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Elections are coming up but security is still a mess.

Craig talks with Jack Heath today about election security and online scams on WGIR.


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Airing date: 10/15/2018

Security And Online Scams

Craig Peterson0:00 Hey, good morning, everybody. This morning I was on with Jack Heath who’s now covering most of New England states. It’s, it’s kind of cool, but I was on with him. We were talking about security and safety and what we need to do. There’s a lot of scams going on. Many of them are aimed, frankly, at our more senior population, and they are doing just a ton of harm. So we talked a little bit about that. I was surprised at how much jack new and kiss I guess he’s been briefed right, paying attention. Good, jack. So here we go this morning with Jackie and talking a little bit about security. What you can do right now with the scammers, especially the guys are coming in on your phones. I gave him an app that I use that I think is very useful. In fact, everybody that I’ve told about that’s installed it has absolutely loved it. So here we go with Jack.

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right now. The Tech Talk update go on the author. Let’s find Craig. Peterson on his show Tech Talk. And of course, Craig Peterson, with on on Peterson.com. Craig joins us now on the listener lines. Good morning Craig.

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Hey, good morning Jack. What a busy week again, that like there’s news to talk about. Well, you know, I guess you heard Kate Martel with the hill. Same it’s kind of quiet

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except for the Trump President Trump interview with 60 minutes kind of quiet. But anyway, Craig, what’s going on?

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Well, we got a lot of things here on the tech side, that’s for sure. You mentioned elections coming up. There’s a great article that I put up on my website that came from CNET talking about how election security is an absolute mess in some states frankly it’s a disaster we’ve got a pretty good setup here in New Hampshire we’ve got some good checks and balances some auditing going on but Illinois for instance is saying that they don’t have any federal funds Republic clean up their election system so I think we may be looking at at least until

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we may be looking at some contested election over whether or not something was hacked or people’s votes were actually cast properly

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alright tomorrow I want to mention to the to its credit union weekend tomorrow we’re gonna have a special focus on credit unions and we’re going to be also going to be moderating a lunch and and conquered as they talk about things like scams and New Hampshire, elderly financial abuse is really prevalent in terms of some of our aging folks who are victimized too often with these financial online scams. Craig you know, you can’t, you know, it seems like this is the one I love, you know, you get a number, it’s a new hampshire number. So, you think it’s, you know, you’re going to answer yourself and it says something, you know, that they’re trying to call you to extend your warranty and your car or you know, something about your, you know, here’s a chance to do this for more credit, or here’s a chance to settle college debt or call this number if you want to, you know, make money on that. I mean, it’s just unbelievable. The number of scams, they really are scams out there.

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Oh, and there are a lot and they are hitting the elderly but they’re hitting everybody to i gotta tell everyone who’s listening about an app that you might want to check out for your smartphone I was getting dozens of calls every day and what they’re scammers are doing is they’re just randomly picking up phone numbers that are similar to yours so it’ll be like say your numbers six old 3566 something you’ll get a call from 603566 something they’ll be impersonating one of these local phone numbers and they’ll do everything you were just talking about so have a look at this app there’s a free version of paid versions called Hiya, H-I-Y-A, Hiya, H-I-Y-A and what that does jack is that has a whole database behind it have about 300,000 known scam phone numbers she’s it is done what’s the app for me it’s called Hiya, H-I-Y-A. Hiya, H-I-Y-A. And it’s a phenomenal tool because it does block a lot of these scams and as you said there everything and they sound so legitimate I wanted to so well how do you spell that age what age I y and the other ones India Yankee alpha okay the other one I will ask you because we did get a listener to ask you about this there’s an ad that’s on I think it’s for Experian to find out until you’ve seen the ad when you’re watching the game some is your social security number on the dark web you can go on to do you recommend that are not well yeah there’s a couple of things you can do but the here’s the bottom line jack in this day and age thanks experience a huge gave the bad guys all of our social security numbers. So the odds are in this day and age that your information has been compromised, it is on the dark what should you do? It has been well there’s nothing you can do to get it down. You need to make sure you change your password and we have to make an assumption jack I’ve got a great article about this right now up there. You have to set up all of your financial accounts like you’re going to be half man that you have been hacked. The That’s the truth. I agree. And we’re gonna have more on this at this credit union event tomorrow and conquer. But Craig The other thing is, many people know the bank or the credit card carrier that they they have the thing that you’re the expert, not me. But don’t fall to this one. If you get an email and it looks like it’s from your bank or credit card

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company don’t assume it is because they can make these emails look like it’s from that and then they want you to verify some account information and ask you a question. If you made discharge over the weekend. That’s a scam as well. If you’re not sure call on the back of the card or your back. Call them and ask if they are reaching out to you. So you can’t even trust an email these days. It seems all right. No, thank you. We gotta run online. Jack. Don’t click on anything in an email. Don’t open that you Craig. Great. Peterson and we come back some businesses

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Hey guys. As always, thanks for listening. We’re going to have a little bit more to about our webinars. Keep an eye on your email boxes. And we’ve got another one coming up. Are you interested in backups? Right? What’s the number one thing you can do in order to protect yourself? Your company from ransomware. And that’s backups. But do you know who has the best backup? What’s reliable? What’s not reliable? Do you cast these things right. So step by step, what would you like to know about backups we’re going to put together a master class on that one as well. Just check it out. Send me an email me@craigpeterson.com. Love to hear from you. Take care. be back tomorrow.