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Getting close to the holiday season doesn’t mean that your security should also take a break.

Craig chats with Jack Heath about online bullying and some of the gifts that have security for its users in mind.


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Airing date: 12/11/2017

Holiday Travel Security Tips



Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Well this morning I got to talk with New Hampshire’s favorite as I do every Monday morning Jack Heath and today we talked a little bit about online bullying about some of the gifts that maybe you want to give but really about keeping safe during our travels this holiday season. Here goes with Jack.


Jack Heath: [00:00:19] Craig Peterson our Tech Talk guy joins us in the Auto Fair listener lines on this Monday morning. And Craig, I don’t know how you keep track of all this. Good morning.


Craig: [00:00:28] Hey, good morning.


Jack: [00:00:32] Other than you know trying to trying to watch out, trying not to give information, trying not to open attachments, trying not to answer numbers you don’t recognize. Some of the old fashioned principles in general. I mean it is getting more present pervasive the more things we do online.


Craig: [00:00:50] Well it’s gotten to the point now where I almost never even answer the phone. And that’s been a change from over the years. I use an app on my phone, and this is available on your iPhones as well as some of the Android devices, called Hiya. H-I-Y-A. And it’S helped me a lot with the telephone scams. It actually handles…

Jack: [00:01:13] What’s it called?


Craig: [00:01:14] It’s called Hiya. H-I-Y-A. And it has a list of over a couple hundred thousand scammer phone numbers that people use to call you. And they might be pretending they’re a debt collector. They might be pretending they’re an IRS agent which happened to me last year. I got like 8 calls in a row. I kept hanging up on them and they kept calling back threatening to send me to jail. And it’s just gone crazy. And now of course we’re going to be traveling. We’ll be in airports. We’re going to be visiting family and friends during the holidays. We probably are going to be using Wi-Fi in these various spots. So there’s a few things you need to be careful of, just a couple a really quick trip tricks here. First of all, if you can possibly avoid it, do not use public Wi-Fi network. Nowadays most mobile phone companies have unlimited data plan and those allow you to really just do anything pretty much you want to do online. Use that as opposed to the public Wi-Fi network. It’s much safer. Another thing a lot of people aren’t aware of Jack is the Bluetooth that’s on your phone has some major vulnerabilities on a majority of devices. So when you’re not using the Bluetooth on your phone, turn it off. And that Bluetooth being off can save you all kinds of hassles because people can get on to your device.


Jack: [00:02:51] When you’re in your car, right, and you’re like your phone’s sync up with your driving. So someone’s calling you. You get it right on the car. You know the mouth there or the tablet or whatever you call it. You need your Bluetooth on at that point you’re saying when you’re not there you don’t need to turn it off?


Craig: [00:03:07] Turn it off. Absolutely. That’s that attack vector a lot of people aren’t aware of. But it can be used to grab your contacts at the very least and at worst can be used to compromise the entire device. So those are just two basic things here. Use your unlimited data plan not the public Wi-Fi network. Turn off your Bluetooth when not in use. You already mentioned phishing scams, don’t fall victim to these e-mails that look like they’re from your bank or look like they’re from some vendor or the phone calls now as well.

Jack: [00:03:38] Yeah, I’m like who are these people that call for the warranty department? Where the heck is the warranty department? I mean what country is it in? If it’s some car you don’t want your own, they want to they want to sell you a warranty. Is that legal?

Craig: [00:03:50] No. If you don’t have a business relationship then it is absolutely not legal. So what happens is some of the car dealers do sell the information about vehicles that they’ve sold. And so they say yeah, yeah. We’ve got a relationship with Jack Heath because he bought a car at the dealer and we’re calling on behalf of the dealer which they’re not. Most of them are located overseas and they sound like they’re Americans. They have American accents. They work really hard on it.

Jack: [00:04:20] And then there are some positives for the things today on the web today. I don’t know if you’re heard the story a key story about this young kid named Keaton Jones and he was bullied in school and I guess his mom captured him talking about how he was bullied. And thing has gone viral. He’s got all kinds of folks reaching out supporting him. And I guess millions right? Millions of people. He’s been invited to movie premieres and events telling them hang in there and you know you’ve got friends out there so you know.


Craig: [00:04:51] Justin Bieber, Katy Perry. Yeah.


Jack: [00:04:55] Alright. What about, you know what next week, you got to give us a good Christmas list of affordable, safe, I guess because everything is so high tech and web related. If you’re going to get a young person a gift maybe you can come up with your suggestions. Don’t you put that online each year?

Craig: [00:05:07] I do. And I’m putting together an e-mail this week of all of our gift suggestions for people. And of course that it’s about science, technology, engineering, and math when it comes for me. Let’s help these kids out. Get them going in a career. Everybody’s career nowadays is computer related isn’t it?

Jack: [00:05:25] Yeah. And you know it was gratifying him with a toy. We just heard how the Marines can use some help for Toys for Tots but when we did our show that Friday at Toys R Us across the Mall of New Hampshire, it was pretty cool to see some what I would call non-web electronic-free toys still being made whether it’s a simple building blocks or something basic. I was kind of gratified to see some of that. Alright, Craig Peterson, I appreciate it on this Monday morning. You make it a good one. We’ll catch you next week.


Craig: [00:05:55] Take care Mr. Heath. Talk to you later.


Jack: [00:05:58] And Craig’s show airs on Saturday morning, late Saturday morning at 11:00, on these iHeart News talk station. A little Tech Talk. Http://


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