5G Wireless Dangerous and New Warnings About Routers: AS HEARD ON – WTAG NewsRadio 580 [06-12-18]

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5G is it Dangerous?  Craig and Jim discuss 5G and what it means and the differences in Radiation types.

More Bad News on Routers.  Craig tells Jim that this router problem may be even bigger than originally thought.

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Airing date: 06/012/2018

5G Dangers? and New Warnings about Routers

Craig Peterson:[00:00:10] He’s just out of the G7 summit. Oh my God. Our connection with him dropped. So we’ll try to get Craig Peterson back.

[00:00:20] He’s up in Ontario right now our good friend our tech guru who we kept waiting so long. Good Morning Craig Peterson. Hey listen. How was the G-7 summit did you? Did you enjoy it?

[00:00:36] It was pretty good. You know it was it was nice to see Trump relax with Justin. We had a little beer summit afterward.

[00:00:45] Oh that’s good. That’s good. Listen, I know my good friend Craig Peterson some folks were asking about you this weekend, I was in an appearance and they said why does Craig say Peterson? And I said because that’s how he pronounces his last name. I said because he’s from Canada, you know, you get it.

[00:01:05] But India.

[00:01:07] Hey, you sent me some stuff this week. It’s incredible, But I’m not going to be able to get to all of it. And at the end of this segment folks we’re going to give you an 800 number and if you text my name Jim to that 800 number you’ll get all the information. Plus, you’ll be on Craig Peterson’s list which is a good thing he won’t sell you anything, he won’t hack you, but he’ll provide you with important information.

[00:01:33] I know we’re getting the 5G right. Ok, we need to get to that in order to have self-driving cars. We need that Wi-Fi technology. You put out some information that this may be hazardous to my health. How is 5G going to hurt people? Because right now we’re all running around on 4G.

[00:01:54] Yeah, there’s a lot of people that are concerned about the radiation that comes from the cell phone and we’ve known that for a long time there are a couple areas in the country where there’s no electromagnetic radiation allowed at all and that’s because it is typically used for government testing. But the rest of us were exposed to it from everything from power lines through our cell phones. Now the 5G thing is interesting, because now in order 5G work. They have to put up about as many brandnew towers for the cell phones as they put up over the last 20-30 years.

[00:02:36] Wow.

[00:02:37] We’re going to more than double the number of cell towers because these signals are going to be carrying much more data. They’re going to be at a higher frequency typically. And what that means now is there is going to be even more of this radiation that’s going to be coming from these towers. I don’t want people to get all worried. Right. There’s multiple types of radiation. You obviously you have sunlight that the type of radiation, you have the x-rays which is a different type, and than you have what you get from your cell phone. It’s called non-ionizing radiation. This is not the stuff that’s known to be harmful. It’s thought by most people to not be a real big problem. Well, we’re talking about the new 5G technology that’s coming our way. There will be a lot more of it than we’ve ever seen before and we could end up with three to four times as many cell towers as we have right now. And it’s going to give us basically broadband type Internet on all of our mobile devices like you were saying for cars et cetera. Yes, you could be driving down the road and not only listening to your iheartradio app but your car could be getting a whole new bunch of software. Download everything right there. Live streaming of all of your videos with the kids in the back. From a business standpoint that means that we’ll have even more connected devices. We already have clothes that you can wear that have cell technology built into them Levi’s introduced to jacket. All that in fact had Bluetooth and other types of technology in it. So, it’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities. A lot of people are worried about the radiation that’s going to come with that, although it’s not to be harmful.

[00:04:30] We’re talking with our good friend Craig Peterson, and in just a minute we’re going to give you a number you can you can text my name to, standard data and tax rates apply and get this information. So, I have seen. I know that. yes there are different types of radiation and as you explained it non-ionizing radiation is what basically what cell phones use, some of the European countries say they have evidence that it causes illness and can increase the risk of cancer. And yet there’s just as many studies, Craig that show it doesn’t that it has no impact.

[00:05:10] Yeah, I was a keynote speaker last year at an annual board of directors meeting and I was approached by a lady afterwards who came up and asked, “What do you think about cancers, caused by cell phones? Yeah, And I said, “Well you know I have an advanced class amateur radio license, and so I’ve been around all kinds of radio waves for a lot of years, high powered ones as well”. And I said, “you know I’ve watched this fairly closely, but I don’t think there’s any convincing evidence for this yet and then she said “well, I have brain cancer and it’s been attributed to me using cell phones almost all day long and my job.” Yeah, you know my jaw kind of dropped, and my heart went out to her. But yeah, there has been information come out from both sides. I tend to stick with the it’s probably not causing any harm to pretty much anyone. There are people that think that the power lines caused all kinds of different types of problems, even the power lines in our houses.

[00:06:18] Well, I mean people talk about having a digital alarm clock right next to your head on the nightstand and how can have the impact, although I kind of think that’s been disproven and there has been a lot of research done about the power lines and everything else in a lot of that has been disproven.

[00:06:39] But the I guess we just haven’t had cell phone technology n this type of radio frequency and it being so prevalent. I mean we’ve always had the radio frequency that’s going out right now in AM and FM right now with our voices going through. But this other type and this 5G that you’re talking about it’s gonna be more prevalent it’s going to be stronger. And what difference will it make, and I think I think it’s an interesting read. I read it with an open mind. I think it’s an interesting read.

[00:07:16] Yeah it is it’s something we need to keep an eye on it out definitely be an eye on that. And I’ve got one more thing.

[00:07:23] Sure I’ll keep an eye on this Cisco Talos has come out with a whole investigation into this Russian the hack our routers in our homes and in our businesses. And you know people we’ve got to pay attention to this. This is future than we thought.

[00:07:42] It’s huge is the word but I know that you said huge-er. It’s always good when a really smart person says something like that. Huge.

[00:07:50] Yeah well it said it’s the whole Trump era you know. And you know.

[00:07:57] So the but this is really, really, really, big and very, very, bad. So, make sure you reset your modem cell just power like. But put them back to factory default upgrade the software that’s on them so that you’re getting rid of this because this is way worse than we thought. They’re collecting way more information being way more manipulative. Take the money from your bank account and then when you go to your bank site they actually modify the web pages as are in transit to make it look like your balance has not changed.

[00:08:32] Ok. This is true. All that’s happening right now. Right.

[00:08:37] Our good friend tech talk guru Craig Peterson.

[00:08:42] If people text my name to this number 8 5 5 3 8 5 55 53 that’s 8 5 5 3 8 5 5 5 5 3 you’ll receive this information plus everything else you need.

[00:08:58] You’ll be on the list. Craig Peterson sends out alerts when big things happen. He won’t hack you, he won’t send you annoying things, and he’s here with us. Every Tuesday at this time Craig enjoy your business trip and always a pleasure to talk with you sir.

[00:09:17] Hey, thanks Jim. Take care. Bye bye.