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Getting into more detail about the Equifax hack with Jim Polito today. Finding out that Equifax was hacked earlier this year, and that Experian also was hacked last year. Those were two of the biggest agencies.

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Airing date: 09/26/2017


Another Equifax Hack Earlier This Year – Using a Chat Bot to Sue Equifax



Craig Peterson: Yeah I talked with Jim this morning about the Equifax hack. We got into more details. You might not be aware of it but not only was Equifax hacked this year, but Experian had a huge hack last year. That’s two out of three of the biggest agencies. In fact, Equifax is the biggest agency. And it looks like they were also hacked in the first quarter of this year but nobody’s talking about this stuff.


Jim Polito: We can never repay Craig Peterson for all that he’s done for the thousands of listeners to this show. Yeah. He has done free searches for so many of them to find out whether your information is on the dark web. And unfortunately for some of us our information is on the dark web and that is the back alley of the Internet. We’ve learned that from Craig Peterson. We learned a lot from him but he makes it simple so that we can understand it. And right now joining us, the man, not the myth, the legend Craig Peterson. Good morning sir.


Craig: Hey, good morning. Thanks for that intro.


Jim: No, Craig, we really we can’t do enough to thank you for, you have no idea how much goodwill you spread by doing all this work for all these people. And for folks who don’t know, Craig was taking email addresses from people and looking up to see whether or not their information was out there on the dark web which is where the real criminals of the Internet trade in identities and things like that. And he did it as a result of the Equifax credit rating agency hack. And you have also done something else. You have…


Craig: Uh-oh.


Jim: No, no. You’ve made this audience aware, and this audience is involved and engaged. You said look, our credit rating agencies are hanging out there just begging to be hacked. Am I correct?


Craig: Oh, you’re absolutely right. In fact that, you know, we’ve talked about Equifax because it was such a big breach but almost everyone has also forgotten that Experian was hacked last year.


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: And people just aren’t talking about this enough, Jim. I agree with you. This is absolutely huge and it exposes weaknesses in, not just the credit reporting bureaus, how our finances are managed, and how they’re tracked. You know, having a  pin of the last four digits of your Social Security Number, or now the last six digits of your Social Security Number…


Jim: Right.


Craig: Is not security. And we’ve, you know, we didn’t got that there’s one former Soviet Union country out there, an Eastern Bloc country, that has come up with something that does work where they have a smart card. It’s got a computer chip for encryption and you use that for everything. But, you know, we’re not even Equifax’s customer. We’re not Experian’s customer. We’re not Trans Union’s customer. We are their product. And they’re treating us like the birds at a poultry farm that are stuck in little boxes that are so small they can’t even stand up. They’re treating us horribly. They’re mistreating our information. They’re not storing it in a safe fashion, obviously, because they were hacked. But it turns out they weren’t just hacked. Equifax weren’t just hacked this summer. It turns out that apparently that same group that hacked them sold information for three quarters of all of the US adult population apparently. But that same group that stole that broke into Equifax in March of this year and stole more information then and may have been inside Equifax gathering all of our stuff from March through July of this year.  And so they’re driving a freight train through the front door, Jim. And they don’t even know what’s happening. Now, I get it with the small business, right?


Jim: Right, right.


Craig: I talked about this one law firm, and I mentioned this before, but where they said yeah, we have security. Yeah, we have a company. They deal with it. They know what they’re doing. And I said would it be okay if I did a little test.


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: And so I drove a freight train through their front door. Okay? And no one noticed. Now, I can see that little law firm, right? Yeah, they’re liable. Yeah, they could lose their licenses to practice law, etc. Etc. But they’re a law firm. Equifax has our private details, our private information. It’s just nuts. And to know that those guys might have been in there for months Cusack has a line of it details are private and nation if you have not been and to know that those guys might’ve been in there for month is incredible. It also appears that this is not a state actor. And in other words, this was not…


Jim: So this is like a criminal. This isn’t like China, Russia, Ukraine. This is…


Craig: Rocketman.


Jim: No. Yeah, Rocketman. It’s not Rocketman.


Craig: Yeah exactly. It’s just incredible what’s happened here now. So we’ve got to do something. There is, and I have this up in my website now.


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: There’s a little, what’s called a chat bot. Are you familiar with chat bots at all?


Jim: I know of chat box but I’m not familiar with it. Hey…


Craig: B-O-T-S.


Jim: Didn’t Wiener use chat box a little bit. I thought I remembered, because I was reading of, you know, the story yesterday about him being sentenced. And I think they said that he used chat box.


Craig: Yeah, this something. Okay, I’m talking about something a little different.  It’s B-O-T-S versus B-O-X.


Jim: Oh no, no, no, no, no, no .


Craig: Okay.


Jim: Alright.


Craig: So this not a Weiner thing. But chat bots.


Jim: (laughs) He said Weiner.


Craig: Chat boxes. Now you got me saying boxes.


Jim: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Chat bots. Yup.


Craig: Chat bots are these robots or automated systems that will talk to you. So an example that someone, people might use or might want to use is something called Courts and it chats with you about the news. So it learns what you’ve liked and it’ll tell you more information. It breaks up stories into small things. They’re really quite cool. Well, there’s a chat not that has been out there for a while now, and it now will help you sue Equifax.


Jim: Okay.


Craig; So, it’s really kind of cool what it does.


Jim: Am I going to get some money from Equifax if I actually sue them?


Craig: Well, you might. It going to take your time. The chat bot will help you fill out all the forms and you can get up to $20,000.


Jim: Okay.


Craig: But it’s a lot of work on your side and…


Jim: Just like it’s a lot of work on your side when your information was hacked by Equifax and you had to get your identity back. And so, oh by the way, now we want you to climb up Everest again to get 20,000 from these jerks and you really going to have to fight it out.


Craig: Absolutely.


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: And by the way, you don’t just have to freeze your credit. I know one of our listeners, Jim, you would forward it along, was asking about this. But you got to go into all of these different agencies. We’re talking about 500 hours for the average person to restore their credit. 500 hours. And most of that is during working hours, Jim, because you can’t call the bank in the evening and get someone that can help you.


Jim: No you can’t.


Craig: Yeah exactly. So this is just so huge. It’s incredible. About 60% of the people that we ran these dark web searches on. About 60% we found them out there in the dark web. And I’ve got to say, some people, some listeners Jim, some of your listeners.


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: Had as many as 20 breaches that I found their information in, okay? And there’ve been a couple of people who have said that they did not get their report so we’re working on trying to figure out what happened. But this is huge. And a little piece of good news on the way out.


Jim: Okay.


Craig: Right now, if you have Barracuda firewalls.


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: In your business. And they’re pretty common. They’re not terribly good, but they’re pretty common.


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: Don’t worry. Right now, ransomware is being sent to Barracuda firewall users at the rate of 2 million users per hour. Ransomware.


Jim: Wow.


Craig: So nothing to worry about here. And again, Barracuda is a company that’s supposed to be protecting your information. And as it turns out, maybe they’re not doing as good a job as they should.


Jim: Oh boy. Craig, you’ve been such a great help to everybody. I know you have information about the election hack that you sent to me but we don’t have time to get to it. But folks can get all of this information from you, including the other topics we have usually on the docket. But because we get so much good stuff it’s hard to get to it all. So if people texted my name, Jim, to this number.


Craig: 855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553.


Jim: Standard data and tax rates apply. But Craig Peterson will get you information, what we like to call actionable information. Not just oh, look at this is terrible. It’s oh, look at this and this is what you should do. Craig that’s why we love you. We appreciate it. Craig, talk to you next week buddy.


Craig: Take care, Jim.


Jim: You too. Bye-bye. Craig Peterson everybody.


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