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On WTAG today with Jim Polito, Craig talks about what’s going on with China and Russia on intellectual property theft and how this will affect us security-wise.

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Airing date: 01/30/2018


Intellectual Property Theft – Chinese And Russian – Cars Spying On You


Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Boy did Jim and I get into it this morning about the whole thing with China and Russia and intellectual property theft. What’s going on and why it affects us. We even got a little bit into Jim’s Honda and what’s happening with that data. Stick around. Here we go with Jim Polito. And of course this is Craig Peterson.


Jim Polito: [00:00:23] He is Craig Peterson a great guy and our Tech Talk guru. Always comes to us with great information. Last week’s segment was one of one of the most popular in recent memory talking about the iPhone. He’s always ahead of the curve. This time, he’s actually going to talk about the Chinese and how you know what they don’t really care if you own the technology, they’re going to take it. Joining us now are Tech Talk guru, Craig Peterson. Good morning sir.


Craig: [00:00:57] Good morning.


Jim: [00:00:59] Hey. So look. Intellectual property is intellectual property. You create things you may not manufacture them but you create things. You create code, language, you know, like software. You create that. That’s your intellectual property. You own it. And when somebody takes that it’s basically like if you own a factory and they’re sneaking in the back door and stealing your product right?


Craig: [00:01:29] It absolutely is. In fact it’s kind of worse than that because now if someone steals your intellectual property, which could include things like how you manufacture something all the way through this is a product we’re going to introduce next year, if they take that information now they can compete directly with you. And when it’s the Chinese and if we’re talking about any sort of manufacturing they can compete with you for a lot less cost to than what it would cost to produce things here in the U.S. So it’s a real big problem when the Chinese are out there taking, stealing really, intellectual property from U.S. companies. And it happens at every level. We’re not just talking about big multinational US based companies. The Chinese have been trying to break in and use various types of social engineering techniques to gain access to our intellectual property so they can compete with us on an uneven footing.


And this goes back for a very long time you remember the Clinton administration gave China the technology for intercontinental ballistic missile.


Jim: [00:02:49] You know and the Chinese by the way were funneling a lot of money to the Clintons. Just one more reason.


Craig: [00:02:56] Really?


Jim: [00:03:00] Oh yeah. Oh my. Al Gore. Oh yeah, you’re being sarcastic. I forgot. So you know what, I think of you as an intellectual. So when you’re sarcastic sometimes I don’t get it. Yeah. Right. Absolutely. Craig, my understanding also is I read a report that said they believe that the Chinese hacked and got the plans for one of our most advanced pieces of aircraft, the F22, that they were.


Craig: [00:03:30] Yeah.


Jim: [00:03:32] Can you believe that?


Craig: [00:03:33] Yeah that’s pretty well thought to be the case. And we have so much to talk about here. But let’s go a little bit sideways on this. For instance, we’ve got the Clinton e-mails and this whole investigation. There is no there there. All of that stuff going on right now too. When we’re talking about the Chinese, if you go to China on a business trip, you’d better get everything off and lock it down because they have equipment over there that is designed to mirror everything on all of your devices. And the idea with that is they want to be able to basically steal the information you have on your laptops, on your phones, etcetera. All your client list. We had Hillary Clinton going over to Russia. And of course Russia doing the same thing apparently was using her private e-mail server while in Russia which was not secured. Which means that all of these people that are going to China, they’re going to Russia that are using just the regular not properly secured e-mail account. All of these people have their information stolen. So now for instance she is over in Russia. She sends e-mails apparently to Barack Obama’s private e-mail address. The Russians now know about the existence of her server. They know it’s not secured. They can get into it and take everything off of it. Who knows of what happened there. So the Chinese have apparently gone the next step. Remember IBM used to make laptops and they don’t anymore. IBM was making laptops that were being used by the Pentagon being used by the NSA, the FBI, you know all over government IBM laptops. And then IBM sold their laptop division to China and it’s now that Lenovo Division. Those Chinese made computers. And we had some serious problems because they got the client list. So not just because of the acquisition of that of the IBM laptop business, China knows which departments have the computers, where they were located, et cetera, et cetera. Right. It’s just terrible.


Now Fitbits. People running around with Fitbits. And I think we talked about this like three years ago, Jim. Or 2 years ago.


Jim: [00:06:18] Yeah. They can track your location.


Craig: [00:06:24] They track your location. So rapists have been using it in Central Park and other places because now your Fitbit is on, your Fitbit’s going to automatically broadcast that it’s there basically, as it tries to attach to other devices right. And so now they know where the women are running, what time they’re going to be there. And now we have our troops using Fitbits. And now secret military bases have been exposed because of the information from Fitbits.


Jim: [00:06:52] We’re talking with Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guru. Always on top of these stuff. Craig, speaking of the being spied on. My car is spying on me right now. I mean he’s out in the parking lot right now. But you’re saying my car’s spying on me? Or are people using my car to spy on me?


Craig: [00:07:21] Oh. Now this is really interesting. A little bit of both is going on here. There is a great little article I have up on my website and it’s kind of a flashback to the 80s. I feel like someone’s watching me. Remember that song?


Jim: [00:07:29] Oh yeah. With, what’s his name, Michael Jackson. He did it with Michael Jackson. I always feel like somebody’s watching me.


Craig: [00:07:40] There you go. So there’s this article from The Washington Post.


Jim: [00:07:45] I’m sorry. It was a real creepy video. It was a real creepy video too.


Craig: [00:07:51] It is. So Peter Holly over at The Washington Post wrote an article about this thing and he focused on one guy. This guy leased a Honda in California in 2017 and noticed that his lease contract included an agreement that Honda could track his vehicle while using the onboard GPS. And Honda apparently is tracking it. Because also that agreement, that lease agreement, said that they could sell the information about him on the open market. Now we know that law enforcement goes to some of these public databases that are available in order to track people to get information. So are marketers and so are bad guys who are out there.


Jim: [00:08:43] Bad guys. That’s what I’m worried about. I don’t care if somebody wants to sell me something because they know what I’m doing. I accept that Google Amazon everybody, wherever I go, those ads on the right hand side they’re not an accident. You know, I look up shoes online and all of a sudden I’ve got all these shoe ads and things. I don’t care. That doesn’t know. It really doesn’t bother me. I don’t care. I’m an adult. I can make a decision about what I’m gonna buy and what I’m not going to buy. I don’t want bad guys to have that information.


Craig: [00:09:17] Well frankly getting few ads when you’re looking for shoes makes sense. I’d rather have shoe ads than some other ad that I don’t care about. But when that information is gathered together now you have a bit of a problem because they’re taking that big data, they’re pushing it all together, and now they know where you work, where you live, where you hang out. OK. And the bad guys are using some of this data already to know when you’re not at home and they’re selling it to local hoods. And when you talk about this MS13 and some of these other gangs they’re becoming much more sophisticated and they’re getting this data about us and using it against us.


Jim: [00:10:03] Yeah look all of this information is fascinating. You got to get on board with my good friend Craig Peterson, the Tech Talk guru. And what you do is you text my name, Jim, to this number.


Craig: [00:10:15] 855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553.


Jim: [00:10:23] And standard data and text rates apply. But you will get great information like this. And Craig will not sell your information. And more important, he will always, always alert you if there’s something big going on in the world that’s some kind of a hack. Got to be careful. All right sir. Hey thank you very, very much Mr. Peterson. We’ll talk with you next week.


Craig: [00:11:04] Thanks Jim. Take care.


Jim: [00:11:05] Take care. Bye bye. All right a final word when we return.



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