Apple iPhone disabling feature these Unlockers are Using: AS HEARD ON – WTAG NewsRadio 580 [06-19-18]

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Apple iPhone are now going to be harder to break into.  Craig and Jim discuss a new change to Apple security that will disable the feature that companys like Cellebrite and Greyshift were exploiting making it harder for anyone to break-in to your iPhone.
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Airing date: 06/019/2018

Police iPhone unlockers are going to be blocked

Craig Peterson:[00:00:00] Hey, Good Morning everybody. Craig Peterson here. I had a rather long discussion this morning, actually, I guess more of a lecture, I need to stop doing that a lot. Jim Polito and on these other morning show drive hosts kind of say their own thing. But I had a discussion this morning with the Jim about Apple. I don’t know if you know it or not, but I found something in the latest beta release of Apple’s iOS. And in fact, in the prior one that’s going to have a huge impact on law enforcement frankly and on businesses. In fact, there’s a bit of a surprise here for most people. So, stick around here we go. We’ve got about oh say eight minutes with Jim starting right now. Here he is.

[00:00:52] Our good friend Craig Peterson the tech talk guru and at the end of this segment we’re going to tell you how you can get more from Craig without getting annoyed. But joining us now, Apple is testing a new feature

[00:01:06] that could kill police iPhone unlocker’s. What’s an iPhone unlocker or what did the police use for that. Well Craig Peterson. We’ll explain. Good morning sir. What is an iPhone. Police iPhone unlocker.

[00:01:24] Well bottom line that is the form of smartphones we have some security built into them. And we like that we want that because what that means is we have some privacy as far back as the Clinton administration the federal government was trying to put some technology, some backdoors into the encrypted phones that were available to them and they were trying to do that, so they could listen in on any conversation that they could get their hands on. Today, it’s not just the conversation. You know we tax people. Look at look at what’s happening right now with the FBI with Strzok and Page and those types of messages can be recovered because they are kept by the phone companies. Right. So, the FBI and the local police department they’d love to get their hands on your communications device, because you’re probably using something other than texting. So, for instance I use iMessage on an iPhone and that’s not encrypted end to end Jim. And what that means is no one can intercept it. Well they could potentially intercept. But it’s almost impossible to decrypt. So, it just makes it so expensive and difficult to decrypt that message that that they don’t bother.

[00:02:51] Now when you’re talking about criminal cases like what happened in San Bernardino with the murders in the office. Right. They wanted to get their hands not only on the iPhone, but on the data in the iPhone. They wanted to see is anybody else out there colluding with these people. And what that might mean is there might be some other people that should be investigated, maybe arrested and maybe they can stop another crime. So, when you lock your iPhone, when your iPhone requires you to give it a thumbprint or passcode or look at your face. Now you are given access to that iPhone and the police have limited ability to get into your iPhone to see what might be on there. Right. There is there is a company that has some tech, Jim in them and that’s called an iPhone on Walker. The companies like Cellabrite are Greyshift. They make devices that they can hook an iPhone up to and unlock it as though you had either given your fingerprint or your passcode or your face to unlock it so they can unlock it right. That’s about

[00:04:11] Son OF A GUN.

[00:04:12] Yeah it cost about fifteen hundred bucks is what these places charge to unlock an iPhone. You have to, frequently, a police department will ship the iPhone over to Israel where this company is located. And then the company will go ahead and pull everything off of the iPhone and encrypt it and send it back to the police department. But what what’s happening right now is interesting Jim because the way they unlock the iPhone is they fog in the software. It’s like a loophole right think of a loophole with the law and there’s a lot of discussion about that. Now in the news with the loophole of the of the illegal immigrants coming up here to the U.S. bring in a young child and getting you know preferential treatment because of that. So, think of it as sort of a loophole that there are bugs in the iPhone that allow them to get in but there’s also some features. So, for instance your iPhone, let’s say your iPhone isn’t working quite right, You get to the appointment for the genius bar, you’re go in.

[00:05:21] Yeah. I hate that name.

[00:05:25] And you talk to the geniuses behind the Genius Bar and they’ll plug your iPhone in. And there are special facilities on that iPhone connector that allow them to get into your iPhone to reset it to do some fishing around to see what’s going on with your iPhone. And so, what’s happening is these companies like, Cellebrite and Greyshift, they’ve been using that diagnostic port on your iPhone to break into apps and yeah that’s where the problem’s been coming from. And so what Apple has started doing here and has been in the beta releases is they are basically going to close that door and they’re going to make it so that if the iPhone has not been unlocked within the last hour that port will not come on it’ll be unusable.

[00:06:23] That’s good. That’s pretty good.

[00:06:26] Yeah. So, the question is you know bottom line do you want to head right. How far should the police be able to go with a warrant. But there’s one other angle to this that most people haven’t talked about. That’s a little surprising and that is how about you are an employer and you are providing an iPhones or iPads to your employees and you know you’re talking about a thousand dollar device, plus the company information that might be on that device because businesses also use the iPhone unlockers and unlocker companies so, that they can now front employee leaves and just you know scramble their passcode and takes off and refuses to give it to them. So, they can then take, that phone they can ship it to one of these companies and get it on lock get all of that data off that and get the iPhone back, so they can reuse it. So, this fix that Apple is going to be making to the iPhone or at least they’re planning on releasing this soon. That fix will break the law enforcement access to the data on the iPhone. It’ll break employer access to data on the iPhone and iPad.

[00:07:41] And the IOS device. Yeah. And I I don’t know do you go back to just good old regular policing. How would you capture Strzok and Page those two FBI employees? How would you catch them, if they had been using something like Signal, which is designed to communicate securely there’s no records kept of it and the messages just disappear. And if you can’t get into their devices how do you make that work. So, this is going to be a big problem for law enforcement coming forward. And I’ve talked to FBI special agents a little bit about this and they’re concerned as well. And it’s not just that it makes their job easier it makes their job possible because Apple is doing such a good job with his security on the phones. And we’re just talking about iPhone’s, because of the Android devices most of them can be broken into easily, frankly mainly because people just aren’t updating their Android devices it’s just too difficult to do so huge, huge, discussions all this when this software comes out in a few weeks.

[00:08:55] All right so we know this. There’s more information on this, and this is just an example of the stuff that you get from Craig Peterson for free. There’s no obligation he doesn’t try to sell you anything. He doesn’t hack you and he provides this information. He sends me a weekly breakdown of all the big tech stories. So, if you want to get one you can get it. There’s no gimmick here is just free.

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[00:10:01] Hey thanks Jim. Take care.

[00:10:03] Already Bye Bye, everybody.

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