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The United States federal government had shutdown on the midnight of Saturday.

Craig joins Jack Heath to talk about the government shutdown and how it impacts technology within the government, without the government, or outside of the government.

With this current government shutdown a forecast of more than half of the employees at the Department of Homeland Security Cyber and Infrastructure Protection wing are being furloughed.

How else can we be protected?


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Airing date: 01/22/2018


Impact Of Government Shutdown On Technology And Security


Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey good morning. This morning I was on with Jack Heath. We were talking about the government shutdown and how it impacts technology within the government and without the government or outside of the government. And because the government is forcing itself into so many aspects of our lives it turns out every business that wants to hire someone is going to be stuck. They won’t be able to because they can’t get the government’s permission. But we talked about this this morning with Jack Heat and of course what happens in the middle of this thing. They went off the air. All of the stations I was on. So this is kind of a two part this morning showing just how government and technology can really interfere with our lives.


Jack Heath: [00:00:47] Now Craig Petersen our own Tech Talk guy. His show airs on iHeart News talk stations in the weekend. Tech Talk. Craig joins us in the Auto Fair listener lines to sort of map out our next segment. Craig’s going to talk about the technology in and around this government shutdown. Good morning Craig on the Auto Fair listener lines. How are you?


Craig: [00:01:03] Hey good morning. You know we’ve had problems with a number of different agencies including the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, all being attacked. And part of the attacks our top secret information has been stolen. We’ve seen that again and again. Well with this current government shutdown we’re seeing more than half of the employees at the Department of Homeland Security Cyber and Infrastructure Protection wing being furloughed. Over half. And the agencies that are not tasked directly with cyber protection are finding that their I.T. people are being furloughed. So the people who don’t really know a lot about cyber security but still have to protect our congressmen and their computers are the rest of our infrastructure, those people aren’t there at all. So now is the perfect time enemies to attack.


Jack: [00:02:04] Craig you’re just giving ideas out for the bad guys.


Craig: [00:02:07] Yeah. Though they need help with this. This is going to be really, really bad. And those congress people who are in their offices today who are trying to get things done, who are trying to negotiate are going to find out that their I.T. support people are gone. So this going to be pretty bad all the way around.


Jack: [00:02:25] People contracted. Yeah. Alright. A lot of this stuff is foreseen. You know I mean some people are planning over the weekend if this government shutdown lingers. They’re looking for holes or looking for critical services that have to continue. We’re going to have the governor on, Governor Sununu on shortly live on the show talking about any state concerns. But on the technology side I would think key military stuff is well thought of and protected. No? Or are you worried about civilian contractors in places like the Pentagon if they get furloughed? What are your thoughts? Or CIA.


Craig: [00:02:57] Yeah. Well here’s the problem. Yeah, the CIA, the NSA, all of these other agencies. Basically if you are part of the annual budgeting process you got problems right now. And much of what’s going on in the cyber security side of the house in every department is being done by contractors. Now yes, indeed, we certainly have the Homeland Security Department and they do have the National Protection and Programs Directorate but they are only going to be 50 percent staffed. So this is a really big deal and when we’re talking about some of these contractors in the cybersecurity realm and in the I.T. services realm, some of them are still expected to perform. Now you and I both know that the federal employees, even though they may not be getting a paycheck right now, if they have time off if you will and they will end up getting a paycheck at the end of all of this for that time off that they have essentially. However these government contractors, some of them are still required to perform and they will never ever be paid for the work that they did. So we’ve seen a bit of an exodus going on now with this, you know, two month cycle of government funding going away. We’ve seen an exodus of some of the best people in cybersecurity and in information technology. Some of the best people leaving the government contractors because they’re tired of not knowing whether or not they’re going to be having a paycheck come next month or come February 8th or whatever, you know, the current cycle is that up there.


So some of these best and brightest people are leaving the federal government at a time when we really, really need them and also at a time when there are plenty of jobs out there. There’s well over 1 million open positions day for these people, Jack. It’s just crazy. And then let’s say I want to hire someone. Federal law now requires me to contact the IRS and Social Security Administration to make sure that person has a legitimate ability to work and get paid in the U.S. Well those services that the federal government level that we are required as small business people to use, they are shut down. And the last time we had to shut down here just a few years back the IRS was behind. They had 1.2 million verification requests that could not be processed. That means jobs that weren’t filled. That means the economy is slowing down and throwing up a whole wrench into this in a huge way. So it can affect every business Jack. Not just government contractors.


Jack: [00:05:50] Alright, Craig. Good stuff.


Craig: [00:05:50] This is really bad.


Jack: [00:05:51] Alright. We’ll keep an eye on a vote today.  Expected at noon the Senate seat is to keep it open a little bit because that’s how they do business these days in Washington. Of course, Trump White House lay it right on the Democrats even the voice mail. Thank you, Craig Peterson on the Tech Talk side.



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