companies? For almost a hundred years there was barely any change in phones. We went from the first thing was you picked up your phone, you click it a few times, the operator comes on. The next step was we had rotary dials which were in place for almost 50 years.

Jack: [00:04:04] David remembers those.

Craig: [00:04:05] Yeah. And then you’ve got wow push button phones. Wow. How exciting. And those were employees up until today. That was heavily regulated. Why should the Internet be under those same regulations where the Internet now needs the ability to change, needs the ability to expand? David Losh has a great business going out doing live events, doing photos, printing them up for people. Helping people have fun. If he wants to put something like that up on the Internet and really change the whole paradigm. Right now because of so-called Net Neutrality, he has to go to the FCC. But guess what the FCC is protecting Facebook. It’s protecting Twitter. It’s protecting all of the big companies out there that have control right now who are all for so-called Net Neutrality when in reality what they’re doing is locking in their business models, making it impossible for others to compete. Ramble, ramble Jack. I’m sorry about that but it’s just crazy.

Jack: [00:05:09] No I could tell you worked up the other piece but I know we need to move to a break quickly but how to design your ideal workday based on your sleep habits. Now that that caught some people’s eye.

Craig: [00:05:19] Yeah isn’t that kind of interesting because so many of us you know we talk about night people and we talk about morning people.

Jack: [00:05:25] Right. When you’re most productive.

Craig: [00:05:27] Yeah, exactly. What’s productive? And there’s more to it than that. This is a very interesting article it’s up on my web site right now. But here’s the bottom line when they’re talking about it, you can use your sleep patterns to figure out based on your sleep patterns. Should you drink coffee first thing in the morning? Should you walk in the morning or in the evening? When are you working out?


Jack: [00:05:52] Heaven forbid that you actually make these decisions yourself without technology’s help. Alright Craig Peterson. Check out, with an -on. Appreciate it. Have a good Monday. Thank you


Craig: [00:06:02] Take care Jack.


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