AS HEARD ON: WTAG – Dark Web Searches – Experian and Equifax Were Both Hacked – You Can’t Trust Most Sites Out There: AS HEARD ON – WTAG NewsRadio 580 [09-19-17]

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Joined Jim today, as I shared an update on the Equifax and Experian mega-breach, and what made it all possible. We also discussed more on why the entire credit bureau system is broken.

If you want to know how to stay secure, and if your email address is left on the dark web sign-up at


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Airing date: 09/19/2017


Dark Web Searches – Experian and Equifax were Both Hacked – You can’t Trust Most Sites Out There



Craig Peterson: Okay. Jim got me going this morning. We’re almost done with our first batch of deep web searches. And I gotta tell you, we’ve been looking at what’s being offered by the big boys out there and been very, very disappointed. They’re not telling you all of the details. They want you to pay to get any real detail. It’s crazy what they’re doing. Anyways here we go. This morning’s interview with Jim Polito. We’re talking about the dark web. What else?


Jim Polito: He is a very popular guy. Very popular guy. Because he’s made a lot of people feel better or he’s at least sounded the warning for them. I’m talking about our Tech Talk guru, Craig Peterson, and his good work on dark web searches. Helping people to see whether or not their information was hacked and ended up in the back alley of the Internet, the dark web. Joining us now, our Tech Talk guru, Craig Peterson. Good morning sir.


Craig: Hey good morning Jim. Thanks for, let me tell you, this is a labor of love and we’re not done with it yet.


Jim: Yeah, I know that you did about a thousand requests.


Craig: Right.


Jim: From our listeners. That’s crazy.


Craig: It’s a lot of people. It’s a lot of requests. Yeah, we’re taking about 10 or 15 minutes it takes us to do the search per person.


Jim: Wow.


Craig: So add that up Jim. And we’ve been busy beavers for a week putting it together. It’s really been all we’ve been doing. I’ve had about five people in my team doing it. So they’ve started to go out. More will go out today and tomorrow as we get them all completed. But we’re putting together a complete report for people. I think that’s important too. It’s not just here’s where we found your breached information. It also tells you what we found, your password, your Social Security number, your name, your address, credit card numbers, bank accounts. So we tell you all of that. And we also tell you when it occurred and what breach it was part of. So there’s a few other services out there. And, I’m shaking my head right now Jim, because you see, of course, this was the big Equifax breach that occurred right?


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: And there’s two other big companies that are out there that do this sort of thing.


Jim: Right.


Craig: And the both of them have been hacked as well.


Jim: No. Come on. Wait a minute. You, okay when we last talked, and we’re talking with Craig Peterson folks. Our Tech Talk guru. Three major credit rating companies: Experian, Equifax, and I can’t think of the, not Experian. That’s the travel one.


Craig: No, Experian is. Experian and Equifax are the two biggest ones.


Jim: Ok. So Equifax got hacked, by the way, in the summer and didn’t tell us. And you’re telling me that the software that they were using that was easily hacked, well easily hacked by these bad guys, that the same thing is going on with the other companies?


Craig: Yeah. Yeah. Equifax, of course, the big one we’ve been talking about. But the other guys out there who are saying hey, listen. Don’t worry about the hack. It’s nothing to worry about. In fact, sign up with us. We’ll do a dark web search for you. And there’s really nothing to worry about here.


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: It turns out that they were hacked as well. In fact, what we found as we were going through looking at your listeners’ information, trying to find it out there on the dark web.


Jim: Yup.


Craig: We found that these other sites had been hacked as well.


Jim: Wow.


Craig: So it’s absolutely incredible. So we’re going through. We find the Equifax stuff. And then we find, oh wait a minute now. Of course, we expected to see a lot of other businesses that have been hacked right?


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: And, you know, okay. That makes sense. Although I’d rather not see businesses being hacked. But yeah, they were hacked. But when we were out there, Karen what’s the name of that company again? I’m sorry, I was just looking for the name of the other firm.


Jim: No, that’s alright.


Craig: It starts with an E. Not Equifax. It’s Experian. Exactly.


Jim: Ok.


Craig: Well she’s got her headphones on here so she can’t hear me. So she’s sitting there trying to work on stuff we’re getting things out. But Experian is advertising like every commercial break on TV now. Come to us. Go to our dark web search and we’ll tell you about what we found.


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: Well it turns out, first of all, Experian showed up in our hack results.


Jim: Wow.


Craig: The big Experian hack from last year okay. And then on top of it, Experian is saying we’ll protect you. Well they were already hacked. Equifax was selling, hey, we can protect your information. We can protect your privacy. We’ll let you know if information gets out. Right? So they’re selling insurance to protect your identity. And they just got hacked. You know, as we said last week about three quarters of the adult US population. And some of these people that we looked at, Jim, some of our listeners that sent in their email address.


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: Some of those people were in as many as 20 hacks. We found their information in 20 different places out on the dark web. And we’re only brushing the surface here, okay?


Jim: Right, right. And just because you don’t find me on the dark web doesn’t mean that I may not soon be there. That somebody does have my information and they haven’t dropped it there yet.


Craig: Or that you’re already there, right?


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: We’re out there, we’re looking at known places where the bad guys are trading your information.


Jim: Yup.


Craig: And there’s a few of those out there. There’s many of them we can’t get into. These are the called deep websites that are part of the dark web. But not all people have a part of the dark but anyways.


Jim: Right.


Craig: There are many sites we can’t get to, we can’t find. It’s like you trading with someone else and sending the information via email right?


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: I can’t tell you did that. And if it’s encrypted the FBI can’t tell you.


Jim: Right.


Craig: So we know that more than half of the people we checked had had their information compromised. We know that some of these people had as many as 20 breaches to their names.


Jim: Yup.


Craig: And we’ve started sending them out. This is kind of a trick. Well, I’ve said it’s taking us 10 or 15 minutes to send them out. But it’s really important for people to know this information so they can go in and change their passwords. Everybody should probably do now anyways. That you should probably put at least a credit freeze, a credit hold on your accounts which is going to cost you money. Our friends over at Equifax will, now they changed their policy. They were telling you before that if you use their services to find out if you’ve been hacked that you could not sue them. That has been changed okay? So that’s good news too. So now they changed their policy, at least on the website, to say that yeah okay, you don’t have to worry about this.


Jim: Yeah, good.


Craig: Yeah. Yeah. There’s so many things to talk about.


Jim: Alright. Hold on. Let me just reset here because folks, we’re talking with Craig Peterson. And at the end of this segment we’re going to give you a number. And you text my name, Jim, to that number. Standard data and tax rates apply. And you’ll be able to get all this information from Craig Peterson. He puts out great stuff. He doesn’t sell your phone number. He doesn’t try to sell you annoying things. He just puts out good information. So go ahead Craig. I’m sorry.


Craig: Yeah, no. That’s fine. So, when it comes to suits.


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: There’s an app for that now to sue Equifax. You can find it, it’s on my website, again at This is a chat bot that Equifax is limited in their liability, ok? Of course, what did they do? They greased the palms in Washington, DC.


Jim: Yeah. So it’s like well, we can’t be held responsible for everything.


Craig: Exactly. So depending on where you live, this varies. But you can sue them for up to $25,000.


Jim: Wow.


Craig: So, I’ve got links to this chat bot. It’s called Do Not Pay. But they’re on my website. It’s been used to fight parking tickets. Now it’s being used to sue Equifax individuals so that you don’t spend a lot of money to sue these guys.


Jim: Wow.


Craig: We have to eliminate them Jim. They cannot survive. They cannot continue in business. And frankly our entire year credit bureau system is broken. It’s broken badly. It doesn’t fit. You know we joked before about the fact that our Social Security number was guaranteed to never be an individual identifying number that could be used for this.


Jim: Right. And it is.


Craig: It is exactly. It absolutely is. So we’ve got to change this. And you know as months go on here, we’ll talk about this more. There’ some suggestions of a national ID card which I think is just as bad as a security number in many ways. There’s talk about using block chain which is what technology, the technology behind bitcoin which might be good as well. But we’re taking people on the waiting list. So the next time we run a batch of dark web, you can get on that waiting list now. Some people have already been signing up. And we’ll do a search for you as well. I got to tell you, we’ve looked at all of these other searches that are being done by the credit bureaus.


Jim: Yeah.


Craig: They don’t tell you the information you need to know. They withhold all kinds of information. They want you to pay in order to get even the most basic stuff. So you have to pay. It’s crazy. They messed up our lives and we have to pay again. We’re not even their customers. You know, come on people. You can go right now to You can send your friends there, your family there. We’ll do this again. Give us a week or two. We’ll send you out an email. But go to right now and we’ll put you on that waiting list. We’ll tell you where you were hacked, when you were hacked, what was stolen. And then we also have, I’ve put together about 10 pages of instructions on what to do, how to do it. I’ve got all of the phone numbers in there. The places you need to call. I’ve got the email addresses. I’ve got the websites. The real stuff, not the fake stuff that’s being put up on the Internet to get people to give their information to hackers okay? That’s all in this report. We’re not charging a dime for it. It’s all free. And we started sending them out yesterday. Give us a little bit of time. This is a lot more bigger response then we expected. But we’re really glad to help out.


Jim: Alright Craig listen. You’ve done some incredible stuff for our show and for our listeners. We appreciate it. So folks, write down this number and text my name to this number. Go ahead Craig.


Craig: It’s 855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553. And if you want a dark web search, just mention it in that text.


Jim: Alright. Craig, thank you so much for your great work, for keeping us on top of this, for protecting us. Craig also has all the information about the Democrats and the House and the IT and the shady characters that are working for them. He’ll send you all that information. You can read it or you can just ignore it and he won’t annoy you. Craig, thank you so much buddy.


Craig: Thanks Jim. Take care.


Jim: You too. Bye-bye.



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