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Talked about how the personal information of 130,000 sailors may have been compromised through a single laptop. As this is not the first security breach, are online wars something we should fear in the future?

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Good morning everybody. 837 still around 30 degrees across the region any foreign to once again filling in for Jim Plato. James back tomorrow morning. You know what that music means though, we gotta go to our tech talk guru, the man who helped create the internet himself. Craig Peterson. Good

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morning, Craig. Hey, good morning, Dan. What a week. We have had, I was just this last week at a big conference in Las Vegas. And I don’t know if you know, General Michael Hayden, remember that name. He was one of the speakers there, you kind of keen noted, and I had a good chance to chat with him. But he’s a former director of the National Security Agency, the NSA. He was director of national intelligence director of the CIA. This guy is America small. He was America,

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He knows this stuff. And we were talking about some of the hacks that have been going on and the whole office. In fact, I think you even mentioned a little bit earlier on the show today, where we have the Office of Personnel Management that was hacked, right? 22 million Americans background information was stolen, right? This was information that was put in for secret clearances. And he talked a little bit about that. And he said, you know, bottom line, it was this was absolutely China. He said, no question about it. Or as President Trump would say, China, and he says, No to doubts, no questions. Nothing about it. He said. Now, if when I was the director of the NSA, or the CIA, the NSA and someone came to me and said, Hey, listen, we can get into China’s military records. We can get into China’s records of anyone that’s got a top secret clearance. Hey, would you like that? And he said, Absolutely. He said, that is the above board espionage that every country’s been doing forever. He said that. Yeah, it’s a hack. But it’s a sort of thing that it’s basically a white hat hacker, right? It’s kind of a wink and a nod everybody. It’s like the unwritten rules of sports would absolutely is absolutely as he said. So we have that one side, right, that nobody published in China kept it to themselves. It wasn’t out in running around there. But then we have these other hacks, like you mentioned, the Navy here, it’s just kind of crazy that there was a single laptop that was compromised. And this particular laptop was a laptop from a contractor turned out the contractor was Hewlett Packard, who had been hired by the Navy to come in and work a little bit more on a couple of different systems and navy, had they wanted to develop a next generation enterprise network. And Okay, that makes a whole lot of sense. So why did the contractor have 130, 4000

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Navy personnel records? That’s how many were actual traded. It’s crazy, right? And so you have to, again, you have to ask, Is this China? Was this Russia? Or was this bad guys, just plain old bad actors that are trying to steal information to make some money off of it? I was

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gonna say, 130, 4000,

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navy seals, you know, they can’t always be watching their credit reports. See, this ad is going to get that back on this one.

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Right? Yeah. Well, I I certainly hope so. And you know, what, ironic, if you will about this whole thing is that this is all part of the career waypoints, database and the career waypoints for those that aren’t in the Navy here. That’s the Navy’s primary method to provide sailors with future career options, including reenlistment rate conversion, transistor transition, and just selected reserves, which is where my daughter is. So what are the have, you know, maybe my daughter’s information could be in there. And when you put it on this together, you know, we talked about the spy craft, right? You put all this together, why would they want it? Well, they wanted because bottom line now they know everything that they might need to know about someone who is the people’s neighbors are what they said about the moment talking about the personnel management hack. We know where they work to the friends were what they all said about them when they were doing the background clearance. It’s the type of thing you can use now to really have someone so if the Chinese want to spear fish, and they want to get in some of our secrets, they can find out who it is that might have them. They can now do a regular hold spear phishing attack, to hack into their computers to get the information all the way through speaking of spy craft, the old way of doing it, which is let’s just go ahead and let’s squeeze them, right. Let’s use the data to blackmail him. And that’s another scary thing. And and so, you know, we were talking again, back to general Hayden talking a little bit about what is this all mean? Where’s it going? Who do we have to fear and Hayden brought up this the, I think the best point possible, right? You and I were world sprayed of, of the bad guys of the Russians of the Chinese, you know, turning up the military, right, coming in, you know, Gemini when we were kids, that was duck and cover, right, because then the the Russians are going to drop a nuclear bomb on us. So what do we have to fear as a society today in the United States of America, and general Hayden said, you know, bottom line here, the thing that we have to fear the most is a failed state. He said, Listen, China’s not going to go ahead and attack us. Yeah, yeah, they might do the statecraft stuff, but we just talked about, you know, that’s expected but they’re not going to go ahead and attack it head on, you know, there’s just no reason for them to and he said the same thing is true with Putin, he is not going to come after us and attack so but what we should be very very concerned about is what happens of China’s economy falls on its face. It fails if Russia’s economy falls on its face. Think about what happened here you know the post Reagan years when the Soviet Union fell and it was just all in disarray nothing work no one could communicate even this is a different world

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when you sitting in all that information it’s

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certainly changed Greg

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Oh in a very very big way and they could well come after us economically and Hayden again general Hayden talked about the the centrifuges in Iran you remember that whole story where some state actor as it turns out, he didn’t say this but as it turns out, Todd’s almost certainly off along with Israel created a special virus that attack the centrifuges that Iran was using to make the one of the main ingredients they needed for their nuclear bombs. So what it did is it It not only got into the centrifuges but it got into the main monitoring computers so the guys that were sitting there and the control station for these hundreds there was more it was thousands of centrifuges the guys in the control center everything was fine was all green lights in the meantime the centrifuges were spinning up so fast they were destroying themselves and just going into pieces years ago Israel would have dropped a bomb on the nuclear facility or maybe we would have more maybe word or sentence seals today we did it through software to now use

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you can be thousands upon thousands of miles of way and instill the enemy in not have to risk any life

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and almost no fingerprint that’s true too yeah you know how do you know who did it you did catch a Navy SEAL there on you know yeah or it’s just some software and how was it written and and and the way it was written is why we think it was off but those may have been the that might have been the very first shots fired if you will in the next major conflicts and if we get a nation state failure a bigger one even North Korea you know going after Sony he general Hayden said absolutely that North that Sony hack was absolutely North Korea, no question about it. And that, you know, they went after Sony because of a movie so now we have what used to take for instance, if you wanted to bring down the Iranian nuclear programme 2030 years ago you dropped the bomb you had a team go in and plant bombs all over the place and blow the thing up right right. Today you know, you and I, Danny if we were both computer geniuses,

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genius. The other is the audience pick which one

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we really wanted to we could take down Iran nuclear program, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. So now we not only have the big guys we have to worry about, but every little guy in the world that might be smart enough to do it. And what are we doing with our homes. We’re inviting all these hackers into our homes with this internet of things which is you know, it’s great to be able to wake up in the morning and say, Hey Siri, turn on my lights right did you see the latest Liam Neeson movie called it I have not? No, no, I suddenly in this I’m I’m sorry. It was Pierce Brosnan. And what happened there? He had a smart home. It was hacked in this home. Basically, he was used to spy on him and etc. It’s an interesting movie. I’m not going to give it away. But that’s the future. That’s very real, very real possibility. I’ve been talking about it for years. And general Hayden and I talked about it. That is the reality of future here in the United States of America.

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Gary was speaking with Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson talking all about hacking of personal data and whatnot. But Craig, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this story and a half to get your your thoughts on this one. Back in 2013, there was a group of criminals who somehow managed to steal $40 million with nobody noticing it.

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Yeah, in this neat time. Yeah, this goes back 31 years ago. I gotta say this, right. 31 years ago, I showed one of my clients, which was a large bank, how I could empty it of all of its cash. And that earned me an FBI background checks.

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Really, this this is legit. They were a client. I showed them the security stuff I exam their networks 30 years ago. While Yes, you’re right. Danny February 2013, they stole $40 million from ATMs. And what they did is they hacked into the computers, they controlled the credit card and they bumped the limit. Most banks have a limit of how much cash you can take every day, $500, $800,

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they bumped it up to a couple of million bucks, although an ATM probably only holds about $20,000 in it. So they bumped it up. And then they had their friends from all around the world get together and they sent in the ATM cards that they had the numbers, the guys hack the system for those cards, they went to the ATM and they emptied them so easy to clone these cards. In Europe. If you buy something at the restaurant, they bring the card reader to you. You use a chip to read that card right to to pay for your meal. You don’t give the card to somebody that takes it somewhere where you can’t see it. You don’t know where it is. Those can be quite very easily those mag stripe. That’s what happened. They stole $40 million in just a couple of days.

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I say even more recently, I have noticed when going out to eat to restaurants on the table. Now more times than not, there’s a little slight thing whether it be laid use it for games, but you can pay your check on it now too. So now my debit card never leaves my site. which is which is kind of cool because you never know where it’s going to go once it leaves your sight.

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But don’t use that stripe, Danny. Because most of those little things on your table. Those are Android tablets is what they actually are, which we know are being hacked all of the time. So if you use that chip reader, you’re much safer than if you swipe it and read that little mag stripe on the back. A little word of warning.

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There we have it. And Craig I’m glad you’re on our side.

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I Tech Talk to Craig penis on a dragon job. We didn’t get to everything on your list of some more great stuff. If our listeners want to get more How can they do so

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just go ahead and text gym or for today. Danny 28553855553. Just send Danny and I’ll send you links to all of us and they’ll send it just once a week I send out the information for the latest articles I’ve gleaned from the news,

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some great stuff and a bunch of great stuff we didn’t get to Craig appreciate the time we’ll talk to you next week. Thanks Danny YouTube as well.