Kashoggi In The Saudi Console – Did The Apple Watch Record His Murder – Why Should You Share DNA on NH Today WGIR-AM: [10/22/2018]

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Craig is on with Jack Heath today and talked about Jamal Kashoggi in the Saudi consul. Did his Apple Watch record his murder? They also discussed why should we share our DNA.
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Airing date: 10/22/2018

Kashoggi In The Saudi Consul – Did The Apple Watch Record His Murder – Why Should You Share DNA

Craig Peterson0:00 Hey good morning everybody Craig Peterson here this morning on iHeart Radio with the Jack Heath I talked about this whole situation in Saudi Arabia. You’ve heard about Kashoggi and what may have happened to him what may not have happened to him while we debunk the myth about his iWatch he has an Apple Watch 3, at least he did and what happened there and get into a little bit of DNA some people including Justin just don’t want to give their DNA up but why would you? What are some of the greater good arguments for that so here we go with Jack Heath.

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Joining us down the Auto Fair listeners lines Craig Peterson, our tech talk guy with some tech talk for our Monday Good morning Craig

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Hey good morning I don’t know if you’ve heard about the rumors about the Apple Watch and Kashoggi’s disappearance. Have you heard about the recordings and thing no I have not well it’s interesting because there’s a pro Turkish Government newspaper that has been reporting that they have audio of what happens as part of the showpiece disappearance there in the Saudi embassy in Turkey and there are a few people that have done a little bit of research into this because we know to show he had an Apple Watch read and the Turkish Government has been using this whole Apple Watch scenario as a reason for them to have audio of exactly what happened inside of the embassy from a technology standpoint because of all the circumstances surrounding this that sounds like that’s just absolutely not even possible and is probably actually kind of indicating here Jack that the Turkish Government has monitoring equipment at least audio equipment inside the Saudi embassy and they’re using the story about the Apple Watch it does cover up the fact that they’ve been spying on the Saudis interesting this

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is like this is getting all this is getting more mysterious by the hour the Turkish leader now saying that video that will show over the next day or two just what happened to show you this is getting to be almost like a international mystery mystery spy whatever but it’s it’s unfolding in a very awkward way for the Saudis

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it is it absolutely is and the thing hard video probably the only way they got that video is again by having fun because if the I want I agree wants to record it. Yeah, it’s the I watch was to record it. There’s there’s almost no way that the Turkish government should have gotten their hands on it.

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I would agree. Alright, what else is catching your eyes? We begin our week on the tech side. Craig Peterson. https://craigpeterson.com.

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Well, there’s a few different articles I sent out this week. One of them that I think is really interesting to most people is that DNA side of thing, many of us at myself included have used some of these services, particularly 23 and me have you done that before Jack? No

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DevOps. But

Unknown 3:06
I don’t know if you would probably know if you had sent it in. But more than 60% of Americans now who have some European ancestry can be identified using DNA database for jack, can you if you haven’t

Unknown 3:20
submitted the DNA of you send it to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office yet

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By the way, did you know that apparently some reports that I’ve seen show that the gentleman who came out and said yes, indeed she does have a drop of Indian blood that sheet that that gentleman who is a DNA researcher and Senator warns husband apparently had gone into business together before. So there’s some interesting ties there. But even if you have not submitted your DNA, more than half of Americans now that our European ancestry can be identified by their DNA. So your DNA was founded a crime scene Jack would be in trouble, but it’s the same with almost anybody of European descent. So it’s an interesting world we’re living in today. And the Golden State killer of course, was identified by his DNA many years later, he was a serial killer and also a conflict the time even though he has not submitted any

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Bill Burr the comedian he’s talking about this, Craig, this is the biggest no brainer of all time, I’m just gonna give someone my DNA so they can put it in a database not to put a tinfoil hat on. But no way now you’re not getting DNA.

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Yeah. And there’s good reasons to not share with people. They are using it for research, however, and some things I think are ultimately going to come from this because they’re using the DNA, they’re asking questions. For instance, with me, they’ve asked over 800 questions that are kind of health related, because when it comes to DNA, it’s a guessing game. They don’t really know what each strand of DNA each piece does. So they have to have a huge database of information with DNA, put it all together to come up with these new drugs, and eventually drugs that are created specifically for you in order to help you get over all kinds of diseases. So it’s two sides to this, Justin. One is that yeah, it is certainly going to kind of play with your privacy. But secondarily, this will save lives in the future.

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I correct provocative stuff. Great to tied to the local stuff, and the situation with the console at the Saudi consulate in Turkey. Thank you, sir.

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All right. Take care when we come back.

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