AS HEARD ON: WGIR – What Is The Internet Of Medical Devices – How Do Fitbits Harm National Security: AS HEARD ON – The NH Today [02-05-18]

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Craig joins Jack Heath for another Monday of technology security updates.

Today Craig shares what’s in store for the medical industry with the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) this 2018.

Is the medical industry ready security-wise?


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Airing date: 02/05/2018


What Is The Internet Of Medical Devices – How Do Fitbits Harm National Security



Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hi Craig Peterson here. This morning I spoke with Jack Heath over at the state in New Hampshire and parts of Vermont, Maine, and Mass., a little bit about a couple of things. First of all how Fitbits are causing issues with our national security. And secondly when it comes to the internet of medical things. Where is that going? Is it going to help save some money? Is it going to cause security problems? How big is that industry? All of that and more of course here right now. Stick around. Here we go.


Jack Heath: [00:00:36] Joining us now at the Auto Fair listener lines, Mr. Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guy whose show airs on these iHeart News talk stations Saturday at 11:00. Good morning Craig.


Craig: [00:00:44] Hey good morning Jack.


Jack: [00:00:47] Well we could talk more about the Super Bowl but let’s not. Hey what are your tech stuff from the weekend in your show? You give me, always leave me good talking points here. U.S. soldiers are revealing sensitive and dangerous information just by jogging. Is that because of the old Fitbit device on the arm?


Craig: [00:01:05] Yeah it’s interesting because we’ve talked on my show about this a few years ago. You have these little Fitbit and other devices there that go on your arm. And they are great because they track your walking or your running, the pace you’re going. They can track, the newer ones, will track your heart rate and allow you to compete against other people. So you know hey I made this course here in my neighborhood. And you can go and see in your neighborhood that there are other people running, which courses they’re using. And then you can do that same course see if you can beat them without them being there. So it’s really nice. It’s competitive. It gives you something to strive for. They’re wonderful little devices. And Apple has some of this type of stuff built into the Apple Watch. You can get apps for it. So it’s becoming more and more popular. But the problem that you’re talking about right now Jack is a problem that I don’t think anyone really thought about a lot. And that is our soldiers using these devices. Now we know that women, for instance in Central Park, have had issues because they’re using Fitbits and some bad guys have been monitoring where they are running. A couple of years ago, they set up a little Wi-Fi hotspots and pretended that they were one of these public hotspots so the Fitbit would automatically connect to this hot spot on a tree as they’re running. So bad guys know where the women are. They could track a specific woman, where she is, where she’s going. So Fitbit kind of made this mapping a little bit on the anonymous side so you can’t track an individual person to see where they are. So rapists etc. can’t track you down. Although there are still ways to do this. And all of this data has been processed and put online. There’s a company called Strava, S-T-R-A-V-A, and you’ll see a link to this up on my website. But Strava publishes its global heat map and this map shows all of the GPS coordinates of people who have been running. And I just had a look before I went on the air with you this morning Jack and I was able to find some air bases still up there on the site in Afghanistan. Some secret information about where our troops are over there. All of it now because people are using these. They are using the Fitbits. The data gets uploaded to the Internet. It gets processed and there may be some secret information that was revealed.


Jack: [00:03:51] Well it shows you the technology is great but sometimes in the wrong hands which unfortunately is inevitable. Now the story you talked about over the weekend. I want to just get your take on before the break. Why the internet of medical things will start to transform health care in 2018? Boy something has to transform to bring these costs down.


Craig: [00:04:11] Yeah exactly. It’s getting crazy and we saw what happened in the U.K. over the weekend how the single payer system they have over there is just collapsing on so many people. But we have these devices we were just talking about like the Fitbit and the Apple device. There are more and more of them coming out. For instance right now there is an app that’s available and a little add on that goes onto your strap that will do full monitoring of your heart and looks for cardiac arrhythmias  and sends all of the data off to the doctor. We’re going to see more and more of those types of things that allow us to go home not have to stay at the hospital. Even some of the chemotherapy work now is able to be monitored while you are at home. So that saves costs. It also makes it a lot more convenient for you and you know frankly a whole lot better. But right now the predictions are that within the next four to five years we’re talking about 150 billion dollar market just in these Internet of Things devices that are tied into the medical community. We’re talking right now about 4 million medical devices that are in use. And we’ll see more and more.


Jack: [00:05:31] Yeah. It’s headed that way. Yeah


Craig: [00:05:33] I just hope, I hope they don’t get hacked, Jack


Jack: [00:05:35] No, of course they will. Of course they’re going to. All right Craig, thank you very much for a tech update Tech Talk on this Monday. Thank you.


Craig: [00:05:43] Take care. Jack thanks.



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