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Facebook accounts are being spoofed.

Find out more as Craig talks with Jack Heath on WGIR.

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Airing date: 10/8/2018

Fake Facebook Accounts — “I have been hacked”

Craig Peterson0:00 Good morning. Craig Peterson, here. This morning I talked a little bit about this whole Facebook hack over the weekend. Did you get an email from your friends, telling you that “oh, my their Facebook account had been compromised”? I got a couple of those, or something and message asking in just kind of odd English, asking you to forward something along or like something. Well, that’s what I talked about this morning with Mr. Jack Heath. Also, a quick reminder tomorrow. Tuesday is day two of our mini-webinar series, so make sure you tune in for that as well Craig Peterson.com sign up right there in the homepage. So, here we go with jack Unknown 0:46 Welcome back to our show. Craig Peterson, a little bit later on this morning. and Craig I believe it’s Craig right Justin, Craig, Good morning. How Unknown

0:55 Craig, How are you, sir.

0:57 doing great

0:59 and let me ask you about this. Up over the weekend, Justin I was just talking about this number of people I noticed people that have contact with the show “saying that it was not them” sending a friend request from Facebook with instructions that they have been hacked. Was there a little bit of hacking over the weekend for Facebook? Cuz I saw about three or four different people post that today.

1:19 Yeah, I saw that as well this weekend. I started digging into a little bit, and a lot of people are concerned because of the big hack that happened just about two weeks ago where 15 million Facebook accounts were hacked due to just incredible incompetence on the part of some of these people over at Facebook. It was a very very sophisticated hack, but still, they should have known better. These messages that you’ve been seeing, and they pretty much peaked yesterday, on Sunday are something that you can ignore. These accounts have not been hacked. There were all of these messages going out that you might have gotten asking people to click on things and talk to about accounts being cloned. If you are worried about your Facebook account being clone the easiest way to tell if it’s happened is just search for yourself on Facebook. If you see another account in your name, that maybe has your photo, it is a fake account. If you see that, there’s a little button that you can click on that other account and report it as fake. Facebook has stepped up their enforcement actions, and they say that within 24 hours they will delete it, but very few of these accounts were cloned. This appears to be related to the hack of Facebook that happened recently, and just like some of the business email compromise emails that you’re getting. The best thing to do is to don’t click on anything. You just ignore it and move on. You’re probably just fine. Yeah, it is so hard to keep track of all this. Then and then half of the time, I don’t know about if this just happens, but once in a while, it’ll change your username and your password just from time to time, to mix it up. Half the time, half the time though this problem is, we

3:09 think we remember things, half the time when you go to do, it says you got to put in your current password, people you can’t remember, right.

3:15 Craig. sure my password should be something different than 1234. That’s Not a password, Yeah, you should follow the advice of the Democrat Party and use password as the password

3:29 on that right now. Oh crap. funny one. Craig does these. He’s had his Wheaties, this morning. On Monday morning. Columbus Day.

3:37 Yeah, the best advice for passwords, nowadays. This changed a couple of years ago. Although, Congress has not updated the HIPAA regulations or others. But the best passwords, nowadays, are phrases using a few words strung together that’s much better than a random password we found that these passwords that businesses have been enforcing where their password to be letters and numbers and special characters. These have become less secure, because of how people handle them. So, the best advice, Justin and Jack and everybody listening, is stringing together three or four random words with a dash or number between the words. Use that as a password and please use different passwords on every website. Use a password manager too. Yes, send me an email if you want more info on passwords I wrote up a special report about that.  All right, great stuff on business on great business Appreciate it. On Craig Peterson, dot com Thank you, Craig. As well and by this

4:40 The first episode of our webinars, a little mini-series is up. We’ve got this masterclass going on, and we covered the Anatomy of an Attack. I think I’m going to end up having to add one more thing to this because there were a lot of questions. So, we may end up with two or maybe three more little webinars as part of our masterclass. I am not selling a thing this is all about giving stuff away. So make sure you sign up Craig Peterson dot com. I want to help 100 small businesses by the end of the year minimum. Okay. And, a lot of them have already signed up. I have the resources for it, and I want to help you this is true. I want to help. So, make sure you sign up at Craig Peterson dot com Take care. Have a great day. We’ll be back again tomorrow as well as with a webinar tomorrow.

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