Florida Election Technology – China Hijacking Networks on NH Today WGIR-AM: [11/12/2018] NH Today WGIR-AM with Jack Heath

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Craig is on with Jack Heath talking about the midterm elections, the voting machine hacking, and China hacking our telecoms networks.

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Airing date: 11/12/2018

Florida Election Technology – China Hijacking Networks

Jack Heath: 0:00

Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guy. His show Tech Talk. Craig Peterson joins us now at the Auto Fair listener lines. Good morning Craig.

Craig Peterson: 0:05
A Good morning. I’ve been following what’s been going on with the Florida week count of ballots. The technology behind all of that stuff Jack, it’s really kind of interesting.

Jack 0:16
Yeah? Well, interesting is one way to put it. And who knows what the outcome will be Craig. Your guess is probably as good as the people counting the votes.

Craig 0:24
Yeah, exactly. Well, the problem here really seems to be related to what happened in 2014. Of course the hanging chads, the ballots, and problems back then. Florida and a lot of states around the country after the federal government put some funding in in ’02, but Florida bought a bunch of equipment and the equipment they bought to count the votes was out of date when they bought it. So now they’re trying to count the votes in Palm Beach County and a few other states have the same stuff. And Jack, they can only count one the election at a time. In other words, they have to run all of the balance sheets through the machine that counts for governor and then they have to rerun, reprogram the machine and rerun all of the ballots on the machine again, now to count the votes for Senator, etc, etc. So it’s really crazy all of the work they have to go through. And then the machines themselves are having problems. Because, you know, Florida has this whole humidity thing. And you know what humidity does to paper. And with these old machines that are kind of nearing the end of physical life, as well as technical life, they are jamming up the machines, and that caused voting problems, and it is now causing problems with the recount. So there definitely seem to be some reasons outside of the politics for these counts, taking so long and being done so poorly,

Jack 1:55
Could be a coin toss at the end of the day might be as reliable, I just think they could have three different recounts, get three different results. Is that close?

Craig 2:03
Yeah, it does go that way. Many times in some of these recount, and there’s talk now in Florida, that there could well be a manual recount. But you know, on top of all of this, there appears to be some incompetence, mixing in folks that were already deemed to be invalid with valid votes. And we know from two years ago, destroying ballots even though the court order they not be destroyed. So there’s the person side of all of this, as well as the technology side. I think more than anything else, in order for people to feel confident that the votes count, we’ve got to keep up with the technology, we have to be secure. In fact, these machines in Florida two years ago in 2016, were known to be vulnerable to attack and not be secure. So we’ve got to keep this up so that we can count on our election results being but at least partially valid.

Jack 3:03
Yeah, well, who knows? Who knows where that’s. I’ll tell you it’s gonna be quite a process can be quite some time to in the Lago coast, you know, imagine being these candidates and their campaigns and the intensity in and around this is going to show and not dissipate anytime soon. What else is catching your eye from a Tech Talk point of view?

Craig 3:19
Well, we’ve got some more evidence about China and China hacking. In fact, right now, we’re seeing that China has been involved very, very heavily in hijacking networks of US, not just corporations, but internet service companies. China Telecom, you’ve been involved in this for a number of years now. And the bad part about all of this, and the way China’s doing it is people just won’t notice some of these hijacks that have happened, have taken all of the data that was going to or from a company, the websites, their emails, everything else, routing them through China breaking encryption and doing who knows what with that data. So again, this is something that the course the Trump the whole Trump Organization is looking into now and the government but just trying to figure out what’s happening? Why is it happening? And I think the administration’s on the right track China has been really taking advantage of our US corporations and I picked up a new client a few weeks ago they are small manufacturer right here in New Hampshire and their intellectual property. All their designs are everything that they’ve worked on for decades now is in the hands of the Chinese. So now they get to compete against their own designs from a manufacturer in China because the Chinese People’s Liberation Army hacked their systems and they have no idea. This is a huge problem, Jack and something I’ve been doing some training with the FBI on on those webinars that I run, but it’s happening every day. We gotta be careful not to do something more about it.

Jack 5:07
All right. To learn more, go to Craig Peterson with an O-N.com. http://CraigPeterson.com. Thanks, Craig.

Craig 5:12
Hey. Thanks, Jack.

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