Super Bowl Technology – Why Are Advertisers Wasting Their Money on NH Today WGIR-AM: [02/04/2019]

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Craig is on with Jack Heath as they discussed the Super Bowl and the technology behind it.

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Airing date: 02/04/2019

Super Bowl Technology – Why Are Advertisers Wasting Their Money

Craig Peterson 0:00

Hey we want to welcome everybody Craig Peterson here. Of course living in New England the Patriots are our team. In fact that you know, we take it kind of personally here, but it wouldn’t. Interesting game wasn’t it. And I talked this morning with Jack  Heath, a little bit about some of the tech involved. And if they had just an amazing opportunity here to use some of the world’s most advanced technology to really connect with the consumers. They didn’t. It was to me, it was shocking. It was shocking. They they had some 8K broadcasts and other things. But why didn’t they use the tech they could have used to engage the audience and the looks like from all of the social media online that that that’s just playing right. That’s a good observation. I think I got right again, hey, this week. Make sure you keep your eyes out today. Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday day I have some of my best ideas. Some of the best training in the industry available for the SMB marketplace. small medium business. This is of course, all about security. It’s free stuff. I will have an offer at the end of all of this for people who are interested in taking it further. But this is my best stuff. It’s going to be available for you. It is not a pitch fast. Believe me make sure you sign up just visit right now. It is right there on my homepage. You can sign up right there. And I you know I’m putting a lot of work into this. This is taken a few months to put together I’ve got some amazing stuff. I’ve got a whole package of stuff for people who might have been hacked or want to know if they’ve been hacked. All of this stuff is going to be included so make sure you visit And here we go with Mr. Heath

Jack Heath 1:56
Craig Peterson our tech talk guy joins us I believe in the Auto Fair listener lines. Craig you know so much of this now is an online game versus you know the other way the people get the information as we get into this post Super Bowl Monday morning.

Craig 2:13
Good morning Jack. The technology that was there at the Super Bowl this year was just absolutely incredible least behind the scenes you had 4000 miles of fiber cable in there you had over 2000 strands of additional fiber 330 recording channels with their plane watching if you came it was just incredible 16 cameras there were a number of augmented reality sensors in fact sick network cameras where they’re tracking the AR graphics they were used you know all of this text is just incredible for a game that I’m looking at all of these means that we’re social media was an absolute bore and one of the ones I love the most about it was Yahoo Sports and they posted a picture on their Twitter feed of just a piece of paper that said Patriots and Rams three to three and they said our graphics team fell asleep it was it was quite an interesting game that dichotomy with all of this great tech with the new TVs there was an eight k broadcast from the field it was absolutely phenomenal you could watch multiple angles on some of these newest TVs you could do automatic replays that the tech was just incredible Jack But the game itself on much show so sure it was so great I thought kind of the highlight was Spongebob coming out but he was only there for about five seconds.

Jack 3:47
And then yeah Tony Romo trying to call a game. No it. Yeah, they look at all the matters is a W but I guess Justin and Craig Peterson, Justin and Craig. I guess if you’re just if you’re in a neutral state if there is such a thing because there’s so many anti New England patriot fans. But if you’re in another market you’re watching that game just for the pure football entertainment with the NFL being all about offense I guess it kind of was you know, not as exciting

Craig 4:16
Yeah, that’s absolutely true. It wasn’t I don’t think it was a Saturday night and I’m not a big football fan I got to admit it but you were mentioning the ads as well and how expensive they were and social media definitely had a winner the number one ad from all of the means of repost it and comment was one of the Bud Light ad that was the one that was tied in with the HBO showing the dragon for the final season of Game of Thrones. That was a huge winner last night and probably can continue to be that second incredible series. But you know, from a business standpoint, you know, I talked to Jack up in new business for years and in entrepreneur started a few different businesses over the years and, and you look at how much is spent on these and you really have to wonder what they get out of it. Now Budweiser, I get it right if they’ve got a name they’re building a bit more of a name but there’s no call to action there there’s nothing that these commercials were doing using technology that would have gotten people kind of offer their seats and doing something making a positive step to get their product or anything you know that type of interaction interactivity where you can have an ad and your your clients can or prospects can they can buy your product right then and there it’s not there yet it isn’t radio on like on the I heart app, you can advertise to people and they can just shake their phone and it’ll connect to the website that that type of interaction again, will not seen on TV we are seeing on radio with I heart and I think it’s just showing the the lack of connectivity that I think is really starting to go on now. The TV guys just don’t get it and they’re wasting their money. My opinion, right on spending other $5 million for a 32nd commercial.

Jack 6:22
Yeah, I haven’t checked the ratings course knowing when you know, you’re gonna have high but nationally haven’t checked them. But one of the headlines I saw overnight earlier this morning was the last great live TV event.

Craig 6:35
Yeah, yeah, that’s probably not too far off from the truth that just keeps going down and down.

Jack 6:42
All right. Craig Peterson, excellent stuff. A high tech look at the big game. Last night from Atlantic. Craig Peterson. Thanks Craig.

Craig 6:50
Hey take care. Bye. Bye.

Again. Guys. Don’t miss my series. This week. We’ll be doing different ones. This is the one that’s really going to teach you about the basics. What do you need to do for security, whether you’re Soho, small, medium business. Okay. I’ve got some great things planned for this year. And I appreciate your signing up Take care. Have a great day. be back tomorrow with Mr. Polito.


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