Facebook Abusing Your Privacy Again, Facial Recognition, Imran Awan and Russian Hacking: AS HEARD ON – WTAG NewsRadio 580 [07-17-18]

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Do you tag people in pictures on Facebook?  Listen in as Craig talks with Jim Polito about Privacy, Facebook and Facial Recognition.

Did you hear about Imran Awan and the DNC Hack?  Craig discusses with Jim some of the ties that these IT workers had with the Russian Hack.


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Airing date: 07/17/2018

Facebook Abusing Your Privacy Again, Facial Recognition, Russian Hacking

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hi everybody. Today, we talked about Apple just a little bit but mostly about Facebook. We talked about Imran Awan, you remember the I.T. staffer there was working for the Democrats and with a tie in to the Russians. Wow, it gets kind of crazy but it’s all about privacy today with Jim Polito, so here we go.

[00:00:26] If he was running Amazon they wouldn’t have crashed yesterday.

[00:00:30] I’m talking about our tech guru and good friend Craig Peterson, Good morning, sir.

[00:00:36] Hey good morning. I noticed that too. I was on, and yeah I was getting all kinds of errors trying to do the one day deal that they had. I don’t know if I can extend it or not. But, yeah they had problems.

[00:00:49] Well they didn’t have Craig Peterson on their side. No they don’t.

[00:00:54] I built some of the biggest Web sites in the world with the biggest databases. Long before Jeff Bezos got involved with the whole Amazon thing, and yeah there’s something I’ve done for decades, now. It’s scary to think back. I said the other day to someone yeah you know I’ve been doing professionally computer networking since 1975 and all of a sudden I did the math and felt old. That would be worse.

[00:01:25] Is that a young person said and not that you’re not young. In relative terms said they had computers in 75

[00:01:35] Weird, eh?

[00:01:38] Tell me about Facebook still abusing my privacy. Are you telling me that Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t completely honest with me.

[00:01:50] Did you notice the Zuck said in an answer to a lot of the questions said Hey, I’ll get back to you on that, and fact he did. Oh he did. He did. He sent them a document that was hundreds of pages long as I recall, and it got no press because of course by then the news cycle was over and people move on.

[00:02:16] Yeah they move on then and they he said Yeah well we kind of do keep everything and everyone possibly that we possibly can, and that reminds me of Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is I.T. guy to you has just made it into the news have you guys talked about this one.

[00:02:35] I’ve talked about him but in family and everyone else but he seems like the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about him.

[00:02:46] He just came out I guess this week that you know they were supposed to turn over a server for the FBI to finally examine as near as I can tell. They’re saying the Russians hacked right the Russians hacked the DNC. If you look at the charges that are just brought against the Russians there’s no mention of the fact that the Russians were trying to hijack the Republicans as well. Did you know that. Yes. It was completely left out of the indictment. Well it turns out now apparently this server that they were supposed to turn over, they were starting to look at it and then they checked the serial number. The server that was turned over for investigation was not the server because they gave them something else.

[00:03:32] Isn’t that interesting. And didn’t we learn that somebody. Took a whole bunch of information, off of that DNC server in question. And that the forensic folks figured out that the speed with which all of the data was downloaded indicated that it would have been impossible to do it remotely that somebody who had access to the DNC server put in a Zip drive and downloaded stuff. Now that says to me you well wait a minute. I don’t think that was a Russian.

[00:04:19] Oh he goes it goes on and on. Anyway, that story is going to continue to give us all kinds of entertainment because this whole thing is just completely nuts. What happened what they let happen to do is back to Zuck. Yeah. So he did three months ago sit in front of Congress. He came up and said yeah we’re going to have we’re going to make it so everything’s transparent. And you know maybe when you were thinking about transparent maybe he was thinking of it like looking through a window or maybe a camera lens. Because as it turned out the Zuck is using specialized facial recognition technology.

[00:05:01] That people just aren’t aware of when you are on Facebook. Now. You know if you post a picture you can Tag someone in a way that you tagged me before I’ve tag you in pictures, of course.

[00:05:14] So, it was that’s kind of cool and it brings pictures and things to peoples attention and you can find the people were when you were tagging people in those pictures did you realize that Facebook was using that to say oh let me see complete within this picture.

[00:05:32] And simply those in that picture simply those in the other picture. Let’s see which one do we think is Jim Polito via a process of elimination Facebook has apparently been very busy building facial recognition software to the point right now where if you post something and you go to tag someone some people have noticed that over on the site. Now Facebook or just people to say oh yeah well it tells you who it is.

[00:06:06] It says even when they don’t know I put up a picture and it says Do you want a tag Cathy Polito in this picture and I haven’t tagged my wife in the picture.

[00:06:18] Well he is same as last time. Well. The poor thing for probably the best reason.

[00:06:24] But it says Do you want to put up other people. And it says Do you want to tag them. And I’m thinking I didn’t tell you who that is. Well Facebook Knows.

[00:06:36] Well the New York Times reported last week that more than a dozen different privacy and consumer groups and some government officials are arguing that the company’s use of the facial recognition is once again now violating people’s privacy because they did not remain appropriate user consent. So, it’s scanning photos anything uploaded to their social network. Now what would think about this for a minute. It’s kind of cool that you want to take Cathy this picture it makes life a little easier. But you take this to the next level. And now Facebook has the ability to identify you.

[00:07:16] Now, I don’t know why this is but man, Minority Report we keep calling a great movie and enemy of the state.

[00:07:24] Despite Tom Cruise it was a great movie. It really was.

[00:07:28] And you remember when he had somebody else’s eyeballs and he walked by like by a sign and the sign now changed and offered him a special deal on what he had bought at the store before, right. Right. Guess what Facebook could do with this data

[00:07:45] Yeah they just walk into the place and it says that’s Jim Polito. You know what Jim Polito likes such and such bourbon why don’t we tell him it’s on special.

[00:07:58] Yeah, Well and he likes that friends of burbon. So let’s go ahead and let’s get the competitor bourbon to advertise and pay us to promote to Jim Polito.

[00:08:08] Yeah exactly. Exactly. You can live with some of that. Right.

[00:08:16] But, it might be good right because it knows you’re trying to buy a car when you want to see the car.

[00:08:22] You can put some of that but there’s a part of me that always makes the extra little leap and I always say to myself hey I’m never doing anything wrong. I’m never sure I shouldn’t be I’m never doing things I shouldn’t be doing I really I lead a nearly monastic life. So, I’m not worried about it. But, I always think to myself. But, do I really want people to know that much about where I am now worried about I’m worried about when a hacker gets that information or somebody else. Exactly right, because I think what can happen here.

[00:08:59] If Facebook sells this data or the nation’s stolen or even as simple as doing Facebook’s search for Jim Polito pictures and now we’ve got Apple next year all of their phones are going to have the facial recognition software right now. You can get it you can go to a local U.P.S. store and use their 3-D printer. So now I can make a 3D version of Jim’s head. I know to unlock any door. OK.

[00:09:27] You’re going to need the extra large printer to do that one the one with the double double triple chin option that one Yeah exactly. Its scary the state is being collected in a lot of people don’t know about it.

[00:09:43] Pay attention. Craig. This is great stuff and I could go on and on. Craig Peterson is a great guy who will provide this information to you. Plus other great information about the iPhone about Wal-Mart eavesdropping on workers. All of that you can get that information for free. He will not pester you. He will not try to sell you things. Here is what you do. You text my name to. 8 5 5 3 8 5 55 53 that’s 8 5 5 3 8 5 5 5 5 3 standard data and tax rates apply and you’ll get other information say there’s some big hack some national or international hack. Craig Petersen will send you the information that you need. He will not sell your name he won’t do anything like that and he won’t pester you. And he’s always here every Tuesday after the 8 30 news. Craig thanks so much, buddy. That was very informative always a pleasure. Thanks Jim. Take care. You too. Craig Peterson, everybody. Yeah I don’t mind being recognized here and there. I just don’t want it.

[00:10:58] You know what I really don’t care if Facebook has it at a certain point I just don’t want a hacker to get it and then do something else with it. We have a final.