AS HEARD ON: WGIR – Touring WW2 Sites In France – Conservative Talk Being Blocked Online: AS HEARD ON – The NH Today [03-05-18]

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Have you ever been over to some of the World War II sites in Europe?

Joining Jack Heath this morning, Craig talks about his experience in Europe that is a little bit life-changing.

Also discussed the conservative Twitter debate, including Facebook, as they try to stop and fight fake news.


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Airing date: 03/05/2018


Touring WW2 Sites In France – Conservative Talk Being Blocked Online



Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hi Craig Peterson here. Have you ever been over to some of the World War II sites in Europe? I have a daughter who lives by Normandy, France and we took some time to do a little bit of touring over there. We went to the area where the Battle of the Bulge was and it was an incredible experience. This morning with Jack Heath, I had a chance to talk with him a little bit because they’re doing a special Fourth of July tour. And I talked with him about what I experienced when I was over there. It was really frankly it was a little bit life changing. And then we also talked about the whole conservative Twitter debate. It’s not just Twitter, it’s Facebook, it’s many of these others that are supposedly trying to stop fake news and frankly have been stopping conservative speech. I thought the left was all for free speech but it’s becoming more and more evident over time with some of these nasty left movements that they don’t want free speech. They don’t want to hear anything that’s libertarian or conservative it is frankly amazing. Anyways here we go with Jack, just this morning.


Jack Heath: [00:01:07] Joining us now at the Auto Fair listener lines with some tech talk, Craig Peterson on the Auto Fair listener lines. His show Tech Talk airs on these iHeart News talk station Saturdays at 11:00. Craig good morning.


Craig: [00:01:19] Hey good morning. I’ve been over there before. In fact I have a daughter that lives by Normandy in France and took a little bit over tour around myself. Went to Bastogne where the Battle of the Bulge was. Went to some of the museums. And it really obviously I was never there, right, during the war. My father having come from Canada also did not serve over there. But the reverence that’s still felt and I had French people coming up to me obviously an American, right? I guess I shouldn’t have worn that Hawaiian shirt. But have come up to me and were literally crying. Some of the older people thanking me for what we did to liberate them in World War II.


Jack: [00:02:02] That’s cool.


Craig: [00:02:03] It’s amazing. That’s cool.


Jack: [00:02:05] That’s cool.


Craig: [00:02:06] And they really hold him in reverence to a certain, in Bastogne again there were some old Sherman tanks that had been blown up by the Germans. You know they had holes in them still and they had preserved them and had set them up as monuments for what the Americans did to liberate them. It is a fantastic thing. I can’t imagine a better thing to do over that.


Jack: [00:02:31] Well I’m psyched and can’t chase of course such an expert. Thank you for that narrative Craig because you painted a good picture. I think some of them are obvious in the form of crosses unlike like the misguided group of my humble opinion that want to take down a World War One memorial in Bladensburg, Maryland trying to get a federal court to honor 49 soldiers who died in World War One because it’s a big cross. Somehow that’s offensive to that to an atheist group and it’s a big cross. So anyways. Craig, Tech Talk side. I just want to touch on the Oscars for a moment. How much does like technology and how we’re getting our information and news? I mean it’s just I wonder I look get Netflix which of course ties into the thing in your hand and all that and wonder why it’s changing even our interest in things like the Academy Awards and some of these like Golden Globes and all that?


Craig: [00:03:18] Well that’s been the debate? Why every year has the Academy Award viewership gone down including this year? And Jack you brought up a great point which is we have so many options now. It’s becoming a problem. If you’re a business and you want to reach people. How do you reach them? Radio still a great medium for reaching people. But now you’ve got this portable screen in front of you. You’ve got hundreds of thousands of channels which can be video like a YouTube channel. You mentioned Netflix. There’s many other opportunities to find things. So people can find out in the morning. They can see the highlights. They can do it all for free. Why would I watch a five-hour award show with Hollywood talking about itself when I can just find out everything in the morning and I can watch my silly little cat videos or correspond with friends and make new means which are much more engaging and involving frankly than sitting there passively watching an awards show? I didn’t watch one minute of it last night because I knew I could find out the next day. You know you’ve been talking about what some of the awards were and it’s hard to get the eyeballs. It’s hard to get the attention. And it’s really causing some interesting upturns in the whole business space as well. Not just the Academy Awards.


Jack: [00:04:39] Yes I think across the board. What else is catching on the tech talk side?


Craig: [00:04:44] Oh we’ve got some kind of interesting things going on right now. Of course the security flaws and other things some more of them out there. I thought it was interesting to see the response that Facebook has had and Twitter have had to this, you know, the Russian involvement the election and where they bought ads and how does it affect us? So what Twitter’s been doing is it’s been trying to purge some of these bots and the bots are automated systems that’s there to monitor accounts and read tweet things and try and build some sort of a dialogue for it. Often used by businesses right to say hey yeah someone talked about the Jack Heath here on New Hampshire today. So I want to know about that and I want to thumbs up that on Facebook or re-tweet it over on Twitter. Those are the types of things bots had been used for quite a while. Now they’re being used to influence elections and trying to get involved in many more things. It’s estimated that as many as 60 to 70 percent of all Twitter users are actually these bots. So Twitter’s been trying to purge bots.


Jack:[00:05:54] Well it’s a big number. Yeah.


Craig:[00:05:55] It’s a huge number. And part of the purging that they’ve been doing has been knocking thousands of conservative users off of Twitter because again they’re looking at it just like Facebook, for instance, they’ve got a panel to look at things people are saying. What should be the top rated news story for today? You know is this a legitimate thing to say? Is this fake news? And their fake news council isn’t entirely left wingers. There’s people on there from the Huffington Post and many others. So we’re seeing under the Twitter side conservative posters, conservative users losing thousands of people from you know, who were following them.


Jack: [00:06:41] That’s a valid. I mean that’s a big discussion area.


Craig: [00:06:45] It’s huge. Right? And then and then you’ve got these people complaining why did I, why am I no longer following Sean Hannity for instance? You know Twitter has blocked me from following him. I’m a legitimate person. So we’ve got to figure out a way to do this. Do this properly. Do this without the political bias. But I can tell you, right now the whole fake news thing, it’s hugely weighted against conservative speech. They are blocking it.


Jack: [00:07:12] Well, let’s come back to that one on another time. I want to continue that discussion. Craig Peterson we have to go to a break. Tech Talk. Thank you for joining us on this Monday morning.


Craig: [00:07:21] Thanks Jack.



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