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Hope you had a Happy New Year!
Craig joins Jim Polito talking about what to do with the iPhone battery slow down.
Huma Abedin, the vice chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, is on the news again as her laptop showed usernames and passwords for State Department accounts.


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Airing date: 01/02/2018


Una Abedin State Department Passwords Leaked – Apple iPhone Battery Problem


Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. Lots of interesting stuff. I don’t know if you saw this or not. I sent this off to Jim before the show but I’m not sure he saw it. Una Abedin hitting the news again in a very big way. You know she was over at the State Department. She was Hillary Clinton’s right hand. She was kind of doing everything. Helping Hillary Clinton accept donations for the Clinton Foundation. And also of course involved with State Department affairs. She had all kinds of top secret information and as you know her husband Anthony Weiner, you know the guy that was taking pictures of his… and then sending it off to various women including some young women and who was convicted in fact of that here very recently. Well her husband and her shared a laptop and just about a week ago their laptop information was released. Yes indeed. All of the info that was on her laptop has been examined by the FBI. Some of it’s been released and redacted. Guess what we found. Yeah we found some good information in there. Turns out there’s usernames and passwords for State Department computers and accounts that she forwarded to Yahoo. And then remember Yahoo was hacked and the Russians were found to have committed the hack. And what does that mean? It means that Una Abedin and her boss Hillary Clinton now aided and the Russian intelligence service getting their hands on top secret information. Yes indeed Russian collusion did exist. It sure did. And whether it was on purpose or not this particular piece of information is showing us. And I’m looking at the e-mail right now, the redacted e-mail, it shows us that in fact Una Abedin did give the Russian State Department accounts. Just don’t do this sort of stuff. We’ll have to do a special module on that and training on using e-mail, secure e-mail, safe e-mail.


Anyways here we go. I was on Jim Polito this morning and we talked about the Apple battery problem. So if you’ve had a problem with your Apple battery we discussed a little bit about what it is and why. Here we go.


Jim Polito: [00:02:43] Alright. Here he is. The man, a man from the future. He’s already been through 2018 because he’s so smart. I’m talking about our Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson. Good morning sir. Happy New Year.


Craig: [00:02:56] Hey good morning to you too. Had a great New Year’s. Well maybe not so much. Working at a client’s site right. The only time they shut down is New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. So it was a very long night. In fact I didn’t have a single drink. Nope. Nothing.


Jim: [00:03:13] Wow. And for a Canadian not to have like a beer.


Craig: [00:03:20] A Molson eh?


Jim: [00:03:21] A Molson eh. Hey, this weather is nothing for you. Right. I mean this is T-shirt weather.


Craig: [00:03:29] Yeah. I remember days when the when the air temperature, the high for the day would be 30 below zero for the high, not windchill. We’re not talking about windchill.


Jim: [00:03:41] That’s insanity. That’s just insanity.


Craig: [00:03:47] Yeah it’s cold. But I was a little younger back then.


Jim: [00:03:50] You I know, right? You can take a little more.


Craig: [00:03:53] Yeah. Now that I’m well into my 40. It’s just not what it used to be.


Jim: [00:03:58] Now I’m with you. I’m more sensitive to it now even though I have extra insulation. Now my Apple iPhone should have extra insulation. First of all when it’s really cold outside it won’t charge. You know like they overheat, they also get too cold. But that’s not why I’m bringing up the battery. There’s battery problems. They persist now on the iPhone right?


Craig: [00:04:28] Oh yeah. I talked about this before. You know to my friends who are asking. My kids have iPhones. The worst, they were saying anyway, they’re slowing down. They said hey, I did an update. I got a new release. It slowed down. And the standard answer to that is always being well that’s because you’ve got newer software. It needs more memory. It needs more CPU. It has more features. You know things can move around on the screen as you open and close things. So yeah. Course your phone’s going to be a little slower. But yeah as it’s turned out it’s not just the col, because the cold will just zap the heck out of your battery. But if it is in fact Apple admitted it here about a week ago that they put some code into their phones. Now here’s what was happening to a lot of users. Users that had iPhone 6 including my kids. You would see your battery charge up to that number on the top of your screen right. That says it’s charged? And you see that charge and you use that as kind of a gauge as to how long your batteries are going to be good for. So hey it’s 80 percent I should be fine. It’s 60. I got lots left. It’s 40 percent. Well must be OK. It’s 30 percent. OK well you know, maybe I should stop playing this video game. And then after 30 percent or sometimes even 40 percent the phone would die. It was just gone. Now, you had that?


Jim: [00:06:01] Yeah.


Craig: [00:06:03] Did that happen to you? OK. So here is what the problem was. Apple realized that as soon as a battery gets to a certain charge level the voltage is dropped in the battery. And as soon as the voltage gets to a certain level there is a possibility in fact a fairly high possibility that you could damage some of the components in your phone. So the first thing is that your apple phone is protecting itself from a bad battery or a low battery voltage by shutting down. So what was happening is people’s phones were getting to 30 percent 40 percent charge and then the battery basically go off the cliff with the phone would just shut down with no apparent reason. So people were complaining and they were going and talking about it with the geniuses at the bar and nothing to do with drinking by the way. And they were saying hmm what’s the matter with my phone? One of my daughters got a new phone the battery replaced etc. to deal with this problem.


What Apple apparently did and admitted to last week is they put special software in the latest updates over the last year so that if you have an older iPhone including an iPhone 6 and even an iPhone 7 and it detects that your battery is on the old side, it will purposely slow down your phone so that it doesn’t use battery as quickly. So that that battery, that older battery will last the day for you.


And so it kind of messes with the percentage up in the upper right hand corner, it’s not really real but it’s based on how long that battery should last. So it’s a big deal. A very, very, very big deal because Apple is denying it for a long time. There’s lawsuits. There’s at least a half a dozen that are waiting for class action status on this and they are saying hey Apple, you devalued my iPhone by making it slower, purposely making it slower. And some of the countries in Europe, France included, are absolutely livid because they have laws specifically against this. So there could be hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of fines for this in Europe. They are definitely taking it on the nose here. Apple’s coming out with a new release of software that will allow you now to choose if you want to slow your phone down or not. This is a very big deal and it shows I think an arrogance on Apple’s part. You know they’ve had a good product. It’s worked well for them and wow now things are kind of falling apart a little bit now Steve Jobs is gone.


I don’t know who made this decision but it was obviously a conscious decision. It was the wrong decision to not just put it in settings. You know in settings you’ve got a low power mode you can choose on. Right?


Jim: [00:09:08] Right.


Craig: [00:09:12] And it switches on automatically. Well put another one in there saying old battery mode or something. This is a big deal. Major mess up on their part. At least the batteries aren’t catching on fire and burning down houses. But you know they should have exposed this. They should have told people.


Jim: [00:09:30] We’re talking with our good friend Craig Peterson, the Tech Talk guru. And Craig, by the end of this segment I’m going to give me a number and you text my name to it and Craig will send you this information. A lot of other great information. Standard data and tax rates apply.


Craig what’s your suggestion to people? Should they get a new battery or should they upgrade when they, you know if you’ve got an iPhone that like hey, I don’t need any more fancy features. Should they just get themselves a new battery?


Craig: [00:10:10] Yeah. Well Apple is charging 80 dollars for a new battery, I’m glad you brought that up. And because of all of this Apple has said at least for the time being. If you have one of these older iPhone you can get a brand new battery installed for 30 bucks.


Jim: [00:10:26] Wow.


Craig: [00:10:28] That hard to beat. Right?


Jim: [00:10:28] That is hard to beat.


Craig: [00:10:33] That is 30 dollars. And your phone is good for another two plus years before the battery starts to really degrade again. So I personally told all my kids pay the 30 bucks and get a new battery. Just you know it doesn’t make sense to get the new iPhone. I don’t think Apple is doing it to squeeze people into buying new iPhone’s although I’m sure that happened. But I would just pay the 30 bucks. Apple is taking a fifty dollar per battery hit here from the normal fee. And just stick with it. You know, unless you have an iPhone 4 or earlier. You know a 5 or newer are probably OK. 6 cheap now. A lot of places you can get it for free or for a dollar, with your telephone subscription. 6 is a great phone. We have a 7 here in the office, 8 in the office as well. And the 7 and 8, there’s not much of difference between the two of them especially once Apple removes this limiter here on the iPhone 7 from the older batteries. So pay the 30 bucks get a brand new battery. There will be a rush. So check first. Yeah don’t bother buying a new phone.


Jim: [00:11:43] I like that. Craig Peterson folks. So look, you text my name Jim to this number.


Craig: [00:11:45] 855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553.


Jim: [00:11:55] Standard data and tax rates apply. And Craig Peterson won’t annoy you with a lot of stuff. So Craig, great, great information, great advice and we look forward to talking with you next week. And Happy New Year.


Craig: [00:12:10] All right take care. Thanks Jim.


Jim: [00:12:12] Bye bye. What a great guy. Craig Peterson.


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