Stock Market Drop – Staying Safe Online on NH Today WGIR-AM: [12/10/2018] NH Today WGIR-AM with Jack Heath

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Jack is on with Jack Heath discussing the stock market drop, the most recent hacks and how to stay safe online.

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Airing date: 12/10/2018

Stock Market Drop – Staying Safe Online

Craig Peterson 0:00

Good morning everybody. Craig Peterson here. This morning I was on with Mr. Jack Heath covering big chunks of northern New England. And we talked about how to keep your data safe online. whole new thing I’ve got a product coming out it’s going to be free. Make sure you go to, and I’ll send it to you soon as it’s done. We’re working on it. Some of this stuff just takes too long as far as I’m concerned. Anyhow, we also talked about the big guys why the stock markets falling. It was actually kind of a pretty good conversation this morning. And hopefully I’ll have my voice back by the end of the day today. I’ve got a couple of meetings, going out meeting with some companies see if I can help them a little bit, too. So here we go with Mr. Heath

Unknown 0:49
is now on the NFL Western allies. Our Tech Talk guy Craig Peterson. A couple things caught my eye, Craig, and you can tell us what you have on your docket. But I know you’re not the stock market guy. But markets have been going down. And some of the big tech high tech giants aren’t doing so well. And performance. But it’s an interesting time of year because so many people are shopping both online and at stores. But Good morning, Craig, what’s catching your eye?

Unknown 1:12
Yeah, a couple of really good points right there. These massive giants are starting to kind of make you fall a little bit to their knees. We’ve got Apple and Facebook and of course, some others who are really facing some hard times. Right now Facebook seems to have kind of an internal rebellion going on where a number of their employees have gotten pretty upset with the way things are going over there with people’s privacy and other things. We’ve got Apple now who has made some great deals if you want one of these new Apple iPhones like the XR now’s the time to buy it, you can be getting a few hundred dollars off with the trading of an old phone is it it’s really again, this cycle is that the business cycle, got to remember that back in the 70s of course idea on the King of the Hill, Microsoft kind of still is the king of a number of hills with Vollmer gone, they’re improving, but it’s a cycle and like everything else, although there are a lot of people find things this season these companies that are currently at the top of the heap Jack, they’re just not going to stay there forever.

Unknown 2:25
Yeah, interesting. And a lot of you know ongoing concern about shopping aware protecting your online purpose purchases, some porch thieves It’s a whole new industry when you know and you see people so many deliveries now package sits on the porch of someone’s home or apartment, a condo for the day. And people are just literally driving around snatching gifts and boxes right off a porch.

Unknown 2:50
The Amazon has a new feature people might have noticed, if you are buying stuff online with Amazon, they now allow you to put a code in with your so what they’ll do is if you have one of these little lock boxes on your porch, or maybe even a code to your front door. One time use code is the way to do this. By the way, people they will deliver your package but they’ll open your door, put it right inside or open the little lock box, put it right inside. Because you’re right. A lot of people are stealing these things. Be careful. You also have the ability with Amazon to say here’s our launcher to put it so you can give them a code for the garage for instance, they’ll put it inside your garage door or stick it in the shed. It’s a problem people are spending a lot of money and they aren’t getting stolen. And you know you talk about the online shopping I you know I do a lot of stuff with the FBI in there in regard program which I really advise business people to look into. If you’re involved with security Look at him for but the FBI has been wanting asked about the more than $12 billion that has been stolen from businesses out there this time of year so watch your emails everybody if you’re shopping online whether your home user whether your business they are trying to commit fraud in the online world to criminals are hacking into folders a big article in USA Today that I have up on my website talking about this one guy who again he was using an Android phone and I people against that but when he was at an airport his phone got hacked right into the criminals ended up draining their he’s checking account and make us to email in order to do some of this stuff so there’s a great article on how Google Voice being a victim of this latest whole series of cyber crime

Unknown 4:49
yeah I don’t know how you totally avoided Craig I don’t think you know i mean really it’s it’s it’s it seems that every every month every week there’s a different scam a different way and

Unknown 4:58
I got got to tell you Jack. Sorry to interrupt you real quickly. But I’m excited about this one. We’ve been working for the last week on what you do about it because there are new hacks. The Marriott hack, the Quora hack over the last couple of weeks, but announced so I’m putting together something right now jack again free to anybody who asks And what it is is what to do about it. Because now thanks to the new tax law that President Trump signed into effect there are ways for you to freeze your credit unfreeze your credit at the three out of five Americans have never even checked their credit report so how do you do that? What does it mean and it’s beautiful because it lets you stop the bad guys before they do anything to you so you can just send an email to me@CraigPeterson .com more than glad to send this to you when it’s ready this is going to really help you out and help you sleep at night because once you’ve done these things you cannot have your money stolen out of your accounts that it’s going to be really good when it comes to your credit your credit card to everything you track so just

Unknown 6:09
and there’s still think it’s worth getting in. Is it a good preventative? Even if it’s not complete? You know, some some of the security or the

Unknown 6:16
you know, you’re the credit score folks, but like I know one was hacked, but what about Lifelock for example, that’s that’s name has been around. It’s not too expensive. We stay alert you if there’s some activity be on your credit card, you think that’s worth having?

Unknown 6:28
Well, they do and they can be they do alert you but the problem with those Jack is it’s after the fact the bad guys already did something with your identity. They already open new accounts with your identity, etc. So there are ways to stop them from even doing that. And now it’s free for the first time ever. So that’s why I’m so excited about

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Thanks Craig. You know, all right. Take care guys.

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By the way, you can also just text me anytime. 855-385-5553. 855-385-5553.

Have a great day. Bye bye.