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The FBI publicly announced that our infrastructure is under direct attack, and the attackers are trying to cause damage and take lives. If your business is in the manufacturing, healthcare, financial or other critical sectors, you need this information before it becomes public.

Craig discusses the FBI Infragard program. What it’s about, how it helps and how you may be able to join.  Find out about and Join FBI’s InfraGard.org


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Airing date: 03/19/2018

Craigs Small Farm – FBI InfraGard Program Explained – Craig New Webinar Moderator


Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hi everybody. I hope you having a great day. I had a wonderful weekend this weekend. I was really glad to get a couple of things done and read a book and I guess it was kind of relaxing. Well this morning I was on with Jack Heath. He of course is on dozen plus radio stations in New Hampshire. And we talked a little bit about the FBI InfraGard program. What is it? Why should you be involved? Hey listen if you have any sort of responsibility for physical security or electronic security you’re going to want to hear this because it is important and it can save frankly your job and maybe even some lives. Here we go with Jack.


Jack Heath: [00:00:42] Joining us on the Auto Fair listener lines with some Tech Talk. Our own Craig Peterson joins us on this Monday morning. How are you sir?


Craig: [00:00:48] Good morning. Doing good.


Jack: [00:00:53] Doing all right?


Craig: [00:00:54] Yeah I had a good weekend this weekend. I love the sun out. Spring is coming this week. How could it be much better?


Jack: [00:01:00] Yeah it does. You still have some of that white stuff out there getting in the way of your farm animals don’t you?


Craig: [00:01:06] I do. Yeah. Taking care of the chickens. I lost all of my bees. I lost about 100,000 bees this winter. We had a bear attack on the hives. Yeah. And then it got really, really cold and the bees had been kind of weakened by the bear attack. And it’s yeah is kind of a shame. So we’re starting from scratch with bees in the spring. But I’m looking forward to it and we’re repositioning the hives. Hopefully it’ll make it a little harder for the bears to get at it. Yeah. We don’t have the horses anymore. My horse daughter moved to Kentucky. We had two thoroughbred horses and then a couple of others. So we sent them up to Kentucky with her. So a little bit less a gentleman farmer type things going on here in the Peterson household.


: [00:01:57] Well good for you. Tucked away in not that rural of an area. But Craig it’s good to know you didn’t lose the horses like you did the bees. At least you know where the horses are.


Craig: [00:02:06] Yeah. exactly. Exactly. Hey. Last week I mentioned really quickly about the FBI InfraGard program that the FBI, InfraGard has named me now as their national webinar kind of the coordinator. I’m the moderator and things. So we’ll be holding webinars nationally. Are you familiar at all with what this whole InfraGard thing is?


Jack: [00:02:26] Well you had shared with us that you’re going to be doing a lot of the contract on training a lot of the FBI field offices.


: [00:02:33] Well yeah. Here’s how it all works. The InfraGard is a group, that was set up more than 20 years ago now, that is composed of people who are part of the U.S. infrastructure. So you’ve got people who are running security for physical or electronic network in hospitals and power plants and all the way down to manufacturers and small businesses. So all of these people are kind of getting together or have gotten together and get background checks by the FBI. And then we all get briefings from the FBI. This last week we had briefings from the Secret Service about some of the stuff that was going on. And you can imagine all of these different things. But the idea is to get the information out to people that need it who might be involved in various parts of our critical infrastructure. It’s I think it’s a great program. And you know me, in fact, for years I’ve been out there saying hey, listen we’ve got to do something about these bad guys. And I’ve been doing training for people for free. Listeners to your show, to my show, and trying to help them out providing them with some free software that I found. You know all that stuff. And so now what I’m going to be doing is helping get the message out through this FBI InfraGard program helping with training people nationwide. Now this is a volunteer position but it’s really cool you’re right.


: [00:04:10] And volunteer? How are you going to do all that for a volunteer?. You got a business to run. David Losh has a question. Go ahead, David.


David Losh: [00:04:17] Craig, just going off of that. So how exactly did you get involved with that? So say there is a computer scientist out there or somebody who maybe has some in-depth knowledge of a skill or a computer programmer maybe analytics. Look at what’s going on right now with Facebook. How does somebody get involved in that? Is that something they kind of reach out and find you? Or is that something you really applied for that were vetted for and then so on and so on?


Craig: [00:04:42] Yeah it’s a great question. It’s something that I had found out about because I was in some of these circles right where we were trying to reach out and trying to coordinate things and I had people on them you know interviewing them for my show and things. So that’s kind of how I not about it. But then I had to do is apply. So anyone that’s interested in maybe getting involved with this. And it’s really important if you’re involved in security, even physical security. Two weeks ago we had training on active shooters and with physical training we get involved with some of that with the police departments et cetera. There’s chapters in New Hampshire and Maine and Vermont, in Mass. Boston has a great chapter going. And we have of course our New Hampshire chapter. And you can find out more by going to http://infragard-nh.org. That’s InfraGard, I-N-F-R-A, Infra, G-A-R-D. http://infragard-nh.org. And you’ll see a little, some stuff in there about what we’re doing here in New Hampshire. And we do have the meetings. It’s really kind of cool. So if your private sector or state and local, go on. Sorry Jack.


Jack: [00:05:53] No, I was just going to say the website again because we have to run.


Craig: [00:05:56] Yeah, it’s InfraGard NH. http://infragard-nh.org. And you can find out more there. You can contact and you can even apply to start that whole process stuff with a background check and all.


Jack: [00:06:09] Alright Craig. Thank you very much. Our Tech Talk guy. Thanks Craig.


Craig: [00:06:12] Hey I didn’t really get a chance to mention this on the air but if you are not looking for New Hampshire InfraGard, you can go to the national website. It’s just http://infragard.org. I-N-F-R-A-G-A-R-D. http://infragard.org. I have found it to be really, really helpful to me. It’s a partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector and I’m really, really happy with it. They give a lot more information than they released publicly. It’s been a fantastic thing. So check it out, http://infragard.org. Have a great day. Talk to you later.



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