Autonomous Planes 737 Crash – NSA Surveillance Program on NH Today WGIR-AM: [03/11/2019]

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Craig is on with Jack Heath talking about the recent autonomous plane crashes. They also talked about autonomous cars and the NSA Surveillance Program.

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Airing date: 03/11/2019

Autonomous Planes 737 Crash – NSA Surveillance Program

Craig Peterson 0:00
Good morning, everybody. It’s another Monday an early Monday, I wish they would get rid of Daylight Savings Time, there has been a move in the northeast US to not only abolish Daylight Savings Time here, which again, there’s all kinds of studies that show that it’s bad for your health, this whole Daylight Savings Time shifting an hour here and there. Not a good thing. But turning that off, but also changing to a new time zone, creating one more time zone east of Eastern Time, which would put us in maritime time, which I am so for as well. And Maine and New Hampshire have alternately pass bills. But all the New England states are kind of relying on each other, because Maine won’t it if Mass. doesn’t do it or if New Hampshire doesn’t do it, and you know, vice versa, typical political mess. And the only reason we have the time zones we have is because of the railroad and they decided to chop the country up to make their life a little bit easier to schedule the trains over 100 years ago. And then Congress fell in step and decided to adopt these time zones. It used to be that noon was it varied from city to city, and it was based on when your actual noon was based on the sun being directly overhead. So we had thousands of time zones across the country just too much for the railroad, too much for the federal government to handle. So that’s where we got it from completely arbitrary. I would love for it to make way more sense. And if you look at even productivity numbers, the people’s productivity based on where they live within a time zone, if they’re on the eastern edge of the western edge, or in this sentence, and health impacts. It’s huge. We’ve got to re examine this and we’ve got to get rid of the shifts in the time zone. That’s just my opinion here. But heck, that’s what you’re here for. Right. We are going to go now to Mr. Jack Heath. Of course, talking with me, Craig Peterson about a couple of things. One, this new 737 crash that occurred in Ethiopia, what is happening with our jets? What are the technical concerns from my viewpoint on this, we also had a couple of minutes to talk about autonomous vehicles tying that into the airplanes and some credit the President Trump just does not getting over this National Security Agency data collection program. So here we go with Mr. Jack.

Jack Heath 2:52
Craig Peterso, our Tech Talk guy joins us on the Auto Fair listener lines. Good morning, Craig.

Craig 2:57
Hey, good morning, Jack. You know, look, this Boeing 737 Max 8 crash. It’s kind of interesting in getting into the background of it, because these two crashes or they’re looking into whether or not it was some faulty sensor data. Both of these planes crashed shortly after takeoff. And it brings up something that I’ve been concerned about for many years. And it really was me started with the Airbus planes where we have a heavy, heavy reliance on automation and was automation at least partly to blame because of bad sensors? So it looks like that’s what the crash investigators are starting to look into right now. But that goes right back to us or automobiles. We’ve got these new self driving cars. We’ve got Elon Musk, saying that within the next year is Teslas are going to be upgradeable to be completely self driving and that brings up questions about the insurance market, insurance people. Who are they going to ensure?Is it the guys that wrote the software? The company they work for? The contractor that hired them? The companies that made the car which isn’t really making the car anymore they’re being assembled? We’ve got police now who are looking at maybe being able to take control of self driving cars. We have at least two cases now jack where drivers have fallen asleep behind those steering wheel with Tesla including one just a month ago with the autopilot engaged. There’s so many questions eh?

Jack 4:33
I don’t want a, did you just say eh? Did you hear the Canadian in Craig Peterson right there. He said, eh. Wow, eh? I was just saying I don’t want Justin McIsaac having a driverless car.

Craig 4:49
Well, the way I look at it, Jack, in 20 years, you know, if you’re 70, 80 years old, it’s probably going to be safer to have an autonomous vehicle than having you drive the today it might be safer to have the autonomous vehicle than having Justin drive the car as you pointed out. But ultimately, ultimately, this is where it’s going. And this is where the airplanes are going.

Jack 5:13
It’s not me I’m worried about when I’m driving.

Craig 5:15
Yeah, Justin, I know. I get it.

Jack 5:17
No, no it’s the other car though.

Craig 5:19
It’s Justin. Yeah.

Jack 5:20
He’s no, he’s a very, he’s a very conscious driver. It’s what he’s what he does. But it’s not his car that worries me.

Justin McIsaac 5:26
I  can use the Apple and driving sometimes. Believe me, I can’t wait for this.

Craig 5:32
It’s going to be an interesting but a very rough road for the next few years. And the President Trump’s administration is not getting much credit for the next thing here, which is, you know, this whole controversial NSA National Security Agency program that was scooping up data on all kinds of Americans, you know, domestic phone records and all Well, what’s interesting to me on this is, of course, it was a whistleblower that let us know what the federal government was doing and monitoring us tracking us, etc. President Trump came into office, all of a sudden the NSA decided to destroy years worth of data. It had been collected on Americans because they admitted that some of it was illegal. Well, now that program is up for renewal. And they are concerned that President Trump is not going to renew it, because apparently that’s what he’s been saying. So we got word from a congressional aide. Now the National Security Agency has stopped their surveillance program, the monitoring all of us Americans, and also apparently this program has not yielded the arrest of even a single person. Although it’s probably cost us more than a billion dollars plus our privacy. So interesting, interesting day this morning, Jack

Jack 7:00
All right, Craig. Thanks. Good stuff, eh? I appreciate it. Craig Peterson with an O-N. Thank you, Craig.

Craig 7:05
Take care.

Craig 7:06
Hey, I really enjoy doing these. I get up early I obviously have to do a lot of preparation. I send it off to the radio station so that they have an idea of what I’ve prepared and have some ideas of what t talk about. It’s kind of tough if you’re hosting a three four hour show every day. I’ve done it before and it can be tough.

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