Ring Doorbells Can Save Lives – Microsoft Monster Security Bug – Amazon Expanding Freight on NH Today WGIR-AM: [05/20/2019]

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Craig is on with Jack Heath this Monday morning. Today they talked about the Fort Worth kidnapping and how the Ring doorbells helped save the victim’s life. They also talked about Microsoft’s monster security bug, and how Amazon is expanding their freight services.

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Airing date: 05/20/2019

Ring Doorbells Can Save Lives – Microsoft Monster Security Bug – Amazon Expanding Freight

Craig Peterson 0:00
Hey, good morning everybody. My computer died, you’re not gonna believe this. Wow. Also was on with Jack Heath this morning Microsoft had big monster security bug, computer bug, Jeff Bezos, we talked about a little bit this morning. And these Ring doorbells and others are they something you should use? Yeah, my computer, I have a Mac Pro that I’ve had the, you know, 2013 was the last time they really updated this thing. And mine’s been just giving me nothing but problems lately. And you know, yeah, I went through all the normal stuff you try and reinstall, you reset the computer, you go back to default, you do all of the things you’re trying to really see if maybe something else is going on because it’s just kind of wacky and slow. So I decided i’d order another CPU this would be an upgraded one. So 12 core CPU, which is really kind of cool. And just upgraded I get about 50% boost because it’s an eight core right now. So we took it all apart. Then you know we have all the tools to do it and the static control, stuff you need and everything. And we opened it up and right up, man I couldn’t believe this, that the top of the chip of the main processor, of course it’s right on a heatsink and it very cool heatsink. If you’ve never seen a Mac Pro, you gotta check this thing out. It kind of looks like a little trash can. But they did an amazing job with the cooling on this. So right at the top in the center. It is melted. Yeah, the copper from the heatsink is melted right onto the chip and the heatsink itself has a hole in it. It is absolutely astounding. I have not seen this sort of thing in decades, frankly, because Intel chips are pretty good about, at least it used to be, about slowing themselves down if they were overheating. They’re not supposed to melt copper. And it was just absolutely amazing. So I took it down to the Apple Store. It’s out of warranty right now. And hasn’t been for probably a couple of years. And we took it down and told them about it first, called the business team at the store, they’re always really helpful down there. And they set up an appointment for us. We brought it down, they had to look at it and they they had never seen anything like this before. And to me it’s an obvious manufacturing problem. There was probably a contaminant in that goop that you put in the thermal heatsink goop between the CPU and the the basically the cooler, let’s call it that, okay, the heatsink. And what probably happened is that’s probably where the hole in the heatsink came from, is it did not have really good thermal coupling, and ended up melting. And of course subtle cause all kinds of weird ass problems with the computer. And that’s probably what I’ve been experiencing now for a few years. So it was really kind of an eye opener. And now they’re gonna charge me I found a new heatsinks for this computer. And remember, this is kind of a fancy computer. So the heatasinks I found were $400 for a new one online and refurbished on eBay bathes 120 bucks, which isn’t too bad. So we were thinking about doing that before we took it down. But Apple said that if it would be 250 bucks, and they would do reattach the GPUs and get the CPU all set up properly. Now that’s a really good deal, frankly, because whoever touches it last owns it right? So I didn’t I would have had to have removed the GPUs these are the graphic processing units. Mine had two high end GPUs in it. Or I guess it does have right? Now past tense. And so they’ll have to remove those, clean those off, put mount them properly with the right heatsink material on to that new heatsink. And I’m going to put them, I’m going to give them that brand new CPU and put it in the machine and then they will mount that up as well and then put the whole machine back together. So I should have a machine that’s good for me for the next few years again, so knock on wood. I don’t know how long it’s going to take Apple to come up with the new Mac Pro. There’s been some kind of artists renderings of what people would love to see. We really don’t know what Apple’s going to do yet. There’s supposed to have been one last year now they’re supposed to be one this year. Their rumors are in fact there’s even a statement from Apple that’ll probably be next year. But you know for now, if you need a real high end Mac get the iMac pro which is really a nice machine. But anyhow, so that’s been my little, what do you want to call this journey over the last week? Very interesting to me anyways, okay, so here we go. Let’s get into this morning’s conversation with Mr. Jack Heath.

Jack Heath 5:12
In terms of our on demand podcast, but joining us now on the Auto Fair listener lines, our regular contributor our Tech Talk guy Craig Peterson on this Monday morning. Good morning Craig

Craig 5:21
Hey good morning. Boy this has been a busy week in tech everything from Jeff Bezos going and building his own airport starting last week, all the way through huge security problems this last week as well.

Jack 5:36
You know, I’m going to come back to Bezos and Amazon but real quick, you know, this Fort Worth kidnapping story this morning. Michael Webb suspect extensive criminal history. That’s a good thing but kidnapping an eight year old girl who was walking with her mother, you know, extensive criminal history of the suspect. But you know Craig these doorbell videos? Are you a fan of these? These? These of the right on the this? I don’t know the company but you know the video right and right in your front door?

Craig 6:02
Yeah, there’s a few of those out there. And the biggest one right now has had major security problems. Turns out all of the videos that have ever been recorded, were available on the internet for anyone within the organization to watch it anytime. But yeah, there was more and more of that. And I think it’s kind of good. Frankly.

Jack 6:22
I was gonna ask you if you’re a fan of them. Yeah. Because in this case, apparently, all these things sort of helped put the pieces together to get the suspect or at least figure out what happened.

Craig 6:32
Yeah, well, these Ring doorbells are probably the ones you’re thinking of, they’re very common out there. And their video doorbells, you can get different models anywhere from 100 to $200. Some of them get even a little more expensive. And the whole idea behind them is they have a built in video camera, they also have a motion detector. So that when someone comes up to your door, you know that there’s somebody there, or maybe they’re dropping off a package rather than doing something else. Some of them record all of the time. And there’s even a feature on it, so that you can link your doorbell in with other people in your neighborhood, so that you can kind of track things. So if something like this does happen, whether it’s someone who’s grabbing packages from the porch, a porch pirate, you know, packages that don’t belong to them, or heaven forbid something like this kidnapping, you can look at other people in your neighborhoods videos as well to try and figure out what might have happened.

Jack 7:30
Alright, so getting back to Mr. Bezos, is it just me and who am I to say this, but you know, it just seems that some of these, I don’t maybe they get bored running their own company. But you know, when you have Amazon, and it’s, you know, the robotics and the you know, the way they’re marketing, you know, what you say is like doing his own airport wants to do this or go to the moon, you know, or fly to Mars, what, at some point do the is that? Is that problematic for the company’s future or not? I mean, that’s speculation. It’s a speculative question.

Craig 8:00
Well, look at what’s happening right now in New Hampshire with Amazon. We have now same day delivery in much of New Hampshire, certainly in the southern tier for some of the Amazon products. That’s getting to the point where it will be same day delivery. So what Amazon needs is a way to deliver to our homes quickly and inexpensively. So they’ve already cut a lot of the contracts with the major carriers out there. They have a setup right now, where they are paying people who are working for Amazon currently, to go and start a delivery company for Amazon, you have all these individual contractors, so they’re trying to keep costs under control. And now what they’re doing is they’re building right outside Cincinnati, a 3 million square foot airport. This thing’s going to have a parking garage on this airport for 100 cargo jets. So the FedEx and UPS and these other companies that have been hauling for Amazon are no longer going to be hauling. Amazon is going to keep getting more and more of the costs under control. And we’re going to end up with a two hour delivery which is already available from Amazon’s Whole Foods division, you know the grocery store so you can in much again of New Hampshire, you can order something online, a food product and have it delivered within two hours. So that’s what he’s aiming at. These drone deliveries have not been working out too well yet. They’re still really a few years away before it really starts happening. So you entering your question. Yeah, they are looking at a company like Amazon, they are trying to increase the deliverability of the goods, decrease the time, decrease the cost. But you have companies like Facebook, that are now into robotics are building new robots and tying them into AI and doing all kinds of weird things. At least Bezos seems to be sticking with selling and delivering.

Jack 10:04
Far being from  me to question him and the guy’s been you know, seemingly brilliant and even survived his they say an expensive divorce. All right Craig, what else, before we let you go, a Tech Talk tip. 

Craig 10:16
Oh, this is an absolutely huge one, we found out Intel really messed up again. And pretty much any computer made since 2011, that uses Intel chips is vulnerable to this new, nasty nasty one of the worst hack, hackability problems out there. So Microsoft has 17 critical patches this month, including some patches that will fix some of these Intel problems. But in order to be completely secure here, Jack, you’re going to lose 40% of your performance on your Intel chips. And this is something that is driving Apple leaving further away from Intel. So expect in within the next year or so to see Apple Computers probably switching away from Intel in maybe even entirely.

Jack 11:05
Alright Craig, I appreciate all the Tech Talk. Thank you very much on this Monday morning and you have a great Memorial Day.

Craig 11:11
Take care. You too, Jack.

Craig 11:18
By the way, everybody this week’s kind of a busy week, we are repositioning our websites looks like we’re going to change the email provider and stuff. So things might be a little iffy here over the next few weeks. So you know, keep that in mind. Right? I might not be as regular a podcaster as I have been, or email or website updates, but we’ll see how this all ends up going. So anyways, have a great week as we prepare for some amazing things that are coming your way we’re going to have some little mini courses and other things to we’re going to make available to people anyways. Have a great day and week I should be back tomorrow. We’ll see. We’ll see how things go. Hopefully I don’t have another computer, bite the big one on me. Take care bye bye


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