Holiday Shopping Scams – FBI Warning on NH Today WGIR-AM: [12/17/2018] NH Today WGIR-AM with Jack Heath

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Find out the big scams to avoid while doing your holiday shopping as Craig discusses them with Jack Heath on WGIR.

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Airing date: 12/17/2018

Holiday Shopping Scams – FBI Warning

Craig Peterson 0:00

Hey everybody. Good morning. I am Craig Peterson. And this morning we’re going to cover some of the big scams that are happening that you know, if you like anybody else this holiday season, you’re online. You’re buying gifts. You’re trying to get some things maybe for your clients or your family and friends. So I ran through with Jack Heath this morning. Some of the major scams going on right now. Including what the FBI is warning about. So here we go with our friend Jack Heath.

Unknown 0:30
Craig Peterson, our tech talk guy his show airs on the weekends on the I heart news talk network and joins us now at the Auto Fair listener lines trying to Craig want to touch upon with high tech all such a part of our life. And a lot of people now in the next week or so. shopping, doing all the last minute stuff is a lot of scams. A lot of stuff, I’ve seen a few emails and you always get these calls. But a lot of stuff that you don’t want to click and open. If you don’t know what it is.

Unknown 0:56
People take advantage of people’s extended taking the credit card out buying stuff, a lot of high tech scams during the holidays.

Unknown 1:03
Oh, there are and there’s some new ones, at least some that I don’t think our listeners have overview but at least yet, and one of them has to do with our military. And you and I both I actively defend and help our veterans. I have a daughter who just resigned her permission and the US Navy after 10 years. And this particular one is where scammers are using photos they find online of our military personnel, handsome men, good looking women and, you know stand like they’re in combat or training maybe in front of a tank or something else that really helps to identify them with their uniform on and then they post them up on these dating sites. And they’ve been tricking the mostly women here but some men as well and just surrendering thousands of dollars in cash and gift cards all in the name of month. And it’s happening a lot this time of year is there’s a lot of people who are a little lonely and who are looking maybe for some love some companionship and they find someone they think is a veteran active duty who maybe could use a few extra things while they’re over there. And guess what? They’ve been scammed.

Unknown 2:22
And that’s just one. This is one. I mean,

Unknown 2:25
oh yeah, it’s absolutely crazy. So that’s one. Here’s another one. If you’re looking to buy gift cards for your family or friends. There’s no news scam, oil noodle, a lot of people that’s going on right now. Well, here’s what happened. The bad guy will take a card off the rack. Because most times gift cards are right there. You see the money on the front end caps have many idols in stores, they take a picture of the card number, and they scratch off the strip to reveal the security codes. And these scams have gotten so good at this. They actually have software that keeps checking the card balance. And the idea is now they’ve got the card, they’ve got the code, right, you buy that card, you put money on that card, and then the scammers take that money right off the card that you just bought. So the tip here is if you’re buying a card if and if you see that that that security scripture has been scratched off, you might be in trouble. So don’t buy it reported to the stores. That’s another one. And another one right now is a lot of people are trying to make a little extra money. We’re racking up a few bills for the holidays, maybe we didn’t expect to rack up and we don’t want to carry that credit card balance for a long time. So people are looking for opportunities to make a few bucks, maybe work from home, that little extra job. A lot of people are looking to do online work, maybe be a virtual assistant or virtual worker and they’re paying these online sites for all kinds of things. Maybe to learn how to do all of this jack. And many of these are absolute scams. The FBI has been warning people about that

Unknown 4:20
one that I’ve seen and talk to our friends at the attorney Attorney General’s Office Gordon McDonald’s office on scams and the Consumer Affairs Division is when you get an email or communication presuming of your phone, where it’s sometimes it’s a call where they they appear to be, you know, credit card or bank that you’re familiar with an account you’re familiar with, like your own and they want you to verify your account information or verify your Verizon plan. That’s a big red flag because they don’t know

Unknown 4:49
yeah, or you get a phone call john, that’s gonna happen. I mean, the same thing if they asked you for your account number. It’s not them. You know, when we get right down to it. There they

Unknown 4:59
are. They have they have they already have it. Justin

Unknown 5:01
I was gonna say Craig will probably second this. If you get an email from someone you don’t know. Or you think you don’t, don’t. Don’t click the links ever,

Unknown 5:10

Unknown 5:12
Yeah, absolutely. Right. But you know what that also goes to Justin is many people are using old versions of software and Microsoft Outlook. Some of the old versions would automatically open emails for you, even though you didn’t click on that email and would download malware. Not good. Keep up today. Keep your software up to date. Absolutely. Especially when you’re online.

Unknown 5:36
All right. I know you can always check out more Craig Peterson with an O-N. com. We appreciate it. Craig.

Unknown 5:41
All right. Take care.

Otter 5:43
Hey, I got some notes from people asking about my Christmas present that was coming their way. And it will be here’s the problem. One of my team members has been out sick, she’s the one that makes it all pretty helps to make it understandable. So hopefully that this week, she’ll be back up to speed and we’ll be able to get this finished. But this is that document I’ve been talking about how to lock down your credit report and make it so people can open accounts in your name and things like that. So I haven’t got it done. Okay. So this week this week, hopefully we’ll get it done. Because all the writing is finished and has been for a while. So we’ll get that done. And then we’ll get that out. We’ll let you guys know how to do it. I got a text from from some this week. Again, 855-385-5553 asking about it. Say now I’m on your list. I just want to make sure I get it. So it’s not out yet. It’s not the biggest worry in the world because you didn’t miss it. Okay. And if you want to make sure you get this and the other master classes we have planned for January, February. We are putting a lot of work into this. We’re making them very useful. So you don’t have to buy anything from us. It’s going to be some of the most useful short direct to the point training that you will ever attend. Believe me. Have a great week. I’ll be back tomorrow with Mr. Jim Polito. Take care bye bye.

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