AS HEARD ON: WGIR – My Accouncement About Being Infragard Webinar Moderator: AS HEARD ON – The NH Today [03-13-18]

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Did you know that the FBI has a program to get information to the private sector? Craig explains the importance of the program and announces his new responsibilities to provide this information through seamless security training online for program participants.

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Airing date: 03/13/2018


My Accouncement About Being Infragard Webinar Moderator



Jack Heath: [00:00:00] But first now we have a regular contributor, Craig Peterson. Yesterday we got a little booked. Joins us for a moment or two in the Auto Fair listener lines on the tech front, the Tech Talk front. Craig, good morning.


Craig Peterson: [00:00:09] Hey good morning Jack. I’m in upstate New York. We’ll see how it is getting back to New Hampshire today.


Jack: [00:00:16] Well, what’s the Tech Talk highlights because I could always ask with Mother Nature and whether is technology better forecasting these storm systems?


Craig: [00:00:27] Yeah. Oh absolutely. Now forecasting is still really good but it is much better. But it’s still not really good. Let me put it that way. We can kind of tell you what’s going to happen today and tomorrow, but the long term stuff is still kind of a guess even knowing what’s going to happen, you know, a year ahead for the next season. But I’ve got a little bit of news here that this would be an absolute first. Breaking news for New Hampshire today and that is I was just named as the FBI Infraguard. The guy who’s going to be running all of the webinars, moderating, putting all the information together that goes out from the FBI to all of the companies nationwide here when it comes to security stuff. So that’s pretty cool.


Jack: [00:01:15] Wow. That’s pretty significant.


Craig: [00:01:18] It is. It’s very significant. So we’ll be running all are there webinars and working with the people who are doing the presentations helping them get it all together. And all. So I think that’s really kind of cool. I’m very excited about it and just found out about it here. The final notice went out this morning to all of the FBI Infraguard members nationwide. So, kind of cool.


Jack: [00:01:39] I was going to say how many field offices and how many members is that?


Craig: [00:01:44] Well the way the Infraguard program works is that people who are involved in industry that’s considered critical infrastructure and that can include medical, obviously, our state and local government and many other you know manufacturing many other businesses. They can have an FBI background check and then get involved with the FBI giving them information about what’s happening right now. What is the latest hack? How do you protect physically protect called businesses, schools. Et cetera et cetera. So there are some thousands of members across the country.


Jack: [00:02:21] Let’s talk more about that on Monday. I appreciate it. Craig Peterson with Tech Talk work with the FBI on trying to keep things more secure. Thank you sir.


Craig: [00:02:28] Take care. Bye bye.



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