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With Jack Heath today to find out and learn more of what you can do to find out if your email address is on the dark web. We also learned more about what Equifax is doing with your personal information. And, find out how to protect yourself from the big breach.

Get on the waiting list and find out if you have been found on the dark web, by signing up at

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Airing date: 09/18/2017

Dark Web Search – Equifax Breach



Craig Peterson: Okay. My wife says I have to take a chill pill. Wow, Equifax. I talked this morning with our friend Jack Heath about this on the air and it is absolutely crazy what’s happening. I’ve had a phenomenal response to the dark web search offer. It was completely overwhelming. What I thought might take as a day or two to do, based on what I expected to be the responses, well kinda blew the hell out of the water. So the responses we’re trying to go out today if you signed up. Anyways, here we go with Jack.


Jack Heath: Craig Peterson, regular contributor and guest. Host of Tech Talk on iHeart News Stations over the weekend. Craig joins us now on the Fair listener lines and boy, the Equi data breach, mess for Equi data. And you know, I was talking to someone like yourself, Craig, recently in a meeting who is one of our sponsors that to their tech officer said just everyone should pretty much assume in this day and age that your Social Security and some your information is known by someone out there. Just assume that. Do you agree?


Craig: Yeah. It’s absolutely crazy, Jack. You’re absolutely right. You have to assume that at this point it looks like at least 75% of all adults’ information has been hacked. So what you got from Equifax or what they got from Equifax is everything from your name, your Social Security number, your home address. They also got some credit card numbers. Who knows what else they got frankly? But there’s so many hacks going on, you know. We have usernames. We have accounts on our bank sites. We have accounts that are set up on everything from Facebook through our credit card company. So, you know, last week I made a quick offer for people that they could sign up. I would do a deep Web search for them. Those searches are starting to go out today, Jack. I had more than 875 people sign up for that to have it looked at because there are more breaches, were talking about a couple of hundred major breaches within the last year. There are more breaches than just Equifax. This is crazy. We have to stop it. So I have a kind of a holding page right now if you want to get on the waiting list for the next time I do this which should be probably about a week or so. You can go to and I’ll do a dark web search. Again, that’s my website,, all one word and I’ll go ahead and do a search. But Jack, we found people that had data exposed in as many as 20 different breaches. It’s just crazy what’s happening. We’ve got to pull up our socks. Businesses, you’ve got to put security in place to stop the breaches from happening. You know, this is just inexcusable on Equifax’s part. They should go out of business. Absolutely out of business. Because what they did is just crazy. Neither you nor I are likely customers of Equifax and yet we have to use them, right? That our data is being collected by them. Our data is being sold by them and apparently, even though Equifax has been selling data protection services, they don’t know how to do data protection. Driving us crazy.


Jack: Alright, good stuff. Alright Craig. Hang in there. Keep your blood pressure down. 



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