AS HEARD ON: WGIR – The Right to Disconnect from Work and Shutting Down FM Stations: AS HEARD ON – The NH Today [01-09-17]

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Joined Jack on NH Today talking about why Americans would need more vacation time, as French workers now have the ‘right to disconnect’ from work-related emails after typical working hours.

As Norway will become the first country to shut down FM (Frequency Modulation) radio and go all-digital, will that be acceptable to all broadcasters, or will that be a better move for our digital future?

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Airing Date: January 9, 2017


Jack Heath: Hey I wanna bring in one of our contributors. He is Craig Peterson, the Tech Talk guy. He’s always has some Tech Talk thoughts. Craig, good morning, how are you?

Craig Peterson: Hey good morning. Doing well. I was really surprised to hear about the Golden Globes this morning. Not! Those people they just don’t get it Jack.

Jack: Oh no they get it. They just don’t like what they get. I mean, I don’t agree with them. You know. I said on the show, if you’re just joining us, I wrote a short 20 second acceptance speech. If I get an award last night. And I said a bashing in the country if I had actually gotten up there. And no mention of politics. No mention of the current president. The president elect. No mention of any of it, right? What if I just said, thank you all very much for this great recognition. This award it means a lot to me. I appreciate it. Thank you for everyone who bought a ticket and supported what I do. I love this country. Thank you America. We’re the greatest, freest nation on earth. Thank you for the success you’ve given me. The opportunities I can do, to do good with it. Thank you to the men and women who keep us free. The veterans and their families out there, the soldiers. Thank you very much. God bless America and I would’ve sat down. That’s 14 seconds. What would have been the crowd reaction? 

Craig: Well I don’t think it would have been very well received.

Jack: Why? But why? Is this country been so bad at Tom Hanks?

Craig: Well that’s a part I don’t get. Right? You know, I came to the United States of America, I immigrated to the US. I was an immigrant. And I got my US citizenship here about 15 or so years ago. Because I wanted to be here. I’ve been in the US since I was 19 years old. And I came here because it was the land of opportunity. And the United States of America has given me the ability to shine and raise a family, have a bunch of kids and set them up to be able to shine too.

Jack: And some of your kids have served in the military and served. Thank you.

Craig: Absolutely have and I look at all of this and that’s why I just don’t get it and don’t understand it. Maybe the problem is they were born into it. I know one of the things that we’ve been seeing more and more of. And you and I have talked about this before, Jack is the polarization has been going on. The people on the left on the left wing blogs. And the right on the right wing blogs…

Jack: The polarization is still coming from people like Meryl Streep. That wasn’t a unifying acceptance speech. You know what, give it a year or 2 Meryl. Just say you know I don’t wanna talk about politics. Thank you also very much for this great recognition. You know.

Craig: Yeah. But they’re in an echo chamber Jack. That’s the problem, right? It’s so polarized. They don’t hear any other views. They don’t think of anything else. They think the republicans are evil. Anyone can serve. And anyone libertarian are evil people. And because this polarization has been getting worse where they just don’t hear the opposite. The fake news is being published by mainstream news outlets are just what they’re hearing. They hear their favorite congressman repeating it. Chuck Schumer etcetera, repeating what they hear on the news. Their friend are all saying the same thing, therefore obviously, it’s right. You know what they’re saying is right. And they don’t stop to think that the majority of states elected Trump to be president. There’s a reason for it. It isn’t really fly over country. That’s what the Clintons and liberal elite call it. It’s the main part of America. It’s the heartland of America.

Jack: Right.

Craig: And even on the coasts here. You know, people like me who are immigrants look at this and shake our heads saying you guys, this is the best country in the world. You’re trying to make the government bigger. You’re trying to control it more and more which makes it less free, and we have less innovation because of that. Less thought, less discussion. And I don’t know what the edge of this is because it’s never been easier to hear the other side’s opinion.

Jack: Right. Not very magnanimous. So alright, any Tech Talk tips, thoughts, or ideas for the day?

Craig: Well, a thing happened in France that’s kinda interesting and it wasn’t just yet another [??] shutting down.

Jack: No, yeah. About the emails after 9pm.

Craig: Yeah, isn’t that interesting?

Jack: Yeah.

Craig: French workers now have this what they’re calling right to disconnect. Now, the French, they’re not known for being particularly hard workers or hog workers. But one of the things that they do like is privacy. A little bit of alone time. And you know Jack it makes me wonder over here, maybe we, as employers and employees should look at this and say you know, we’re overloading ourselves. I think in some ways after clicking myself to death here over the years. But maybe we really should have a look at not a law thing. You know, hey listen, after 9 pm you can’t get emails that are work related, but something that says hey maybe we should take a little more vacation time. The United States is the number 1 country in the world for not taking vacations and for having the shortest holidays and relax, enjoy things, see someone face to face. Talk with them. Talk with our families and have a little bit of time to unwind and depressurize. It’s an interesting idea.

Jack: You know it that’s interesting and you’ve said that too because nowadays in society you don’t see that. Everything is based on social media, based on email, and based on not really seeing people face to face. Quick question for you, Norway. I don’t know if you know much about this, is shutting down the FM network and going all digital. What’s your insight on that or any feelings on that?

Craig: Yeah, it’s kind of interesting. You guys probably know I have an advanced class ham license. FCC license and we’ve been losing some bandwidth over the years to other mediums and Norway’s looking at taking some of these bandwidth and repurposing it and in some ways it’s good. Some ways it’s bad. Look at the iHeart Radio app. That’s how I listen to radio most of the time now. As opposed to broadcast. And by the way I listen all of the time. So digital’s becoming more accepted. It’s easier. It’s cheaper in fact for some of these broadcasters. And I don’t think that the message is going to go away. You know the New Hampshire today isn’t gonna disappear if we shut down some of these towers that are out there. But also in Norway and much of Europe they just haven’t had the radio, just hasn’t have the impact it has in the US and doesn’t have the listeners but ultimately, I’m glad you brought that up. I think that is the trend. And obviously iHeart Media recognizes that because of the great websites and also the great apps available for every platform out there to listen to all of the radio stations.

Jack: Now do you think that spectrum will be giving back to citizen band or do you think that’s something that government’s gonna take, use for its spectrum?

Craig: No, there is more and more need for bandwidth. We talk about the drones flying around. All of these other devices now, internet connected and non-internet connected. And 6G communications that’s coming to our cellphones and other devices. With the internet of things, basically everything is going to be connected. And we really need the bandwidth. Particularly these lower frequencies like FM radio occupies. We really need some of that bandwidth for some of that commanding control for our robot overlords who are on their way.

Jack: Good stuff Craig. We appreciate it on this Monday. Stay warm. Although for you and Karen it’s just a walk in the park.

Craig: Oh, it’s a beautiful sunny day out today.

Jack: Go out and feed the chickens.

Craig: Exactly. I got to move the beehive today too.

Jack: Yeah. Good luck. Enjoy. Get some money out of it. Alright. Thank you very much.