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If you thought the National Security Agency was only here to protect you — you may be surprised with the information that Craig and Jim talk about today including a simple website update at the NSA and the Three hop rule.

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Airing date: 02/27/2018


The NSA – What’s The Hop Rule – Mission Statement Change – Why Be Concerned



Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Boy it has been a busy week. Craig Peterson here. Sorry, a little late in getting this podcast out. I have to apologize. But anyhow. I spoke yesterday with Jim Polito. Of course that covers central western Mass. and parts of three or four other states. And we talked a lot about the whole thing with the NSA. What are they doing? What is this multi hop rule? And why did they change their mission statement on the website? In fact they deleted most of it. What’s going on? What’s the direction with the NSA? What’s there to fear about? We spent the whole time talking about this because there are so many things that people just weren’t aware of. And yeah I guess I got a little carried away as well. I don’t know Jim seemed to think it went well and I got a lot of great comments from listeners coming in to me directly at 855-385-5553. You can text me anytime with any questions or any comments. Love to hear from you guys. 855-385-5553. OK here we go with Jim.


Jim Polito: [00:01:14] He’s the man. Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guru. He’s got important stuff to talk about today. And at the end of this segment we’re going to give you an 800 number and if you text my name he will send you some great, great stuff. And when the next big hack or virus or whatever hits and strikes, Craig Peterson will be on your side. But he’s here with us right now. Good morning Mr. Peterson.


Craig: [00:01:40] Hey, good morning Jim.


Jim: [00:01:41] All right so this seems to me like they’re catching up with their core mission, the National Security Agency, in their mission statement. You’re telling me they have taken out honesty and openness. It’s just making sure the mission statement matches the actual mission. Craig?


Craig: [00:02:00] Yeah. Why try and do what your mission statement says? Just change the mission statement, right? Doesn’t that make sense? Do you remember when there was no such agency? The NSA


Jim: [00:02:11] Yeah. Like what are you talking about? Well what about that sign on the Baltimore Washington Parkway that says NSA and my cell phone never works when I’m anywhere near that exit. Nothing to see here Jim. Move along.


Craig: [00:02:24] Yes. Move along. Yeah that’s exactly right. The NSA started out and was just a very, very quiet. No one would talk about it. The government did not admit it even existed here. And the NSA had on their side a special page that talked about the mission statement. And it talked about things like respect for law, integrity, transparency. The agency had vowed on the Web site to be truthful with each other. They had a commitment to service which it said means excellence in pursuit of our critical mission. It said it will honor the public’s need for openness. But now all of those phrases are gone. All the references to trust, to honor, to openness have disappeared. It’s absolutely amazing. You know they were, they even said before on the Web site that they were embracing transparency.


Jim: [00:03:28] How can you be the NSA, the National Security Agency, and embrace transparency? Hey listen, we just want you to know we’re going to be tapping your phone tomorrow. Alright?


Craig: [00:03:40] We want everyone else to be transparent. Maybe that’s what they meant.


Jim: [00:03:47] Oh. You know what, Craig, that’s why you’re the smart guy. That’s right. That’s why you’re the smart guy in this segment. They want to be. I got it. I got it.


Craig: [00:03:56] They wanted us to be transparent.


Jim: [00:03:58] Transparent. Makes sense. Makes sense.


Craig: [00:04:02] So we know that they’re intercepting everything. They monitor everything. Except, apparently, ham radio as we have found out from some of those joke e-mails. So maybe we should switch, you know I have an advanced class ham radio license as well so I can transmit fifteen hundred watts myself. I don’t know. Maybe that’s how we should talk next time. So they could tap on our phones, right, our landlines. But apparently they don’t pay any attention to ham radio. I don’t get that one. But anyway, these guys have just been absolutely nuts. They even edited the definition of integrity.


Jim: [00:04:42] Yeah. That reminds me of it depends upon what the meaning of the word is is. You know what I mean?


Craig: [00:04:47] It said behave honorably and apply good judgment. That was integrity before. Now they’re saying communicating honestly and directly. So instead of behaving, they’re just going to communicate. Okay? This is an agency that is absolutely out of control. The government loves this sort of thing. Dictators love this sort of thing.


Jim: [00:05:16] Oh, dictators love this.


Craig: [00:05:17] Do you remember when President Obama? Oh they do. Do you remember when President Obama took office and he was campaigning? We’re going to be the most transparent, the most open ever in history right. And he dramatically increased the size of the NSA. Dramatically. Other than you know when it was first formed. This was the biggest increase in size and was, he oversaw, President Obama, oversaw the largest increase in surveillance of citizens in U.S. history. And you know he’s, yesterday or a couple of days ago, he had this secret little meeting where he was talking to a small crew.


Jim: [00:05:57] At MIT. Well you know actually I didn’t get a chance to get to it today. Some of the stuff that he said leaked out. But he told the press if you leak out what I talked about here, what I speak of here, you won’t be invited to future things. You’ll be ostracized. And everybody did it except for somebody I think from Reason magazine got a recording of it. Yeah.


Craig: [00:06:19] Exactly. So he was saying we had one small scandal that wasn’t a really big deal at all. What are you talking about?


Jim: [00:06:30] You had nothing but scandal. It’s just that everybody covered for you.


Craig: [00:06:34] And to see the NSA now doing what it’s doing. You know I get it. If you’ve got a warrant to monitor someone go ahead and monitor them OK. Because that means when in front of a judge, hopefully you didn’t lie to the judge. Hopefully the judge had made the right decision right. All of that. OK. But there are checks and balances for that except in secret courts and except on Star Chamber proceedings. I mean like the FISA court OK. There’s no check and balance as far as we can tell. 98% success rate. Absolutely nuts. But to have an agency like the NSA just sucking up everything it can on Americans and saying hey, listen. If at a future date someone gets a warrant, about Phizer or otherwise, we can now go back and see everything they said. And the NSA now has a 3 hop rule which means they can go to let’s say they get something on Jim Polito. Here is how easy it would be for the NSA to do something on Jim Polito. Jim interviews somebody who had talked to somebody, maybe somebody else in the media about drugs or about maybe some terrorism subjects or something else who might have talked to somebody in Hamas. That means Jim Polito is under surveillance. That means the NSA can now go through every call Jim Polito has made, give it to these law enforcement agencies. So the people you talked to, we’re talking about three deep beyond you, it’s where the NSA could go.


Jim: [00:08:15] Danny we’re all in trouble. Danny. Because we’re all we are in deep. Thinki about I imagine some of the connections to the people we talk with.


Craig: [00:08:24] Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. So I said the same thing about me right. I have interviewed more than eight thousand CEOs over the years on my radio show.


Jim: [00:08:32] Boy. You’re done. Done


Craig: [00:08:36] I’m there’s no way they’re not looking at the calls I made, right?


Jim: [00:08:42] You know what Craig, listen I’m sorry we’ve run out of time Craig Peterson. And we’ve got to cut you off now. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Yeah. 3 deep. I don’t know. Listen, and this goes back to this whole Russian surveillance thing and then the dossier and everything else. Unmasking all this stuff.


Craig: [00:09:04] Yeah. It’s really nuts. Remember Kevin Bacon within five degrees of Kevin Bacon. 5 people. You can get to anybody right. Certainly in Hollywood. So here’s, I got a statement here. We’ll read from Thomas Groves. He’s a spokesperson for the NSA.


Jim: [00:09:21] Ih-oh. So they actually have a spokesperson?


Craig: [00:09:25] Well they want to communicate honestly and directly, so yeah of course. It’s nothing more than a Web site update. That’s all it is.


Jim: [00:09:37] And then you get, and they say that, and then you get. (Cricket sound) Wow.


Craig: [00:09:46] It’s absolutely nuts. We’ve got to do something you know. They’re saying that they’re grounded in our adherence to the U.S. Constitution, in compliance with U.S. laws, regulations, and policies that govern our activities. You know it’s what I get really concerned about is there can be people, call them deep state or someone gets in power. And you know I’m not going to play the Hitler card here because that means you lost right. But someone gets some power who does put the deep state in place, who does use this apparatus to monitor Americans. That’s when it gets really dangerous. And then why did Willie Sutton rob banks?


Jim: [00:10:30] Because that’s where the money is.


Craig: [00:10:33] Where do you think the hackers are directing some of their some of their most, you know, what I’m looking for, but the most stringent attacks? The NSA has all of these stuff. It’s right there. I’ve pointed them out there in Utah. I have driven past their facility before. It’s catching everything up. By the way if you have to complain about hard disk prices and other types of disk drives, thank the NSA because basically now they’re buying up almost every storage device they can get their hands on as they’re collecting everything on everyone. And if you think you don’t have anything to hide or anything to worry about just think about what used to be called general warrants. And we are one of the main reasons. Yeah. It was a general warrant which is I’ve got a warrant against Jim Polito. You go find something about Jim Polito that he did that was illegal. And there is not a soul in this country that doesn’t break some rule, regulation, or law every day. So they go after them you know. We have special counsels that have been doing some of this stuff. You know words just they’ve got this open mandate and I absolutely dislike this but now we know the NSA is not taking seriously anymore any of what used to be core values. Honesty was its top priority. It is now gone. They’re finally admitting it. We’ve got to put limits on this. We’ve got to stop this. This information flow from everyone into the NSA. We got to stop this. This is absolutely nuts from a technology standpoint. It scares the heck out of me.


Jim: [00:12:27] Craig Peterson, our tech guru. OK. If you text my name to this number. No it’s not with the NSA. This number.


Craig: [00:12:35] 855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553.


Jim: [00:12:50] Standard data and text rates apply. You will get this information plus stuff about the return of paper ballots, conservative Twitter users losing thousands of followers. Russian bots. What is it? Craig Peterson has it all. Craig thanks so much for your time buddy.


Craig: [00:13:04] Thanks Jim. Take care.


Jim: [00:13:05] You too.


Craig: [00:13:08] Hey everybody thanks for listening.



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