Latest Facebook Investigations – Apple Watch Saves Lives: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [01-08-19]

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Craig discusses with Jim the latest Facebook investigations and how the Apple Watch saves lives.

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Airing date: 01/08/2019

Latest Facebook Investigations – Apple Watch Saves Lives

Craig Peterson: 0:00

Unknown 0:01
Here he is. It’s been too long. You know that holiday messed us all up or both holidays. But here he is. He survived. Boxing Day our good friend Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson. Good morning, Craig.

Unknown 0:18
Hey. Good morning. Yeah, I had a fun time. It was my mother’s 80th birthday. Great. Naples, Florida.

Unknown 0:27
Made a fancy video. Yeah, it’s really weird. Canadian was

Unknown 0:31
down in Naples, Florida for Christmas.

Unknown 0:34
Well, she’s a Snowbird You know, he lives in Montreal. She loves Canada. She loves the health care up there. Yeah. But she spent five months 30 days or 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds in the United States. And she has us health insurance. Wow. I just don’t understand how someone can hold two completely conflicting ideas in their mind at the same time, adjusting other words, she loves the US and she’d rather be here in Canada. But she just thought

Unknown 1:09
well, I’ll take Naples. My cousins are down there right now. I’ll take it.

Unknown 1:14
I’ll take. Yeah. Well, we drove because I met with I have a what my operations manager is actually in Florida.

Unknown 1:23
And and then we went and saw my one of my daughters and granddaughters over in Kentucky. So we left it was 89 degrees. We stayed in a hotel The next morning, they may be 1969 the next morning. It was 14.

Unknown 1:41
Yeah. Flow. Right. Good news to it.

Unknown 1:44
Yeah, that’s, that’s a good way to ease into it. Like a like a hot bath. All right. Let’s, let’s talk about Facebook. Kathy. And I watched an interesting piece about Facebook, on PBS during the holiday break. And about Mr. Zuckerberg. And you know, I want to connect the world. But yeah, you want to connect the world. But you had something else in mind. Now we’re finding out that Facebook was going into your Android, your mobile and when you weren’t on Facebook, you might as well have been because they were going through all your data. Is that am I correct? Or am I going out too far in this one?

Unknown 2:32
No. That’s what they found Jim and and the UK is that a pretty darn good job of looking into this investigator Facebook even went so far as to provide a quote ESPN unquote, service. Now, I think you and I have a basic idea of what a VPN is for those listeners. So know what it is, it’s a virtual private network. And if done correctly, you can keep your because my status save like cetera, from prying eyes for the most part. Because what happens is that all the data when it computer, it’s encrypted, and it’s as though you’re connected to the network on the remote sites is use it. So when you’re at home or on the road, you can still get into all your business stuff. But it’s highly encrypted, and no one can see what you’re doing. So what Facebook was doing, they bought a company that does VPN and the allocations are that they were actually monitoring everything you did on the VPN that Facebook gave you for free. So they say, We’re going out of their way to find out what you’re doing, where you’re going, what you’re saying, who your friends are, what your messages are. And on Android platform, you just don’t have the types of security that Apple has. In fact, there’s a funny little thing happening in Vegas right now with CES and apple. But you know, Facebook, it’s crazy what they’ve been getting away with, and that they have been cutting back on some of the information that providing to advertisers and marketers. But it’s they’re losing customers every day. Wow.

Unknown 4:18
And that’s not helpful. Because Wall Street has said, Hey, Facebook, we’re not so enamored with you. Now if I if I remember correctly from yesterday’s market close, Amazon was the company with the highest value on the exchange passed over Apple right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And and Facebook was they’re not anymore.

Unknown 4:52
Well, part of what came out here with what you were just talking about, about Facebook here in the investigation in the UK but it was came out was an instant messaging exchange between Zuckerberg and another person and this was back when he first started Facebook and he called Facebook user Tom room Yeah, we’re trusting him with their data yeah if this isn’t new and if we had character really investigate would have found out that there is a blockbuster New York Times investigation about this company employee in shady PR tactics they talk about Cambridge Analytica and how Trump got information on millions of Facebook users. But no one mentions that Facebook, Zuckerberg people gave the Obama in the Obama campaign absolutely everything about everybody, right? And if they just don’t mention that this guy’s not to be trusted. And then of course, you’ve got the standard media. Thank goodness for the gym

Unknown 6:02
to close the truth. But the standard media not mentioning hardly anything. I was shocked at the gray lady investigation on Facebook.

Unknown 6:10
Yeah, yeah. Well, one, they’re either afraid they’re afraid or, you know, there’s that agreement in politics, even though Facebook is a big business. And a lot of the Silicon Valley businesses are big, you would think, well, they’re they’re obviously conservative. Know, they lean left, let’s look at Amazon. And let’s look at Jeff Bezos and he in the Washington Post.

Unknown 6:40

Unknown 6:43
Alexandria, or whatever

Unknown 6:45
we call her Alexandria, occasional cortex.

Unknown 6:53
She’s saying about businesses and how that the republicans are supporting big business. No, in this day and age, all of those companies that you mentioned, are extreme left leaning companies, you know, and, and it’s a shame because, you know, I promote Apple because of charity. An Apple has an app put that up on a website today. But Apple doesn’t go to the Consumer Electronics Show, but this year, they rent it the whole side of a hotel. I mean, like all 20 plus stories of it, and they put out by banner, and they’re promoting something I’ve said apples or promote for decades, which is that Apple does not sell your data, they should not make money from your data. Apple makes money by selling you hardware and software and they keep your data safe. It’s the insecurity or the number one thing but all of these big corporations giving you money to political campaigns nowadays, guess what, it’s the democrats that are the party of big business, right. And

Unknown 8:08
casual cortex obviously isn’t firing again.

Unknown 8:11
No. And

Unknown 8:13
our our guys who do a show the financial exchange from 10 to noon on ta G and H y. And they were talking about this the other day that they were talking from a financial perspective, apple, this was a big deal for them. And it is something that they can go to the marketplace and sell, hey, we don’t sell your data. We don’t do any of that. You sure yeah, pay through the nose for one of our phones or our other devices. But we that’s a good niche to have right now in the marketplace.

Unknown 8:52
And it works. It’s a play on Vegas’s thing with a member Telly Savalas, it says what happened on your iPhone, they

Unknown 9:06
I like that we’re talking about Greg Peterson, our tech talk guru, and we’re going to give you a number at the end of this segment so that you can get the information that he’s providing here and a lot of other stuff and he won’t hound you, he won’t pester you. It’s all good stuff. He even gives you warnings when there’s a big data breach and standard data and tax rates apply. Now speaking of Apple, Apple is going to tell me if I have a hard problem, right?

Unknown 9:34
Yeah, this is really interesting. This is a new feature that’s part of the Apple Watch. And it’s designed for people who are a little bit older. Basically, the Apple Watch Series for now does have built into the ability to monitor cardiac rhythms. Now there’s only so much to do with the signals that have watched can pick up it is absolutely phenomenal for people who are a little bit older that have atrial fibrillation, which, by the way, is being number one heart arrhythmia that’s out there. Now, it’s not designed to really watch for heart attacks or other things, but it will detect them. In fact, there’s already some reports of people out there that had their Apple Watch, warn them of a dangerous resume out that their hearts were have got themselves immediately to the hospital. And these reports are saying that it saved their lives. They’ve done clinical trials on this already. This is approved. Apple didn’t want to mention it until they had them a proper testing and certifications. But it can distinguish between the mo heartbeat, which would be called typically to sinus rhythm and atrial fibrillation.

Unknown 10:54
Yes, all it’s officially doing, but it can do a lot more. And, you know, thank goodness for this sort of technology. And it’s going to come a long way very, very quickly. It can send your ECG to your doctor, this is going to save some lives. Yeah, I mean that a fib is one of the leading causes of stroke, stroke, you know, if not detected in time or prevented, I mean, can be debilitating and it’s just incredible that they can do that and get that kind of information that’s important. I think that’s incredibly worthwhile for people because if you don’t get a regular EKG or you know you don’t get regular testing something like that slips through the cracks and then you have a devastating stroke and then it’s too late and then you’re dealing with okay how much of this person’s mobility and and other issues can we bring bring back and unfortunately, sometimes you cannot have a complete recovery. Craig that great stuff and I know you sent me so much more, but we don’t have time to get through all of it. So folks, I want you to text My name Jim to this number

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855-385-5553. That’s Jim to 855-385-5553.

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standard data and text rates apply. And again, Craig Peterson will not bother you, Craig, happy

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great for us to be back together. We missed you through the holidays. And we’ll talk to you next week.

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All right. Hey. Thanks, Jim. Take care.

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Bye bye. Craig Peterson. Alright. A final word when we return. You’re listening to the Jim Polito show, your safe space