AS HEARD ON: WTAG – Apple iPhoneX Rumors – Shimmers Stealing your Accounts: AS HEARD ON – WTAG NewsRadio 580 [02-14-17]

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Joined Jim Polito today talking about the Apple’s new iPhone rumors, what’s new and what’s to be excited about.

Plus, what’s this new way thieves are using stealing information from your account called “Shimmers”?


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Unknown 0:02
Oh, he is our tech chalk guru Greg Peterson, one of the best resources on the show. And he’s here today to talk about the fact that that ship that’s now on your credit card or debit card that was supposed to make it foolproof, you know, protected on your percent.

Unknown 0:25
Not so much. Joining us now, Craig Peter song. Good morning, sir.

Unknown 0:30
Hey, good morning, Jim. How are you doing? I’m

Unknown 0:32
good. Craig. Before I get to that, though, because that’s very important. And, and it involves What is it skimming, again, that they call shaming,

Unknown 0:40
or it’s kind of like skimming, but it’s not okay.

Unknown 0:44
Let me ask you this question. You know, are bearing Armstrong, our guy who who does show here every day, 11 o’clock? He says that the rumor is Apple’s new iPhone is going to be one 100% glass, or

Unknown 1:04
can I just ask you a question? Really glass? First of all, how many people break the main screen of the so called Gorilla Glass. Now you want to make the whole thing glass?

Unknown 1:17
Well, there is a new Gorilla Glass that came out about a year and a half, two years ago, they’re calling a gorilla glass three. And that stuff is almost indestructible. It’s amazing. I played with him when I was out at the Consumer Electronics Show. And you can take a hammer through this stuff. And it will survive really. So it’s, it’s incredible south. Now, I also have to say that there have been production problems in the past with this type of an approach. There’s a company that located in Merrimack New Hampshire that was growing crystals and partnered with Apple and they were going to make a display that was even tougher than this newest Gorilla Glass that’s available right now. And they were unable to really get their production up to the level that it mattered. So if you look at your iPhone, you’ve got the little thumbprint reader down at the bottom. Yeah, that is actually almost completely indestructible glass. Oh, I think they just can’t get the the volume of quality glass up to the point where it’s big enough to cover the whole screen. And that’s been the problem. Now Apple historically, when it comes to the iPhones has always really, really push their vendors and and said, Hey, listen, the, you know, your, your chip isn’t small enough, you can’t make your glass well enough, etc, etc. so that the iPhone has always been leading the way when it comes to new technology. So we’ll, we’ll see what happens. They’re also they’re not calling this the iPhone eight. I don’t know if you’ve seen that. But the media at this point is calling it the iPhone x caused by the 10th anniversary. Exactly.

Unknown 2:57
Oh, the 10th anniversary.

Unknown 2:58
And if you want the the axiom of all iPhone Xs, it’s going to cost you a grand more he said that

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the iPhone is going to be a listen on such now we’re talking with a Craig Peterson folks, our tech talk crew. And at the end of this segment, we’re going to give you an 800 number. And if you text my name, Jim Craig will send you the information we discuss here plus a whole lot more and he’ll send you some other stuff later in the week. But he won’t annoy you and it’s all free and he doesn’t sell your beer phone number to anybody and standard data and tax rates will apply. There’s the disclaimer to keep the lawyers happy. My my step son said that he had heard that the side was going to be glass and instead of having mechanical buttons, you know, for up and down volume and things that they were going to be glass to the touch like you touch the mains screen. And so there would be you know, a button underneath there on the screen. And if you pressed it you know just like touching the main screen it would it would do whatever that button was intended to do. If you heard that

Unknown 4:13
all the rumors are flying Let me tell you but yeah, one of the things that Apple supposedly doing as well as getting rid of that home button the button on the very bottom and the idea is that they will have that with the entire surface of the phone at least least the front and maybe the sides as well. Yeah is going to be a touch screen that can read your fingerprint so you can unlock your phone using multiple fingers fingerprint with this new tech oh and the tech does exist The question is whether or not Apple is going to be able to afford to integrate it and one of the cool things about that is not only could you use like your four fingers to unlock your phone which is a lot better than just a thumbprint yeah but if someone Steve your phone the end they touch the phone you now have their fingerprints and so the thinking is that it could be used by law enforcement as well to help recover and convict people that feel these types of devices now if you steal an iPhone that’s locked You’re an idiot because it’s not gonna to you when a good right but you know so there’s the rumors are flying Apple has long wanted to get rid of the buttons that are on it because that’s what fails

Unknown 5:29
they do their mechanical yeah and anything mechanical will eventually fail like my knees

Unknown 5:37
before we get to the to the chip James has sent a question and I thought he was joking he said no I’m telling too seriously oh you know the the Terminator movies liquid metal The Terminator was made that the liquid metal you know Robert Patrick who played in Terminator two he said that Apple has actually invested in liquid metal Come on

Unknown 6:02
well if don’t think of it as Terminator two type liquid metal but yes indeed they have he’s right about that and the the whole idea here is how can they make them better faster stronger going back to the 70s again here with of course reference to Steve Austin

Unknown 6:24
I man barely a man barely alive we can rebuild him

Unknown 6:28
technology we have the technology exactly so yeah there’s a company called liquid metal in fact out there that has a lot of the grill cool pack that Apple’s going to integrate till the the rumors Let me tell you a gym they are flying everyone saying everything there. I haven’t seen anything from what I would consider to be a reasonable inside source yet. But one thing we do know that I’m I’m pretty confident about and that is it looks like the phone is going to be out this fall, early fall, probably September. Okay. And Apple’s going to start making them in June to try and work out the kinks. Now that tells me this is the first time they’ve really done this there. There’s anyone can tell that tells me they’re going to use some tech that they are absolutely not sure they can bring the volume want to shake it out. I see because they’re going to be that far out from the release date. Because usually they’re playing catch up at the release date. All right, let’s get to my my cards I have I have one credit card and I have one debit card and they both been replaced. Now they have the chip on them. And I was told that the chip was a way to protect you from being caught by a skimmer. You know, those those machines that those little devices somebody would put inside, say, a gas pump to read your magnetic strip and save that information so they could steal your credit card. And I was told that okay, the chips kind of solve that problem. Jim Yeah, yeah, well, it came from Europe, and of course, anything coming from Europe

Unknown 8:07
and, and the here’s the, here’s the issue. First, you’re right, you had a skimmer, they would sat on the outside of an ATM that sat in and outside of the gas station pump. Yeah, then it went the next step where they got into the gas station pump, and they tied into the electronics inside and you’re able to record your mag stripe. Now, the shimmer is about the same size as that little chip on your card. And they can literally squeeze it into the readers slot so that now when you put your card in, it can read the chip. Now they’re relying on the fact that most people in the IT business don’t quite know enough about security. And many of the banks have not properly implemented the protocols so they can with these shimmers now read your card, read the chip that’s in the card and it transactions on your behalf, unbeknownst to you. So the good news is we now know about this. We’ve known about it for two years. I started you know, I showed how to hack on these ATMs. What was it 30 years ago? Yeah, you told

Unknown 9:13
us that. And then you got a call from the FBI? FBI.

Unknown 9:15
Exactly. You know, come on, people grow up. Pay attention. So there’s nothing you can do about a gym. Keep an eye on your bank card statements, especially when it comes to your debit card because they can empty the account. And the problem is you have to get your money back the credit card where you can just refuse to pay you if you say

Unknown 9:40
Okay, look, that’s important information. And people need to have access to more detail than we have provided here. So if you text my name, Jim to this number 855-385-5553. You will receive this information plus a whole lot more and one of the time during the week. You’ll get some good stuff from

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the the Tech Talk crew, Craig Peterson and it’s good stuff and he doesn’t sell your name and he doesn’t annoy you. Standard data and text rates apply. Okay now James, and you have told me about liquid metal? I’m watching out for Skynet. I definitely think this is the rise of Skynet. So machines the machines they’re scheming behind the scenes to take

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by the way a quick shout out to all of a robot overlord. Yeah

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yeah you’re sucking up to them already. All right. Craig Venus on Thanks very much, Greg thing I folks don’t go anywhere final word when we return. You’re listening to the gym Polito show your safe space