Impacts Of The Cybersecurity Worker Shortage – Hiring Workers: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [02-05-19]

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This morning Craig and Jim talked about the shortage of cybersecurity workers and its impact on the security side of things.

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Airing date: 02/05/2019

Impacts Of The Cybersecurity Worker Shortage – Hiring Workers

Craig Peterson: 0:00

Hey, good morning, everybody. Patriots nation, of course, you know, Jim Polito right there in Mass. He covers of wow, about two thirds of the state. Maybe a little bit more. And Rhode Island, and parts of Connecticut and Vermont. And so what’s he talking about? A courses the Patriots. So he went over time this morning, but I’ll forgive them, right? I live in New Hampshire, and we’re part of Patriots nation too. We claim them as our own. So this morning was a little bit shorter than usual. And I brought up some stuff. Have you ever wondered about the cyber security workers? Who do you hire? Who do the people that you hire to take care of your computers hire? Well, there are a bunch of problems right now. And it’s because of the cybersecurity workers shortage so that’s what I talked with Jim about this morning. So here we go. Also, of course, remember that we have this week, some of my best stuff should be going up today. I wanted to get up yesterday. But you know how that goes. Life, right. And so you’ll probably see an email or a text from me as soon as it starts going up. But some phenomenal stuff on DIY security, how to secure your machines and your networks. And we’re starting with Wi Fi. And then we’re going on to firewall. So here we go with Jim. Make sure you visit http;// to get signed up.

Jim Polito 1:36
Let’s get right to it. Because he’s going to tell us there’s 3 million jobs out there in the world that need to be filled. And it’s not being done. Joining us now, Tech Talk guru and good friend Craig Peterson. Good morning, sir.

Craig 1:53
Hey, good morning, Jim. Yeah, this is presenting some real interesting problems that the most obvious problem of course, is if you’re shy, 3 million people that there are literally 3 million open jobs for cyber security workers that, obviously means we’re going to have some security problems. But there’s a second kind of unintended consequences of this sort of thing that we’ve seen over the last at least 30 years, 40 years in the IT business, Jim. And that is what happens in the you know, we have a fairly capitalist society. But what happens in a society where the government is not saying that we have five open cybersecurity jobs, and the market is saying you have 3 million open jobs, there’s usually a couple of things that are going to happen when there’s a shortage of workers or shortage of anything, right? And what’s that?

Jim 2:55
When you have a shortage of workers? Well, the salary goes up, I’ll tell you that much.

Craig 3:02
You’re absolutely right, the price goes up. And that makes it even more difficult because the good cyber security workers are already paid a lot of money. And we’re talking about hundreds of dollars an hour on an ongoing basis. And a lot of people don’t realize how, how expensive it really gets. So if you got some guy out there or gal who says, wow, man, I’d love to make 80 bucks an hour. 100 bucks an hour, I want to be a cyber security guy. So now we’re starting to see ads and I’m seeing that now, I captured a couple because I just couldn’t believe my eyes, but ads online for I’ve learned to be a cyber security worker in as little as three days.

Jim 3:53
Hold on. Stop the presses. I don’t know if I want a cyber security person who’s learned in three days any more than I want a doctor who’s learned in three weeks

Craig 4:06
That sort of thing. Exactly. I’ve seen it all the way across the board Jim from become a cybersecurity expert in three days, all the way up through now, this might take you a while to do and, you know, maybe you want to find a career it’s a little faster, but three days all the way up to six weeks.

Jim 4:28
Unless you’re somebody like Craig Peterson, who was born with this gift, okay, called intelligence, but also is predisposed to be able to understand issues of IT. I don’t know if I want somebody in six weeks. I mean, like, I know the, the boys when we ask them a question about one of our devices or something, you know, they can quickly answer it, like, Oh, you do this, this and this, you know, and so, they’re they’re like, of that they, you know, they’re they’re pretty, I still think six weeks, I mean, you need a little more, but it just goes to show you that crime does pay, you know, they say crime doesn’t pay. I mean, it does if you’re a crime fighter, especially in cyber security. We’re talking about Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guru. Don’t forget at the end of the segment going to give you a way that you can get a lot of great free information from him. So go on, sir.

Craig 5:23
Yeah, well, so this is going to be a very big deal, a figure deal because this happened back in the late 1990s where everybody wanted a website and everybody wanted to be online. And everybody wanted to be an IT worker. And all of a sudden everybody was putting their shingle out, we’re starting to see this now IT organizations who are just very basic fix it shots, you know, they can tell you how to do this on your iPhone or do that on your Windows machine. Yeah, and replace a bad hard disk and now they’re putting out a sheet go same they are a security provider.

Jim 6:04
Yeah. I don’t know about that.

Craig 6:07
I started in New England, very first managed security services provider back in the early 90s because I got hit. I had already been on the internet for more than a decade. I started on the internet in ’81. Al Gore and I were buds back then.

Jim 6:25
Yeah, I never knew that. I mean, I know you wrote some of the language, some of the code for the internet, which is the truth folks. And some of the code that runs the internet was written by Craig Peterson, but I did not know that what got you going that way was a cyber attack.

Craig 6:43
I did. I got nailed. And at that time I was what the huge web hosting company we’re building site to build some of the largest properties in the country. Like you’ve probably heard of big yellow or super pages, and the Vendee International, a lot of work for them.

Jim 7:02
I do remember these. I guess I’m showing my age that I knew all these. Yeah.

Craig 7:07
Well, that was all me working with my clients. And so we got nailed. And I was using the anti viruses tried to do the right thing. And I couldn’t find anybody that really knew security. And so that’s when my kinds of career my business kind of took a bit of a dogleg and we went a different angle because I just couldn’t stand seeing people who had worked all their lives to build their businesses who had tried to build a nice career who had all the retirement tied up and then have bad guys come along and take it away from them sometimes, literally, nowadays. So that’s why I started that that’s when I started letting people know about this and doing the radio stuff and and that’s why this week I’m doing some special training on how to do the basic self security yourself for your business. I’m giving away some of my best stuff this week for free and it’s so important Jim. And this 3 million cybersecurity worker shortage gets me kind of worried from a lot of angles,

Jim 8:16
And then it just goes to show you if you need 3 million people to work in cyber security, how many people does that translate to on the other side of the equation? Those who are creating the need for cyber security. Think about it. I mean, exponentially. How many more people there are working there. Craig, let’s let’s get the number out there to folks so that they can get this information. Plus there was a lot of other great stuff that we could have talked about today, just in the interest of time, and we can’t but Craig really provides a lot of stuff free to you. This is no obligation no nothing. All you have to do is text my name to?

Craig 9:01
855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553

Jim 9:12
And a standard standard data and text rates apply. You will get great stuff from Craig Peterson, you know if there’s a big hack or a big cyber crime and you need to protect yourself. Just like last week, we talked about changing passwords for your email, that kind of stuff. He gets that information right to you, Craig. It is always a pleasure to catch up with you, buddy. We really appreciate appreciate these Tuesdays with you. And we’ll talk to you next week.

Craig 9:41
Hey, thanks, Jim. Take care.