AS HEARD ON: WGIR – Review of Few Tech Gifts – Craigs Experience with UFO: AS HEARD ON – The NH Today [12-18-17]

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A quick review of the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide with Jack Heath, and the government’s UFO program and Craig’s involvement in it.

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Airing date: 12/18/2017

Review Of A Few Tech Gifts – Craig’s Experience With A UFO – Jack Heath


Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] This morning with Jack Heath I did a real quick review of some of my gift lists which you’ll find online at Http:// Had some great compliments too from Jack and his producer about those lists. And we talk a little bit about the government’s UFO program. And did you know yours truly was involved with one of these at one point? Well we talked about all of that and more this morning throughout the state of New Hampshire on multiple AM, FM stations, Clear Channel, Bin radio and a couple of other networks. So I don’t know. Did I make a fool of myself? I’m sure I’ll get some e-mails on this one. Anyhow here we go.


Jack Heath: [00:00:43] Joining us now on the Auto Fair listener lines, our own Tech Talk guy with his toy list. Craig Peterson. His show is on iHeart news talk stations on the weekends. Craig, Tech Talk guy. Http://CraigPeterson, with an O.N., .com. Your annual recommended toy list. Good morning sir.


Craig: [00:01:04] You know there’s a lot of really great toys out there and of course you know I’m thinking just damn, right?


Jack: [00:01:11] Well you do yeah.


Craig: [00:01:13] Yeah. The Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. And so what I did this year is I put up a bunch of things for kids, for men, for women. Different things that I’ve used. Things that I played with. Things that I like. So starting out with the STEM toys, I got a little Fisher-Price game here called Code-A-Pillar. It’s a little caterpillar. And I got this for my granddaughter who is about 4, 5 years old now and she’s using it to have the caterpillar move around. Now every section of this caterpillar does a different thing. So a section will make that go straight. Another will make go right and left and turn on lights and things. So she puts the caterpillar together in the order that she wants to have the caterpillar go where she wants to go in and do what she wants to do. Now I love this sort of thing because it makes the kids kind of think things through and expose them to logic. So there’s a bunch of gifts like that. I’ve got Dado Cubes up there, some Robot Turtles. There’s a little coding playset. A microscope in fact from Microsoft. Amusement Park Engineer and just all kinds of very, very cool things for young kids. One of the things I think is really neat, Jack, that integrate both the real world and the virtual world comes from our friends over at Play-Doh and this allow…


Jack: [00:02:47] Play-Doh. Still around. Play-Doh.


Craig: [00:02:48] Yeah it is. And so what you do Jack is you can take the Play-Doh, you can make things with the Play-Doh, and then you use your tablet whether it’s like a Kindle Fire or an iPad, and you can take a picture of what you just made as a kid and then play in a virtual world with the things you have made with Play-Doh. It picks up the colors, the shapes,        and figures out how it might move. Does it all automatically. It is so, so cool Jack. Now for guys I’ve got a few things I like. I love the Anker batteries. These things are fantastic. And now if you have one of these newer laptops you can charge them right off with these little portable batteries which I think is a very, very cool. I’ve got a couple of things on my list. A really good coffee grinder. My family, we’ve become a bit of a coffee snob family. Now, we import our own beans, we make our own blend. We roast it here in the house. And then we grind it. So my favorite grinders. They are my favorite messenger bag. I like the Apple 8, the iPhone 8. I wouldn’t get an iPhone 10, the X, unless you know, they have a lot of money. But I got some recommendations in there for a couple of different keyboards and Razer, a really cool little device from Philips to wake me up in the morning.


Jack: [00:04:19] So good stuff. Good stuff. 


Craig: [00:04:21] And then all of these, by the way, are available online and have direct links to Amazon where to buy them.


Jack: [00:04:28] Of course you do. You’re in the bag for Amazon. Of course you do.


David Losh: [00:04:30] You know, Craig, one thing that I noticed about this too, because I was just looking at your list on all three lists you have. You definitely did a very good job opening it up because you look at your women’s list in most, most times when you look at a shopping list for women or gift list for women. It’s more of the purses and the bags and the makeup. You did a very good job at kind of taking it in and putting it on a level playing field all the way across where there’s a firestick that a female may enjoy or male enjoys with them. You know there’s things like that so it’s definitely a very well thought.


Jack: [00:05:04] Are you trying to suck it up with Craig?


David: [00:05:05] No I’m being honest because you do. You do, Jack. You see a lot of lists out there that a woman’s list is just makeup. It’s things like that.


Jack: [00:05:11] No I hear you.


David: [00:05:12] This is a little. This is definitely on a level playing field.


Jack: [00:05:15] I want to ask Craig because he’s kind of in like, you know, the high tech stuff. There’s a lot of talk this morning about UFOs. The Pentagon has a program, of course they do. Why wouldn’t they? They’re supposed to protect and to keep us. Everyone’s acting like I’m not surprised they have a UFO program. The question is are there UFOs we don’t know about. What do you think Craig? Yes or no?


Craig: [00:05:34] I think the program makes a lot of sense. My mom has seen a UFO and I’ve seen one when I was in California in the desert.


Jack: [00:05:41] Well first of all it’s California. It could be a lot of things out there. How do you know the UFO you saw wasn’t one of our own kind of like, you know our own aircraft that’s on the modern side?


Craig: [00:05:55] Well because it was probably no more than 100 yards from me.


Jack: [00:05:59] Really?


Craig: [00:06:00] And I was driving along in the desert. And all of a sudden, bam. This thing in the air came right down right next to me, followed me for maybe a mile or two with the light shining at me.


Jack: [00:06:18] You weren’t kidnapped, weren’t you? Like taken into the craft for a little while and then returned?


Craig: [00:06:24] You don’t want little things from what I hear. But it followed me for at least a couple of miles and then it took off. Now I opened my windows to hear is that a helicopter?


Jack: [00:06:33] And you couldn’t hear anything.


Craig: [00:06:34] Nothing.


Jack: [00:06:35] It was a stealth.


Craig: [00:06:37] And then it just took off straight up.


Jack: [00:06:40] Wow. Pretty cool. Craig thanks for sharing. Thanks for sharing. I saw a…


Craig: [00:06:47] I think it’s a good use of money Jack.


Jack: [00:06:49]                 I saw a Harrier. Thanks Craig for joining us. I saw a Harrier jet once flying around in Boston and a lot of people thought it was a UFO because it was kind of flying funny. I think it was going to land in Manchester anyway.


Craig: [00:07:03] Ok I got to point out one thing I did not bring up in the interview and that is my UFO sighting was more than 30 years ago. So they didn’t have Harrier jets. They didn’t have a lot of the technology we have today. Of course there were no drones or anything like we know them today so I don’t know. Still a little spooky isn’t it? Have a great day. Talk to you tomorrow.


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