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50 million Facebook accounts were compromised, was your account one of them? Find out more as Craig and Jim discussed the recent Facebook hack as well as some great advice on how to create the perfect and secure password.
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Airing date: 10/09/2018

Facebook Hack Clone Messages – Have You Been Hacked

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hi everybody. Craig Peterson here I have some feedback from yesterday’s podcast about the the whole Facebook the hack the cloning, everything I went into a lot of detail on that are right here walk you through how to verify if your accounts been hacked how to check if your accounts and cloned what were these messages that you got from messenger and then while you’re in there change your password so I got some password advice as well all of that and more this is probably one of the more important segments for you to listen to. I think you’ll find it very, very helpful to help make sure all of your stuff

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is safe. So here we go with Jim

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if there was ever a moment when we need Craig Peterson This is it. I can’t take getting any more of these messages on Facebook joining us now. The man the myth, the legend Craig Peterson. Good morning, sir.

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Good morning, Jim.

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Yeah, so I’m getting these messages. Okay. Over and over again. It’s they’re all the same. Hi, I actually got another friend request from you, which I ignored. So you may want to check your account, hold your finger on the message until the forward button appears. Then he hit forward and all the people you want to forward to. I had to do the the people individually. Please do not accept a new friendship from me at this time. What is this? What is this? Am I hacked? Or are they hacked or people just sending around the same stupid message?

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That’s a really good question while he asked them know, here, here’s what’s going on. Facebook did just have a really big hack. And you know, we know Zuckerberg was part of that at least 50 million users. Right? We talked a bit about that last week. Yeah, yeah. And people are consuming what’s going on here now was I one of the 50 million people that was hack there’s another problem that’s been floating around Facebook lately and that is people have been cloning account someone. Someone will create another gym Polito account and we’ll put your happy smiling face on it and some other things and and basically pretend they are you. So what’s going on here? So it’s a kind of an impersonation thing was I have, etc? Well, the Azar No, you weren’t half However, you can check to see if you were hacked. And the easiest way, Jim, if you’re on the Facebook page, and anybody listening the one double check right now Go Go to the Facebook page. Okay, and Jim Polito show.

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Yeah, I got to so can I go to gym? Pulido first.

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Yeah, you’re gonna want to check each one of your okay. Not not just Jim. So in the top right hand corner of the computer of the screen there. Now that you’re logged into, there’s a little menu icon? Yep, I got it. Okay. So click on that. And if you’re on a phone, by the way, you’re going to select Settings, because you’re not going to have that little menu icon. Ok. So now you can click on security. Yep. And then underneath security, you’re going to see something that says where you’re logged in where you are logged. Yes. And wait. And wait,

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hold on.

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You see, messenger. Wait a minute. You know what? I’m on my I’m on my desktop. And when I click on the little the upside down arrow doesn’t give me security says activity log news feed pro settings. settings. And then go to security. Yeah.

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username. Contact that account temper

Unknown 4:04
snack. Giving me security. Oh, security and login. Sorry. Yeah, yeah, I’m holding up everybody here. Like, everybody’s like, Jim, for god sakes. can see Danny in there. Okay, go ahead.

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For now where you’re logged in. This is the important one day if you have to go to this later on today, just whomever you want to get in the settings and security and then we’re locked in. Because that will show you if someone else’s logged into your account, which means you have an in house

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don’t freak out. If you see yourself logged in from a different town does not mean that it’s it’s that you’ve been hacked, necessarily, hey, so our internet addresses, which is how Facebook’s figuring out where we are. Our internet addresses aren’t like a street address. So your internet service provider and Facebook take an educated guess as to where you were last year. So if if you’re her in the Forrester and it’s showing you as lost in in Boston, I might be a little bit worried or in Springfield might be a little worried about if it’s a neighboring town. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to worry about it too much. Now, what you can do is you can tell Facebook there to log off all logins all of your accounts. So if you log off everybody, then you’re going to have to log back in again. So that that’s the safe thing to do. And during the half last week, that’s what Facebook fit for you. Okay, they lost you off of all of these other machines. All In fact, every machine that was out there, yeah, so we’re talking about two different thing. Well, three different six. Really. Okay, so that’s how to check its use in half. Now, obviously, while you’re in security, make sure you change your password, you know, you should be using two factor identification sometimes called to essays or to fit

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the you know, so that’s going to get a code from your phone, which is reasonable thing to do. If you’re a business, you might want to get fancier. But turn that on. So right now, while you’re in there, change your password, turn on your two factor authentication, have them send you a text when you’re trying to log in. And you can also turn on alerts but unrecognized locket. Okay. So that’s Hack number two is clone. So the next thing you’re going to want to do is go up to the search bar. Yeah. And you’re going to search for your name.

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Yeah, so just put in me.

Unknown 6:44
Yeah, they’ll put in me or Jim Polito. I put in Jim played all fibers

Unknown 6:50

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And now search to see if there’s any other pages that come back claiming to be you now there might be another GIMP Leto in the billion accounts. Yeah.

Unknown 7:02
Yeah. Cuz he got Jim Polito. You know, when they could ask you. If you I think it was for email or whatever, you know, you want Jim Polito and I didn’t put it in quick enough. So I ended up with Jimmy Polito

Unknown 7:17
oh yeah yeah I thought Craig Peterson back in the day and then I didn’t really pay attention to it and somebody stole it from me that’s not good anyways yeah so if there is another gym Toledo pretending to be huge. Yeah, when you get on that page, you can click again on the menu button. And you can say reports this page Yeah. Now Facebook is telling us that they have right now have basically a 24 hour guarantee if you report somebody as cloning your page and other words for tending there. You they’ve taken content from your page, maybe your picture et cetera, and they put it up on a different page. If you reported clone, then Facebook says within 24 hours, they will investigate and reboot the page. Okay, then. so helpful. We’re talking to Craig Peterson, our tech talk guru, just about this whole Facebook thing.

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So okay, that’s good. That’s too easy ways. And you know what, I passed the test. And because Danny told me where our corporate login is. And that’s on my, on my desktop. I’m logged into the corporate. And then the last time my mobile was logged in, it was logged in, in my town. So I’m good. I mean, I’m good. And there’s no other Hey, come on. When they when they made me they broke the mold. Craig, you know that

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too. So that’s good folks are Craig Peterson, our tech talk guru getting us up to speed. This is the kind of stuff and at the end of the segment, when I give you when you gives you a number, you should text My name to it. And it will help you to get all this kind of information during the week. And no, he doesn’t try to sell you anything.

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One more thing on this data production, which goes back to your original question. Hi, I actually got another friend request from you like these messages that we’ve been getting. Yeah, and I got them as well. And I got them. In fact, I got one from a mutual friend of ours, this is a whole, okay, this is this does not mean you were hacked. This does not mean that the sender’s account was hacked in the, you know, the generic sense of the word. So the thing to do with these is just ignore them. Okay. It’s just like you receive a spam, email of phishing attempts, etc. Just ignore these types of messages and emails. And I’m going to be talking more about those on the webinar today, because I’m doing those three free trial webinars on small business security. If you haven’t signed up, make sure you go to https://craigpeterson.com, there’s a sign up right on the homepage. But according to the FBI, Jim, you look at this message. Okay. Yeah, and it’s not a hoax. And a lot of people recognize the grammars kind of poor and wait a minute, this looks weird. But according to the FBI, $14 billion has been stolen from small businesses because of this type of thing. And I mean dollars from bank accounts, not $14 billion worth of loss work, $14 billion stolen from businesses in the last two years. So when you get a message like this one that came in over the weekend, primarily on Sunday from Facebook, or you get a message like this in the email, do not respond to it. Do not click on it early, if it’s from your CEO, okay? Or somebody else telling you to make some sort of final manful transaction don’t do it. Okay. Simple enough.

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Alright, so you’ll get all that information folks at the end of this segment. And you’ll be able to

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get that webinar Now, before I let you go. The important thing passwords, passwords that are to protect you from hacking, what are they and how do you do it?

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Well, good timing, because, of course, as we just said passwords on Facebook. Um, here’s the trick. For years and years, the advice has been Make sure you use our complicated password and you change it every 90 days, like uppercase, lowercase numbers, who have special characters and all this other stuff, right? That’s what you’re supposed to have done. However, not and by the way, that’s still what the HIPAA standards say. And that’s still what others standards is saying. So the federal government has not caught up to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Two years ago, they came up with this bottom line us a few words strung together, so have a phrase three or four words that don’t normally go together as a good way to do it. So pick four, right kind of random ish, we’re use those as your password six dash or number or something in between them. That is the most secure password that studies out right now shows us the old advice of you know, forcing people to change their password using random letters and everything else. those standards have now been proven to make passwords left the cure know it’s used for work together. You’re going to string together like I hard Jim, Danny, have, you know, Craig? Any new password, right?

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Yeah. And. And then that is overriding decades of old advice. It’s simple, it’s easy to remember, which is important. And it’s almost impossible for computers again, because there are so many characters involved. Just you just think of that one particular string, it’s got to be 2030 characters. Wow. So that’s the best kind of password. That’s the best. That makes sense. That makes that makes a lot of sense. words that don’t go together the hyphen, stuff like that those symbols, and how often should you change that password though?

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Danny said, How often should you change that password?

Unknown 13:38
Oh, well, the beauty is, it’s such a good password, and you don’t have to write it down that you can get away with that password for a very long time. We’re talking about a year, two years, even three years, as long as you don’t use it on any other system. Okay. Now, this is this is general password advice, right? Yeah, you’re right. One of my FBI compatriots are different,

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right. But for the normal

Unknown 14:04
for the average person. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Home user. That’s the best possible advice that I think you’d get anywhere. Wow, this was a great session. Craig. Craig Peterson, our tech talk guru, everybody. Okay. So what you do if you want to get this kind of information on a regular basis and warnings on a regular basis and you but you don’t want somebody to try to sell you something or pester you He won’t do. It just checks to my name, Jim to this number.

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855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553.

Unkown 14:45

standard data and text rates apply and you’ll get all this great information. Craig, I want to thank you so much for your help. Today was invaluable.

Unknown 14:55
Hey, thanks, Jim. Take care. Take care

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when we return a final word.


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