AS HEARD ON: WGIR – Intel CEO Sells Stock – Will North Korea Attack This Week – Intel Security Flaw: AS HEARD ON – The NH Today [01-08-18]


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A flaw on Intel chips going back decades has hit the news and is making Intel-installed devices vulnerable.

Craig joins Jack Heath today to discuss how this vulnerability can affect users and what we can do to prevent it.

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Airing date: 01/08/2018


Intel CEO Sells Stock – Will North Korea Attack This Week – Intel Security Flaw



Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] You might have heard about this hack that available. It’s probably been talked about as a flaw in the Intel chips. And wow is this a flaw goes back decades. Makes every one of these systems completely vulnerable. And I talked with Jack about that this morning as we talked to all of the great people in northern New England and New Hampshire. Parts of Mass and Vermont and Maine. Oh and by the way this definitely affects you.


Jack Heath: [00:00:33] Those of you have heard from one person this morning, we’re getting more and more New York City listeners. And Florida. A lot of Florida listeners. Good morning on the iHeart Radio app. Download it. It is free. New Hampshire today with Jack Heath joining us now on the Auto Fair listener lines. Craig Peterson, our own Tech Talk guy. T squared. Craig Peterson. And his show airs on the weekends on the iHeart news talk stations 610, 967 FM. And he joins us now in the Auto Fair listener lines. Good morning Craig.


Craig: [00:01:00] Hey good morning Jack.


Jack: [00:01:02] Are you watching reruns of The Golden Globes this morning.


Craig: [00:01:06] That’s not the sort of thing I’ve ever been into. In fact I’m looking forward to the Consumer Electronics Show this week. That’s the sort of thing I pay attention to.


Jack: [00:01:16] Shows you what makes you tick huh?


Craig: [00:01:19] Yeah.


Jack: [00:01:20] Consumer Electronics Show. When’s that show going to be?


Craig: [00:01:23] Well as it turns out there’s a town out West that they’re going to hold it in this year called Las Vegas. I think it is. It’s actually the largest consumer electronics show in the world. The second largest show in the world period. And usually the items that we see at this show are the types of things you’ll be buying in maybe six months to even a year out. So we get to see some of the very, very advanced stuff in the media that is going to be you know hopefully making some changes. But frankly we haven’t seen anything earth shattering in a few years. You know TVs, Jack are getting higher resolution. There’s these 8K TVs. We have autonomous cars in fact running around town. There’s autonomous cabs that the media can take around. So you know there’s some kind of cool stuff but it’s kind of the same old same old. Maybe I’m just getting kind of old Jack maybe that’s a problem.


Jack: [00:02:23] No, no you’re young at heart Craig. You noticed how I said did you notice how I said heart?


Craig: [00:02:29] iHeart? Yeah.


Jack: [00:02:30] No, no, no, no. I meant you. You know, I meant your heart’s young. I didn’t want to bring up your knees, your back, your neck. All right Craig what else is catching your tech talk guy.


Craig: [00:02:40] Oh there’s a huge, huge vulnerability out there just really just exposed last week. Basically every chip that Intel has made since 1995 is extremely vulnerable to attack. And I mean so vulnerable you can attack it through just someone going through a web page and a web browser. Everything on every machine that runs Intel and that includes the chips that Apple uses the chips in your laptops, your Surface tablets, our Linux boxes etc. Huge, huge vulnerability. Now they’re working on fixing this. It’ll be a little bit of time. Apple already has fixes out for some of the problems. But here’s a little bit of news you might not have heard. The Intel CEO sold off 24 million dollars’ worth of his stock. All of the stocks that he could possibly sell he’s sold. He got 24 million dollars from the sale of the stock. He already knew about the vulnerability and the public did not know about it. This was in late November. It was only exposed to the public this last week. This is huge. I hate to say this Jack it’s like almost every month right. This is the biggest security vulnerability we may have ever seen ever in the computer world. And the Intel CEO made 24 million bucks off it.


David Losh: [00:04:11] Now let me ask you this because we hear about these all the time like he just said we hear about the Wi-Fi breach that we had a couple months ago and then of course we had the bitcoin thing where that was breached.


Jack: [00:04:24] By the way, we haven’t heard much about bitcoins lately.


David: [00:04:24] No we haven’t. But when you hear about all of these threats and all of these things that are out there of course the major ones like Experian and everything that happened but you say it’s very vulnerable. But do people actually go out and really attack this and benefit from it? I mean obviously the CEO did by selling off his stocks but do you actually get do you actually get computer hackers really benefit from hacking into these vulnerabilities?


Craig: [00:04:47] Absolutely. You look at Wannacry that happened last year as well. And they used the vulnerabilities that were known and were stolen from and revealed by our national security age see to have the biggest attack that’s ever occurred in history. So David yes, these vulnerabilities are used right now. There is no vulnerabilities quote in the wild which means we don’t know of any hackers that are using these right now. But I can tell you right now nation states like the United States of America, Russia, Iran, North Korea know about this. It’s already shown how you can do this. In fact there is code out there that is available for anyone. And right now if North Korea was really upset with us let me tell you, they could use this starting this week to just cause malicious damage bring down computers everywhere. Think about it. Intel chips run most of our stoplights. They run the controllers that are in our nuclear power plants all the way through our water plants. And if any of these chips run any code that the hackers make available. As I said even including a Web browser you don’t even have to download code. If they were to use this hack they could bring the United States to its knees. There could be a war that never shot fired that could cause billions of dollars to our economy starting this week. If they wanted to do that Dave.


Jack: [00:06:22] Well there you have it. And thank you very much Craig Peterson. Tech Talk host. I appreciate. You have a good, good Monday. Thanks Craig.


Craig: [00:06:31] Sorry about the bad news.


Jack: [00:06:32] No, no. It’s always an upper. It’s always an upper with you.


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