Rundown From CES – Craig’s New Videos Series – About Backups on NH Today WGIR-AM: [01/14/2019]

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Craig talks about VPNs, backups, the new technology at the Consumer Electronics show, and his new video series with Jack Heath on WGIR this morning.

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Airing date: 01/14/2019

Rundown From CES – Craig’s New Videos Series – About Backups

Craig Peterson 0:00
Hey good morning everybody. I had a show this weekend you might want to listen to talk a little bit about VPN technology and had quite a few people asking questions so we’re going to take care of those questions for you this week, not just on VPN and I did also a quick video on backups I’m trying to start getting this information out because I’ve got a course coming up as well we’re going to be teaching you about everything you need to do in order to keep your business safe now this is a do it yourself course we’re going to really answer your questions help you realize that hey it isn’t your fault that piece of bad guys are getting in we’ve got a lot of these big companies selling that virus products that just don’t work and anyone within those companies that even mentioned it’s been getting fired so listen if you’ve been attacked if you’re afraid of being attacked you you may have email questions etc keep an eye on my website at We’ve got these wonderful little videos make sure you on my email list you can find out about this course is going to be some coaching involved in things to help you out you know find all of that if you subscribe And of course the website right there. My homepage you’ll see these videos at So this morning I was on with Mr. Heath and we talked a little bit not only about how cold it is up here this time of year who mama but we talked about some of the things out at CES as well.

Unknown 1:36
And Craig Peterson joins us now at the Auto Fair listener lines with the Tech Talk update. Good morning, Craig on this money. How are you sir?

Unknown 1:42
Hey, good morning. Doing well Jack.

Unknown 1:45
Well, what’s catching your eye this morning.

Unknown 1:47
Oh, we’ve got a few things that happen out of the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Of course, it’s the show that typically showcases the new products that are coming from all these different companies over the course of really the next six 12 months and their weapons, anything like huge and earth shattering this year. But some of the biggest things that we saw this year. Besides really big like Samsung having an over 200 inch TV called The Wall is this 5G starting to comment starting to show up. There’s some tech companies that are really ready for it. And this is what they expect to give a real competition edge to the cell phone carriers over your cable company. Because Jack this new 5G is going to be fast enough that it can replace most people’s not only their cable TV, but also their full internet internet. And all of the major players are really jumping on board their apples putting it off for a year. I think he’s gonna let things kind of settle down a little bit. And speaking of Apple, of course, the big troll this year out at CES was apple. And I understand Justin, you just got an Apple phone again, right?

Unknown 3:10
That’s right.

Unknown 3:11
Yeah, I had to come home Craig.

Unknown 3:14
And he did it the right way. Because a lot of people are concerned, you look at the price tag of these Apple devices like the iPhone, and they can be $1,000 or more even. But what you can do if you want an Apple devices, you can get these new Surface devices or you can buy older models and an iPhone eight is a nominal device. And the apples trolling is kind of trying to point that out at CES. They rented the whole side of one of the hotels. Right. So listen, they put the signs

Unknown 3:45
the signs up. Yeah. Yeah. What stays stays, stays on your name.

Unknown 3:50
Yeah, yeah, exactly. So CES this year, and you know, Mexican huge. I, frankly, was more than a little disappointed. There’s a lot of little companies that were there. There’s a whole new tech section of the Consumer Electronics Show Jack and there’s kind of some fun stuff that was out there. But you know, it wasn’t earth shattering. I also this weekend on my show, we talked a little bit about VPN and I’ve been releasing some videos we just did one on backup. We’re going to talk more about that more about the virtual private networks what they can do, I had a bunch of questions come in after the show on Saturday. So keep an eye out on my website because you’ll be seeing more videos is already one up there right now. Real quick tips about tech need to know about from a security standpoint what you can do, because that’s my biggest disappointment with CES. Lots of cool gadgets but not much thought about security. And that’s frankly a big problem in this day. Make

Unknown 4:55
sure is correct. All right. Check it out. Craig Peterson with an O-N. com. Craig you make it a good night. They stay warm. It’s gonna it’s actually I think quite a bit quite a bit more mild from the weekend. Thanks, Craig will do. Bye bye. As we said earlier, one of our listeners a check in early this morning though. It’s probably gone up to maybe minus seven. But -15 this morning up in Whitefield to start the morning early

Otter 5:16
before Yeah, it’s called Getting caught back from Naples. Oh my gosh, 89 degrees and now they get a 15 a little north of me here in New Hampshire. Anyways, have a great day going to be busy today putting together a couple more videos to help everybody understand essential things to their business whether it’s a Soho a small office, Home Office, a small or medium business. I’ve been serving them all now with security needs for putting on what 40 years long time time for a little bit of give back here from Craig Peterson. Alright, have a great day. Talk to you later. Bye bye.