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One thing new this 2018 is the announcement of the new WiFi standards during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where the improvements will be rolled out this year.
Another great news this year is that one of the biggest names in social media, Facebook, will be tailoring the newsfeed to show more from family and friends instead of publishers.


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Airing date: 01/16/2018


New Wi-Fi Standard This Year – WPA3 Facebook Changing Strategies – Twitter Spying



Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey Craig Peterson here. If you had this stupid flu yet then it’s weird. I always thought when it came to the flu that the flu was, you know, aches and pains and cold sweats and vomiting. Right. That was the flu. And now they’re saying that this flu that’s going around acts more like just a cold. You may or may not have the vomiting and the people are dying from the infections in their lungs which is really kind of scary. But I am. Yes indeed just barely getting over this thing. That’s why I have not been posting new podcasts. And I sat out my radio show this last weekend. It was pretty, pretty nasty. So I hope you don’t get it. Anyhow. This morning I spoke with Jim Polito’s right hand man Danny Ferrantino was sitting in for Jim this morning and we talked about some of the big changes going on in tech right now including Facebook and Twitter. And I was kind of surprised by, frankly, very surprised by Danny’s reaction here go.


Danny Ferrantino: [00:01:10] Yes, that music means we’re going to talk to our Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson. And Craig, Wi-Fi routers appear to be getting better buddy.


Craig: [00:01:21] Yeah. Hey, good morning. In fact over on my I have a post Facebook group called the eSecurity Coach and I’ve had a lot of people asking about the home routers because remember last October we have this huge KRACK where every Wi-Fi network basically in the world was completely hackable. Not a good thing happening. And so people were… we’ve been following up with them on whether or not their Wi-Fi has been fixed because most people get their Wi-Fi router from you know the cable company right. Which makes it simple and easy to take care of. I know Jim has his own nice little Wi-Fi router, it’s a nice little network and it matches and does everything. You know I always thought he was a Luddite but apparently he’s not. He’s got a nice one. But there is a new standard that is being rushed to market. Now, I don’t know Danny those seem like dangerous work.


Danny: [00:02:22] I was going to say when you say rushed to market that means there’s probably going to be issues. That was my first thought Craig.


Craig: [00:02:27] Yeah. It was mine too. So there is a new standard, WPA is kind of the standard that you should be using. WPA2, WPA2 enterprise if you can do that, do that. This is the protocol that provides the encryption and the security on a Wi-Fi router. And there have been a few over the years. You know, WEP was kind of one of the first ones and it was almost totally useless. But now the WPA3 is the one that’s being rushed to market and this is going to provide some real security for our networks. It’s been in the works a little while. I hope they don’t miss any real big things. But if you ask me the number one thing that businesses should be learning from there is make sure your devices can be upgraded, that they can start running new protocols or are new software and so much of what we have cannot be upgraded still. And then the second thing that I think we, as consumers and business owners, need to pay real close attention to is you have to do the upgrade no matter how painful they are. And I know you know Danny I walk into businesses almost every day. You know new business for us as a client. And they’ve had problems. They’re concerned and they haven’t done any real upgrades in a year, two years, three years. You know, and it’s not just upgrading Windows anymore or Apple OS, it’s now upgrading your routers, your firewalls, your Wi-Fi. We’re in a different world.


Danny: [00:04:12] But they changed the password, Craig.  


Craig: [00:04:17] Yeah. Well if they even did that so, Danny. You know. How many people? We have a client they had an employee who left and just came back and he wanted his old password. And the password that he wanted was the number one password in the world.


Danny: [00:04:35] Password1.


Craig: [00:04:36] Password. Password.


Danny: [00:04:37] He chose Password.


Craig: [00:04:37] No zeros, no @ signs. It was just Password. And I’m sitting there saying how many times have I told you guys you know you don’t have to go crazy with passwords. Just come up a little like a three word phrase get together with dashes or whatever. And that’s probably a better password than most. But don’t use Password as your password. And do change them every once in a while. Again, last year, new standards came into effect that a lot of people aren’t aware of this, but they’re no longer saying that you have to have a special character or an upper lower case numbers and certain mixes and don’t use real words. Now they’re saying don’t change your password every month because people are then forced to write it down. Don’t change your password to something that’s absolutely crazy because then you have to write it down. Let people choose a three word password. And it can be related to sports or whatever you know. It’s just a three word password that’s going to be 15 to 20 characters long, that you can remember easily. That’s going to be difficult for someone to guess because the way we attack passwords or we’re trying to hack into systems is different than it used to be and it’s just safe enough. So every six months is good enough if you have good passwords. Easy to remember. Just a little phrase is all you need.


Danny: [00:06:08] We’re talking with Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson. Routers are getting an upgrade. And as he says this is just ways to say safe. And that’s the reason that you know we have people, great people like Craig to help us with that. You mentioned change, Craig. Facebook. Facebook’s getting some changes.


Craig: [00:06:24] Yeah, this is really interesting. Some people are asking now listen, where’s Mark Zuckerberg’s loyalty is to? They appear over the years to have been about making money. So what do people do? They buy stock. Right. Because if you buy stock in a company that’s making money, that makes more money. The stock value goes up which is likely to happen today in the stock market again to go up. But what has happened now is Mark Zuckerberg is saying hey, listen. You know we’ve basically been selling everything about every person that we can possibly sell to anyone that’s willing to pay for it including the Russians. Maybe what we should do at this point is try and mess around with the users’ feeds again. Your feed is that little news section you know of this person said this and that person said that. They’re on your Facebook page. And what they’re planning on doing, and they have not done this yet. But what they plan on doing is removing some of the basically the advertisements from your feed.


Danny: [00:07:33] Oh good. Because I was going to say at this point I can’t watch a video on Facebook without having to watch an ad. You get about three seconds into the video and all of a sudden an ad pops up.


Craig: [00:07:45] Yeah mid roll ad. Exactly. So they’re going to cut back on some of that stuff. And I think his loyalty is, in this case, towards the consumers a little bit because it pisses people off enough, something now is going to happen out there. So that’s you know that’s what’s happening. Cutting back on ads which means they’re going to cut back on revenues. Zuckerberg says Facebook’s going to show you more relevant content from your family and close friends and from the Facebook groups that you’re part of.


So it is a change. Facebook groups are not really monetized yet. You can expect that he’s going to monetize those. But I think what he’s worried about is some of the some of the things are happening out there to some of its competitors. You know back in the 70s IBM was it for computers right? There’s no way to win. And of course Microsoft came in and really dominated the low end of the computer market for a lot of years, for decades. And Facebook’s worried about nipping at its heels, competitors. And the same thing’s happening with Twitter now. There are competitors out there that are not censoring you, are not censoring what it is you’re saying. And I think Zuckerberg’s thinking wow maybe, maybe this could be bad. And you know I don’t have back on this. Danny is going to leave and so will a billion of his closest friends.


Danny: [00:09:16] Well, haven’t they already kind of seen Facebook kind of drop. I don’t. It’s no longer the number one social media platform. So it probably is. I mean obviously anyone who tried to regain some of that hipness and more or less. A lot of the younger generation has left Facebook and I think those are people that they are trying to get back, Craig.


Craig: [00:09:34] Yeah. And that’s absolutely true. You know what we’re seeing now is you know back in the day of course everyone read the daily newspaper. They might have watched the 6 o’clock news. People are still listening to radio. But that’s down as well. But what Facebook have seen is that people are now going to multiple places to get their entertainment. Not just one place. So I think it’s absolutely imperative that they do try new strategies because if you don’t, if you don’t cannibalize your own business you’re going to go out of business. It’s like the days about a decade ago when you had Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble of course, a huge company they had buildings. They own some of these places right. And then they decided hey maybe we should start selling books online which is in direct competition to their brick and mortar stores. But they were worried about Amazon that was getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I think that Facebook has to look at that. I think every business has to. Your business out there and you’re now looking at how you can completely disrupt your own business model. Somebody else is and somebody else might just win. And that means you’re going to be out of business. So Zuckerberg pretty smart I think in taking a good hard look at this and trying something new.


Danny: [00:11:03] We’re talking with Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson. Craig you brought up one point before kind of in passing about Facebook and basically them selling off all your info to everyone including the Russians. Over the past 24 hours or so it’s kind of come out that Twitter’s done the same thing. So is this not news? Is this just this is not surprising to someone like you? Because to me it was.


Craig: [00:11:23] No. Again, how much did you pay a month for Twitter? You personally.


Danny: [00:11:31] I don’t use Twitter but yeah zero dollars. Everyone pays zero dollars. Zero dollar. You’re correct.


Craig: [00:11:39] So you know the bottom line I think people need to remember and I know you’re aware of this Danny, but when it comes to Facebook, when it comes to Twitter, etcetera. You’re not paying for it. You are not their customer. You are their product. And that kind of sounds like a sci-fi.


Danny: [00:12:01] No, but in a lot of ways it makes sense. You’re just kind of huddling the cows in there and they’re selling off the rights to everyone and there you go. That’s how they’re making their money. They don’t care about you and I. They just want to get you and I in there to show to the advertiser look this many people you can get in front of you probably in front of you.


Craig: [00:12:17] And they want to hook you. Right? They want you to spend more hours in front of this thing. So yeah absolutely. This is a big deal. This is going to change. Facebook will not be the big 800 pound gorilla on the block forever. Right. And neither will Twitter. And the fact that Twitter is selling everything. Twitter has long had what they call a firehose feed. And what that is is anyone who willing to pay to get live copies of every tweet from every person that tweets anything on Twitter worldwide. And so there’s a lot of places that take that and analyze it. They use it for elections but they also are selling more individualized tension and has hit the news more recently. You can aim an ad at white supremacist or black supremacy or you name it. Narrow it down as much as you possibly would want to because they are monitoring what you’re saying. They’re using those words. The people you associate with the things you’re retweeting and are trying to build in a profile of you and so does Google. And in fact with Google you can go into your settings if you dig down into them and Facebook has this too. You can see what they think of you. So they think you are. Oh yeah. Thirty five year old male. You have a new child. You were married two years ago. You’ve got you know two cars, you live in this neighborhood right. And so they’ve built an amazingly detailed and scarily accurate profile of you based on what you’ve been saying and doing online. And all of these companies how they’re making the money. So just don’t be surprised when you do find out exactly what they’ve been doing about it. But it is scary. It’s moving people away from some of these major sites online, to some of their competitors frankly.


Danny: [00:14:22] Well Craig, that’s why it makes me so happy to have people like you on my side. Unfortunately though we are about out of time. There was a bunch of other stuff on the list we didn’t get to. People want to find out more, what can they do?


Craig: [00:14:35] You can just text Jim to 855-385-5553. That’s Jim, that’s that Polito guy. Or today you can text Danny to 855-385-5553.


Danny: [00:14:50] Standard data and messages rates do apply. But Craig, as always, appreciate the time buddy and we will talk to you again next week.


Craig: [00:14:55] Hey thanks. Take care.



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