Trillion Dollar Markets – Amazon Workers Listening – China Selling Tyranny on NH Today WGIR-AM: [04/15/2019]

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Craig is on with Mr. Jack Heath discussing China’s selling high tech software and hardware to monitor citizens to Latin America. They also talked about Amazon employees listening to what you tell Alexa.

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Airing date: 04/15/2019

Trillion Dollar Markets – Amazon Workers Listening – China Selling Tyranny

Craig Peterson 0:00
Good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here this morning I was on with Mr. Jack Heath and Jack and I had a chance to talk about this whole China selling high tech tyranny to Latin America, three technologies that could create trillion dollar markets over the next decade. I didn’t get to that on my weekend show like I had wanted to. And we talked a little bit more about Amazon workers listening to what you tell Alexa, is this a problem or is this just another case of the media hyping something up? So here we go with Jack.

Jack Heath 0:35
Craig Peterson, check out Craig Peterson, Good morning, Craig.

Craig 0:39
Hey, good morning, Jack.

Jack 0:41 
How are you?

Craig 0:44 
I’m doing well. We got a few really interesting articles this week. I don’t know if you’ve heard about more concerns about Amazon workers, listening into what you’re telling Alexa. I’ve seen a number of reports that are wrong, just kind of I think misguided here. Yes, they do listen to some of these recordings. In other words, they’re not sitting there listening to microphones live in your house or your office. But the recordings that you are making, when you wake up the device, you know, you give the wake word, and then you ask it a question or give it a command. Those recordings are going up to the cloud, they’re being processed in order to be able to do what you ask it to do. So in order for Amazon to get better at understanding what people are saying. They have to have people listen to it as well, from time to time. Make sure it’s understanding it properly, and then change some of the programming. So for everyone out there, that’s been getting kind of worried because of some of these semi fake news reports out there. It’s not such a big deal. We’ve also got an article up on my site about some technologies, three new technologies that Barron’s was talking about last week, that could create a trillion dollar market each one of these over the next decade. Now, you know, I’m not a financial advisor here. So this is not an investment advice, right? But you know, you look back to the 1950s. And you remember course all kinds of technology from then washing machines, vacuum cleaners, cars, TVs, and you go back another 50 years, and you really wouldn’t recognize America, that’s probably going to be the same going forward 50 years Jack. We’re talking about things like CRISPR technology that’s being used for gene editing, healthcare is on the brink of major changes. We’re going to make custom drugs for people. In computing, we’re moving from the digital world, Moore’s law that’s governed us for so long with computers doubling in speed is going away. We’re moving to quantum computing, something called neuro morphic computing, which is mimicking the human mind and material science. You know, we’ve had, of course, Boeing in the news recently about the Max 8, well, they have a new plane coming out called the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It’s a lot like the predecessor, but because they’ve been using some powerful simulation machine learning, they can develop now, some new materials that they faster, 100 times, literally 100 times faster than they ever could before. So this new Dreamliner, even though it’s mostly the same as the last model, it’s going to be 20% lighter, and 20% more efficient. So we’ve got quite a world ahead of us, Jack.

Jack 3:41
Interesting. All right, what else? Any other interesting consumer tidbits or tips?

Craig 3:47
Yeah, yeah, there’s been a lot of concern raised about Huawei. And what’s been happening with 5G roll out. And I’ve always been concerned about government and advertisers even monitoring. Well, China has stepped in into this Venezuelan problem where we’ve got strong men, Nicolas Maduro down there, clinging to power. Remember, China has a software and hardware that’s designed to monitor its, I don’t want to call them citizens, because they’re not it’s a communist country, but to monitor the people. So they over in China have social credit, where you get jaywalk, and it dings you, right. Too many dings and you’re out of luck. Well, now that they’ve sold that to Venezuela now, and they’re issuing a card down their national ID card. It’s a smart card. And it’s used for the government to give you money. It’s used for your banking, and it’s used for your voting. And so now Maduro is allegedly now using this for social credit, where if you don’t vote the right way, you will not be able to get money from the government.

Jack 5:00
Makes me want to live in China. Right. I’d be fined if I never go to China for a minute, no offense, but anyway.

Craig 5:06
Yeah. That’s the case, and that’s unfortunately coming here potentially with 5G. That’s been some of the concerns people have been having.

Jack 5:15
Yeah, all right Craig good stuff. on this Monday morning Craig Peterson. His show of course on Saturdays, Tech Talk. Thanks, Craig.

Craig 5:23
Hey, take care Jack. 

Craig 5:28
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