Could Fake Video Start A War – What To Do About Lost Phones: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [10-16-18]

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Craig is on with Jim Polito on WTAG as the discuss how a fake video could start a war as well as what you need to do before and after you lose your phone.
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Airing date: 10/16/2018

Could Fake Video Start A War – What To Do About Lost Phones

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey, good morning, everybody. This is a little late. Sorry yesterday. I had an injury with Jim Polito as I do most Tuesday mornings and we talked about a couple of things. First of all, what are the implications of these newer pieces of software some of them are absolutely free that allow you to manipulate video and manipulated to a degree that you could make a video showing people doing things that they never did and have it be very convincing so I really great, very interesting topic with Jim this yesterday morning. And then we also went into one other topic kind of quickly and that’s all about your phone and what to do before and after your phone is stolen. So some really good tips today for everybody whether you’re in business or retired, or just a regular old home. Bobby’s Oh, you

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Here we go with Mr. Polito. Here’s the guy who made things like I Heart Radio possible. While because of the internet, he actually wrote code that is still in use today. And I’m talking about our good friend Craig Peterson. Who I just I think I just hung up on guys. I I I really think I just hung up on Craig Peterson. I mean, how do I do that? When you put an idiot in charge? That’s what you get. Right, buddy?

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You know it. I really have to feel sorry for you. And for so many other people, because it has just gotten way too complicated.

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Too bad. It’s not complicated. Actually. Smart people like you have made it easier for us user-friendly as they say. And now I just hit the wrong button. And that’s all that’s all it takes. Greg. That’s all well hey, listen.

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We’ve got a lot of stuff to discuss today. And don’t forget, folks at the end of this segment, Craig’s going to give you a number. If you text my name, you’ll get all this information plus more standard data and text rates apply. Craig, I want to talk about this because it is something that scares me in this day and age. I think it’s cool. But in terms of fake news, politics,

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the deep fakes 2.0 a computer that can already create condensing fake videos of anyone I’ve heard glenn beck talk about this. And while it is really cool, I mean, in the wrong hands, it could be deadly and I mean that as well. You could take video you could make a video of President Trump burning the Quran and then distribute it.

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What kind of an impact would that have around the world? And that’s what this computer can do. So why don’t we talk about it?

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And then and then dropping people into, shall we say, adult material and videos? Explain to us what this is about.

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If you think back a little bit, Jim, can you remember Lord of the Rings? Of course. Oh, yeah. Moving. Yeah. Oh, sorry if I read those great popular books when I was in college, but did you ever see behind the scenes that guy that played oh man document for the name of the character the meal or what did he call himself precious? You know, I’m Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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Yeah, I know. I know. You’re talking about the place. Yes. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, we’re gonna get about a million text. I know. I know we will. But if you saw behind the scenes, there was an actual actor.

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Who ate that part made all of the movements and actually of course that the boys and they have those golf balls all over him when they were filming them. Did you see that? Yeah I know that because I was just at the Shriners and they use that same technology you know the suit with the little white golf balls all over it and then you the person moves in that suit and then a computer can analyze that movement or in the case of what they do in movies, then you can have an animated character moving just like a human because you have mapped that human at the Shriners, they use it to help kids with mobility issues and with constructing artificial limbs and things like that. But yeah, so you take something like that. Sure. Ya know, that’s something I think we can kind of relate to that yesteryears technology

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Nowadays, right? And it’s you know, it took them 10s of millions of dollars to to just do that one movie with that, that character moving around in the movie, right and you know it’s continually getting better you know there’s more animation actors are very concerned that within the next 10 certainly 20 years most of them will be gone. Alec Baldwin won’t have a job anymore. It’s it’s, it’s all going to change is going to change in a very big way. Because now there are programs factors deep in some apps that are available that do this type of analysis that used to require those little golf balls on the suits. In other words, they can pick out a face or for instance, you’ve got a smartphone. Yeah, and you’ve taken pictures of people. Have you noticed now how there’s a little square around people’s faces automatically on your smartphone where it is

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recognizes that there’s a faith there, and then it focuses on that face. That’s the type of tech we’re talking about. that’s available today. It recognizes faces. And it can also recognize movement of faces. The again think of the new Apple iPhone 10 and the ability to use it John Locke the phone. So with these new app, they are able to have very convincing for almost no money, very convincing videos that allow you now to do exactly what you’ve been talking about this morning on the show, you know, you could put Elizabeth Warren’s face on a tribal pile participants and you would not really be able to tell them unless you got right down into it that it wasn’t really Elizabeth Warren that had the Indian blooded

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yeah and and it’ll match the skin tones it’ll match the facial expression.

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it’ll match the body movement and the facial expressions jam that’s the magic that’s the hardest part of all of this and it’s available now you can you can do all of that stuff you can have it done on some of these websites out there like fiber and pay a couple hundred bucks and now you have a convincing video that’s going to you know it’s not going to convince the guys in the FBI crime lab but it is going to convince the people on you know the six o’clock news yeah and not just the six o’clock news so I could use it against a political enemy but like I said you could use it in an international incident you know remember but Ghazi Hillary claimed it was a video record she was lying but you actually could make a video and you could stir up unrest and a country you could start a war anything it’s gonna happen Jim you’re right with

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Why, you know, it could happen today. This is the type of thing to think about how World War One started, right? We all had alliances all of these countries. Yeah, one lower ranking guy was shot and all of a sudden we are engaged in a world or and you could have convincing videos of the beheading, that didn’t even harping right with people involved that weren’t anywhere near the site. So today it’s people’s faces being plopped onto porn actors. And isn’t that funny? Yeah, but it’s it’s a scary bit of technology. And today for you know, $50,000 you could very easily have a video made that’s going to convince all but the absolute best tech people in the world that’s $50,000 down from what was millions just a few years ago.

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Yeah, we’re talking with Craig Peterson, our tech talk guru and we’ll tell you where you can get all this information at the end.

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This is something I wanted to discuss, because it does happen to people frequently losing your phone, and you’ve got a little tip here on everything you should do before and after you lose your phone. And it happens to all of us.

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absolutely true. I’ve got the article up on my website, but there are about 10 different steps things you need to do before and then after great article up on But here’s the bottom line you in this day and age you have to assume a couple of things. First of all, you have to assume that you are going to be hacked. Okay.

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So when you set up those financial accounts, when you’re trying to get your retirement accounts in order, assume that you’re going to be hacked or the to have been hacked when you’re setting them up. So yeah, same thing with your password your phone, assume that you’re going to lose it. So make sure you’ve got a really great little passcode on that phone. a four digit passcodes. Not enough anymore. Yeah, I use the cloud. It should passcode. Maybe I’m a little paranoid. I don’t know. You know, you’re you’re in the business, you know? Yes, absolutely. And managed services providers, which is what my company does. The FBI just came out and said, We are the number one target because we have access to our clients, competitors, right. Right. So I get to you that I can get to all of your clients. Exactly right. So they’re going after me now my business so on our phone we not we have these 12 digit passcodes because

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There might be client information on them. Everything on the phone is encrypted. And then on top of had we have everything inside of encrypted falls on our phones and on our computers, and that’s something by the way, if you have any personally identifiable information about clients or other thing and you’re an accountant or your lawyer or you know, the list goes on and on, you have to have a higher standard or security. So make sure if your phone is going to be lost, and it will be right eventually it’s going to be stolen or alive. They can’t get into it. And if they do get into it, make sure none of that information is useful at all to the to the bad guy and make sure you have backups. I do not accept my phone to the cloud. I back it up encrypted backup to my local machine so that I have it and I can restore at will and if you have an iPhone make sure you turn on

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Find My iPhone, right? Because that lets you remotely wipe your iPhone. And that’s frankly, that’s a really good thing. Here’s the bad guy who has your iPhone sitting there looking at it and all of a sudden it comes up with the Apple logo because it’s been completely wipe. There’s no way for them to recover it and there’s no way for them to use your iPhone without your iCloud password. So it’s useless to them. So there’s a few real I think, really good tips here. It’s going to be lost. Make sure it’s secure, and make sure the data on it secure. same trick for your laptop. Yeah, make sure that it’s that way. All right, Craig. That was very, very helpful. Very, very helpful. So folks, if you want to get this kind of stuff and you want more and you don’t want to be bothered, though, and be tried to be sold something or you don’t want to worry about getting hacked is very simple all that you do.

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Text My name to this number

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855-385-5563. That’s 855-385-5553. That’s right. Standard data and text rates will apply. But you’re gonna love all of the information that you get. Craig, that was a great segment with you really appreciate it. We’ll talk to you next week. Hey, thanks, Jim. Bye bye. When we return

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Hey, by the way, next week, I’m going to be running webinars on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, open to the general public. I have a closed one for FBI Infragard on Thursday. But Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we’re going to be going through that really kind of an assessment here. Where’s your business hat? What’s your security standards? What should you be doing? So we have all of that up on my website just go to You can register at the home page. Take care. Have a great day. And we will be probably putting out two of these today because I already was on the stations up in Maine with Ken and Matt. So we’ll probably be talking to you very shortly. Take care.