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Apple recently answered the news that they are intentionally slowing down their iPhones in an open letter, explaining why it happens and what they can do about it.
Craig joins Jim Polito today to talk more about the iPhone battery problem, and what you should do with your older iPhones.

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Airing date: 01/23/2018


Apple iPhone Battery Problem – What Should You Do With Your Older iPhone


Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Boy, this bug has really gotten to me but I’m about 92 percent better now. So thank goodness for that after two weeks. This was a nasty one. Anyhow, this morning I was on with Jim Polito when we were talking to a lot of people in central, western Mass., in parts of New Hampshire, and also Rhode Island and Connecticut and Vermont and even New York. Anyhow, we always have fun together. And we were talking this morning about Apple and the iPhone. This whole iPhone battery’s situation. A lot of good information here. In fact, Jim even got some texts while we were talking from listeners thanking him for this info. So if you want to understand the whole iPhone battery thing here we go we ran through it this morning. Stick around.


Jim Polito: [00:00:55] Here he is. Always with the latest information. Always making it possible for us to understand. And always pointing us in the right direction. Our good friend and Tech Talk guru, Craig Peterson. Good morning sir.


Craig: [00:01:11] Hey, good morning Mr. Jim.


Jim: [00:01:13] Hey so this is big. Now you were the first to tell us that Apple had, in order to save batteries in their iPhones, had put in software that would slow down your processor so you wouldn’t. Kind of like a governor you would put on an engine that keep it from reaching certain speeds so as to save gas, right?


Craig: [00:01:39] Yeah. That’s basically what it was. People were having problems because older batteries, what happens is when you get near the end of that tank if you will, the battery’s life just falls off a cliff. So instead of kind of a nice steady drop in the amount of power your battery has with an older battery, where you get to 40 percent or 30 percent, all of a sudden it goes from about what used to be 40 percent charge to zero. So people’s phones were shutting down. Well it doesn’t quite go to zero. But let’s not get too technical here. What Apple did is they said hey listen, we’re getting a lot of complaints, including from my kids. And this was a couple of years ago where they had slightly older iPhones and they would be using them and it would say 30 percent or 40 percent and then all of a sudden the phone would shut off. So Apple decided let’s make it so that you know things are consistent for the end users. So while they’re using that phone. If it says 40 percent that’s about 40 percent then. And when it gets to 20 it’s about 20 percent et cetera et cetera. So they did exactly what you said Jim. They put a governor on it. They made it so that the CPU, the main processor in the phone would slow down so that it used less of that battery and they kind of smooth it all out which is a great idea.


But the problem is they didn’t tell anybody.


Jim: [00:03:17] Yeah thanks. Thanks guys. Now in order, this is kind of like a relationship you know. U s being the people who have the iPhone, our relationship with Apple. And like a married relationship, so you do something wrong. You try to make it up to them. You show up with flowers and chocolate. So you told us first that Apple said All right here’s what we’re going to do. It’s 80 bucks at the Apple store to get a new battery for your iPhone. Here’s what we’re going to do because we’re so sorry. We’re going to do it for 30 bucks. We’ll let you get a new battery for your iPhone for 30 bucks right.


Craig: [00:03:58] Right. Absolutely. So what they did is they gave them two things now besides saying they’re going to invest.


Jim: [00:04:05] Right. Because now the chocolates and the roses weren’t enough. So now they’re coming up with something else for us right. Is this a trip to Hawaii?


Craig: [00:04:16] Yes. That would be nice wouldn’t it.


Jim: [00:04:19] Yeah.


Craig: [00:04:19] Yeah. Here’s what they’re doing. They’ve got as you said that 30 dollar deal. If you have a slightly older iPhone you can take it in, like your iPhone 6 for instance, and you can get yourself a new battery. In fact my son was telling me just yesterday he was doing some more research on this. He was telling me that he found that a lot of people, about 50 percent of the time,  if you have an iPhone 6 plus they will actually give you an iPhone 6 Plus brand new phone than what you brought in. So that’s a bit of a little bit of a good deal there for you. But here’s what they’re doing. Apple says we’re sorry.


Jim: [00:05:05] I’m sorry. So sorry. Yeah.


Craig: [00:05:12] Exactly. So the 30 dollar deal is in effect. Now you can probably get an appointment where you couldn’t before. But what they’re also doing now is they’re changing their software. They promised they’re going to be more transparent. And here’s what will happen now. You will be able to, with the next release that they come out with this facility which is probably the next iOS release, they will let you see what they’re doing. So just like if your battery gets low it says hey listen I’m going to the low power mode. And you also have a setting right? There in your settings you can go in and say switch to low power mode because you know oh my gosh I’m going to be up half the night and I’m only got 30 percent battery switching to low power mode. You will be able to control your battery’s destiny through the software and some future iOS software updates. So you’ll be able to see your battery health. You’ll know how good your battery is. You’ll know whether or not you should slow it down. And you’ll have the ability to slow it down. So what that means now is you know how your phone used to be fast and then all of a sudden ain’t so fast anymore. That problem is going to go away and your phone, you can keep it just as fast as it always was. The problem is you’re going to run out of battery if you don’t take that 30 dollar battery swap out which I would I would that’s brainless of course. 30 bucks you get a new phone?


Jim: [00:06:45] Right. 30 bucks You know that like I’ve got an iPhone now that is almost two years old. OK. So the battery just like she’s used to be. OK kind of like my knees. You know what they’re not what they used to be. They’re still functioning but they’re not functioning like they used to. Same thing with this battery in this iPhone. So I mean it’s a no brainer right. 30 bucks. Isn’t that one of the main reasons that people give for getting a new phone. Like most of the time a lot of the new features like half of them I’m not going to use. One of my big things is yeah this battery just ain’t doing it anymore. For 30 bucks I can extend the life of my phone.


: [00:07:29] Right. And not just your battery isn’t doing anymore but it’s the phone’s slower. And now we know why it’s slower. But those lawsuits that we’ve talked about, Jim are still moving forward. And these are class action suits is at least a half a dozen of them out there that are looking forward. They are still trying to get some class status. But what the people are doing are saying hey, listen Apple. You lowered the value of my iPhone.


Jim: [00:07:59] Yeah that’s right.


Craig: [00:08:01] Yeah. It’s no longer as fast people aren’t as willing to buy it. They’ll get a new iPhone instead. Therefore you owe us money here because you intentionally devalued our hardware that we had bought from you. So these lawsuits are going to continue going. And this is just a huge blunder on Apple’s part because of course they lowered the value of the iPhone by slowing it down and not telling anyone, not giving you the option to just keep that going. So this whole thing where they intentionally started to slow down iPhones. And if you noticed that started about a year ago is going to continue to grow here. People are furious about what Apple did. This isn’t the sort of thing you expect from them. You know the other tight lipped about something is. But come on guys this is this is really bad. They released an apology. Tim Cook when he was out doing the rounds announcing the 350 billion dollars they’re going to reinvest in the U.S. and 20,000 new jobs over the next five years. While he was out talking about that, he also said that maybe we should have been clearer when we implemented to slow down features.


Jim: [00:09:23] You were trying to get it in there and hope that we didn’t notice. But we had Craig Peterson on our side. He should have realized that. No. But it’s true. I just got a message from somebody who said oh my god thank God for Craig you know that I know this now, you know all of this. But no, come on. They really did. It’s kind of like when a restaurant you know they make martinis. And with that martini you know maybe you get three ounces of vodka and all of a sudden now it’s two and a half ounces of vodka and they hope you don’t notice, right? They don’t tell you. They don’t tell you. They just hope you don’t notice.


Craig: [00:10:10] It’s cheating. You know bottom line it is.


Jim: [00:10:11] Yeah, it is.


Craig: [00:10:13] That’s what it is.


Jim: [00:10:16] And as you said this is like our relationship. And I just caught Apple cheating and I want them to make it up to me.


Craig: [00:10:22] I don’t know if they will though. This a huge deal. I don’t think I can trust them anymore, you know.


Jim: [00:10:29] It’s interesting for you to say that.


Craig: [00:10:32] Yeah. Well this is new management right? Steve Jobs has been gone for a little while. They mess things up. Apple had the worst security vulnerability they ever could have had just about two months ago and it was kind of one of these “Are you kidding me?” type of security vulnerabilities right. Things are still good at Apple I would much rather have Apple and Microsoft or than Android. No question about it. But they are starting to slide down. And if they keep this up that means that there’s going to be great opportunity for other companies to move in on Apple and they will no longer be the powerhouse they are today.


Jim: [00:11:16] Well listen you just made points with me and my mother-in-law. She wants to know like oh I’ve got the Apple iPhone S. Do I still need a new battery? She said she didn’t install the new software yet either. She was smart. She’s actually smarter than me.


Craig: [00:11:36] I don’t know about that though Jim because a new software has some fixes for security problems.


Jim: [00:11:41] So you’re saying my mother-in-law should get it? Listen this is… listen we’re not just answering for a regular listener here. We’re answering from my mother-in-law. Craig, you know what this could mean. Come on.


Craig: [00:11:52] I do.


Jim: [00:11:54] So you’re saying she should have installed the new software.


Craig: [00:11:58] She should. She go down, get the new battery. Put the new software on. Be safe and to have basically a brand new phone.


Jim: [00:12:07] Yeah this is all on you now. Going forward, this is all on you now. No, I agree. I agree she should. And actually Kathy, her very smart daughter has been saying to me Jim, you should just go do that.  Just go down and get that. You heard Craig. Go get the battery. Just get it done. Yeah.


Craig: [00:12:26] Yeah. You should. You should schedule that. Get it done. If you have, like I said with at least one iPhone model you have a good chance of Apple upgrading you for free. So you know, we’ll see.


Jim: [00:12:38] If it’s free, it’s for me. That’s my credo. Let’s get more information for you folks and text my name to this number.


Craig: [00:12:52] Jim to 855-385-5553. So that’s Jim to 855-385-5553.


Jim: [00:13:05] Yeah. And standard data and text rates apply. But listen, you got an Apple iPhone and a lot of us do. You just got some great information from our good friend and who’s not trusting Apple so much. That’s kind of like the days when IBM was no longer the leader. Remember when IBM was king? Yeah. So anyway. Craig, always a pleasure. Look forward to talking with you again soon sir.


Craig: [00:13:33] Thanks Jim. Take care.


Jim: [00:13:35] You too. Bye-bye. Right. When we return a final word. You’re listening to the Jim Polito Show.



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