AS HEARD ON: WGIR NH Today – Bird Scooters, Lava Lamps and Fitness Trackers: AS HEARD ON: NewsRadio 610 NH Today [08-13-2018]

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Did you have a Lava Lamp when you were younger?  Listen in as Jack and I discuss how those crazy devices are providing high tech security.

Do you wear a fit bit or other fitness tracker?

Today Jack and I discuss some of the reason that the Military is putting a kobash on their use.Craig is putting up a new membership site (Yes, it is free, but you have to sign up)  On it will have all his special reports that he puts out and you will be the first to get them.


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Airing date: 08/13/2018

Military Dangers of Fitness Trackers. Lava Lamps for High Tech Security

Craig Peterson[00:00:00] Hey, Good Morning to everybody out there. Craig Peterson here. We’ve got a couple of things that we talked about this morning with Jack Heath. One is the dangers of fitness trackers. Yes indeed, these things are dangerous, particularly, if there might be a predator after you. And we talked about the comeback of lava lamps. How lava lamps are being used for security. Who knew that it was such a high tech thing. I love those. I got to get them to get a lava lamp here. Those things are so cool. All right. So, here we go with Jack Heath covering what today most of New Hampshire and parts of Maine and Vermont and Mass and it’s fun I enjoy being on with Jack even though it’s usually a quick hit. As we bring in Craig Peterson, our tech talk guy on Monday morning Craig’s show airs on Saturdays on the weekends here.

[00:00:51] Craig joins us now to us finds Craig. It’s not really, I guess it’s, I don’t call it high, high, tech but have heard about in Southern California Have you ever heard of these bird electric scooters. There all kind of skateboard scooters. have you seen these things? No, I haven’t. So, they just kind of like motorized little scooters, basically not like a motorcycle be kind of stand on it and it’s electric cars about 10-15 mph. For whatever reason but why are you surprised, because it’s southern California. People who don’t like him anymore. Basically, throwing them out in public places and even throwing them into the ocean or burning them. Because that’s what you do if you live in Southern California, I guess. If you’ve had enough of the bird scooter. I’m looking it up right now online.

[00:01:35] But yeah that’s dangerous, isn’t it?

[00:01:38] Not only for the “I love the big call for the environment” and they throw them into the ocean. OK. What else is what’s going on in the high tech world.

[00:01:49] This is really something that. I’ll have to look at this. Oh, we’ve got a few things that are kind of funny. One is a flashback and, of course, here remember lava lamps, Right.

[00:01:58] So, David has one. David’s using words like, Swell, in his traffic reports, he’s going retro. These things are very cool.

[00:02:07] You know the 60s and 70s, I remember them I always wanted one. They had a bit of resurgence here in the 90s. One of the problems that we have in the computer world is, how do you generate truly random numbers? Because, computers, of course, are kind of running in lockstep and it’s it’s hard to generate random numbers and we need these random numbers in order to keep things secure. Because what we’re doing, Jack, is we are using them to do public key exchanges in order to keep things safe. So, every time you go to a Web site and it’s a secure site there are these massive random numbers that are used, in order to keep that session secure. So, because computers aren’t great at this, what’s happened is one of these computer companies that do some of the security out there CloudFlare has decided that they are going to use a special kind of random number generator. They have 100 Lava lamps that are sitting there in the foyer. And these things are completely unpredictable. You’ve got the oil, water, wax moving around in them and so they have a camera watching these 100 lava lamps and how they’re moving randomly and they’re using that in order to secure the websites help to secure the internet. Who thought lava lamps would be used for some of this high tech security. I thought that was pretty cool.

[00:03:38] Yeah, well you know everything comes around, right. Everything you know just when you think have it’s gone it will make a comeback right back to you.

[00:03:48] What else is going on?

[00:03:50] Well, get the big thing I’ve talked about a few years ago that these fitness trackers. We had some bad guys down in New York City in Central Park who were putting out receivers on trees and so they were using these because the fitness trackers are broadcasting our phones are pinging and being pinged. So, they were using these little receivers they put up on trees to track women, where they were running in the park. And when they were running in the park and the whole idea behind it was to assault specific women. They could track them. Well fast forward a couple of years and we started having even more questions. You know we’ve got something called heat maps that are showing a lot of activity in different areas and many people are using these fitness trackers to compete with other people. So, you can keep track of your run, how fast you’re going, where you went. Hey, I went ran the same area faster than you did, even though you don’t even have to run together. It’s just all recorded and compared on the Internet. So, problem have now and I checked this out myself. Is that you can go to some of these Web sites, see where people are running, where most people are running, and you can see where our military personnel are running the perimeter of the bases, of airstrips of some of the towns there are in, including secret bases overseas all because of the use of fitness trackers. They have to GPS whether or not it’s a device on your wrist or on your phone. And now the Pentagon has finally started restricting the use of these fitness trackers. Because some of our secret bases have been revealed, again. You know the technology not quite thinking it at all way through. Thank goodness, now the Department of Defense has kind of wised up to this stuff.

[00:05:50] All right good stuff Craig, on a Monday morning make us think about that on the fitness side in terms of who’s seeing what. Thank you, Craig.

[00:05:57] Thanks, Jack. Bye-bye.

[00:05:59] All right another top college.