Technology Behind Beta Orourke Campaign on NH Today WGIR-AM: [03/18/2019]

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Craig is with Jack Heath this morning talking about the tech side of Beta O’Rourke’s campaign.

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Airing date: 03/18/2019

Technology Behind Beta O’Rourke Campaign

Craig Peterson 0:00
Good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here this morning I was on with Jack Heath. And of course he is on dozens of stations here in the northeast. And I wanted to talk with him about politics because that’s what his big thing is. Right? New Hampshire. Our state sport is politics. There’s no question about it. Well, I found some really interesting things about what Beta O’Rourke is doing. And about the future of campaigning. It was fascinating to me to find out some just records that Beta had said.

Jack Heath 0:36 
Joining us now on the Auto Fair listener lines, Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guy. And Craig, good Monday morning to you. How are you?

Craig 0:44 
Hey, good morning, Jack. I’ve been watching this of Beta O’Rourke campaign from a technology side and I found a bunch of interesting things about him. You were just talking about as money bomb, right?

Jack 0:56 
Yeah, I guess he’s done well on the fundraising, right.

Craig 1:00
He has and I look back to what he had been doing during his race against the, you know, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and how did he raises money and I found an article online talking about what he had done. And it was one of the campaign workers. In fact, that was kind of giving this information out. But apparently what he ended up doing is beta took the same fundraising company that Bernie Sanders had been using in his run for the presidency last time against Hillary Clinton. And some of the people ended up leaving that particular agency. He followed them to a new agency. And then what he’s doing is entirely a modern campaign. You know, back in the day, we used to send mailings out and get them in our mailbox every day, looking for money, trying to get people to, you know, get on board. And what O’Rourke’s been doing is completely different? He does. He didn’t have campaign field offices only had 10 of them across the entire state of Texas. He used social media and he got volunteers to put together what he was calling pop up campaign offices. He had almost 900 of them across the state of Texas. He was using advertising and is right now as well. Looking at his run up here before he announced. He had more than 330 different ads running just on Facebook to try and hone his message. See which adds brought in money which ads brought in people to sign up for his email list. Let me tell you, Jack this Beta O’Rourke is somebody who’s really using modern technology in order to to build his base and bring in record amounts of money. The 38 million dollars he raised to go against Ted Cruz was just phenomenal.

Justin 3:00
And Craig you probably know this. But yeah, Beta O’Rourke is part of a hacker group in the 80s known as the Cult of the Dead Cow went back when hacker groups were less nefarious than they are now so yeah he’s he’s been involved in tech for a while here.

Craig 3:20
Well I remember that. In fact I hadn’t heard about it for years Justin. The whole Cult of the Dead Cow and everything else that was going on and the time was when a hacker wasn’t a bad guy. You know, hackers used to be people who were just hacking at code. They weren’t professionals. They didn’t really know programming that well but they like to do it. Nowadays. We call hackers you know that from back in the 80s we call people hackers who are people who just learned programming in 30 days by reading a book and go into a Microsoft site you know that that type of person but yeah, you’re right. Justin. He was hacking back then. But back then we used to call bad guys crackers. And we used to call non professionals, hackers. Today we don’t use the term cracker anymore. And hacker has nefarious overtones to it. I don’t know if I explained that well or not.

Jack 4:19 
Well, one of the things I guess he’s taken some heat on is something he had written as a hacker about hitting some kids while driving. And, you know, obviously, you know, all these candidates, speaking of social media, they’re all gonna have to be very careful right, on what they say. or post or because everything will be sanitized for sensitivity.  Correct. You know, I just everything’s scrutinized, but certainly he and others will more and more the way the electronics are changing will convert that to their campaign no doubt is because so much is now social media and technology.

Craig 4:50 
But look at Chelsea Clinton this past week where she was confronted by some of the some students and they were just jumping down her throat because of things that she said, and they were blaming her for the massacre somehow in New Zealand. And her words were extremely carefully chosen because Jack, you’re so spot on things that we say even things we don’t put up on social media, people are going to keep them. Just just last week we had two weeks ago now we had a leak of some audio from years ago that’s causing a politician nothing but headaches. So yeah, I think everybody has to be careful because even if you’re going to be a CEO of a company or some high level manager, things you said today even things you didn’t post but someone else recorded you saying it, are going to pop up. Now in New Hampshire, we are not a two party state so it is illegal unless they change that law. Recently, it is illegal in New Hampshire for you to record someone without their knowledge and permission. But believe me, people are filming everything, recording everything. And stuff you say it’s going to come back to haunt you.

Jack 6:00
All right Craig Peterson, good stuff good stuff this morning. Http://, our Tech Talk. Thank you Craig.

Craig 6:08 
Hey thanks Jack.

Hey, I have a quick question for all you guys and gals listening on the podcast. I’ve been doing my security thing podcast just you know, couple of week and I’ve been including them in this podcast stream and I’m thinking about continuing that and then maybe even expanding it and putting it up on YouTube as well as video What do you guys think? Do you think that that’s something be worthwhile letting you know about security incidents really kinda like a little bit of a deeper dive into the news. Let me know. I’d be really interested to know if you think that would be useful. I think it’d be useful for you but you know, you have to put a lot of work into it. So at least I’d like some validation, right. Just Do you think I should go ahead and put together a little YouTube channel? You know, it’s a security thing. Take care guys. Bye bye.