Marriott Hack Quora Hack – What Does It Mean To Me – What To Do About It – Free Offer: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [12-04-18]

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Have you heard about the recent Marriott and Quora hack? Craig discusses this with Jim on the Jim Polito Show. Find out more about this hack and about FitLoo, the smart toilet.

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Airing date: 12/04/2018

Marriott Hack Quora Hack – What Does It Mean To Me – What To Do About It – Free Offer

Craig Peterson: 0:00
Hey, good morning everybody. I was on with Mr. Jim Polito this morning, we talked a lot about the Marriott hack what happened and not really why it happens. You don’t have all the details yet. But what it means to you. Are you one of the people who hasn’t even checked your credit report. Did you know three out of five Americans haven’t even checked their credit report, let alone frozen their credit. The new Tax Act that was signed in by President Trump provides us with some amazing opportunity here. So we’ve got Equifax last year we’ve got this Marriott hack which really has been occurring for the last three to four years which is just crazy. So what should you be doing now I talked with Jim about that this morning I have after I hung up with Jim I’ve been on the horn with my team we are putting together a bang up special report here on what we need to do in a order to check our credit what does that mean how do we do it for free what are we looking for and then also how do we freeze our credit what does that mean what is that going to provide us with what can we do what can we do with our credit frozen same trick for the bad guys so that’s going to be coming out as well so make sure you are signed up. I don’t have the landing page ready yet for the special report we’re going to be sending it out this week to our insiders. So if you are not on my insiders list make sure you go and subscribe immediately. Now I’m using what’s called a double opt in which means you go to and you give me your name and your email address. I will send you an email immediately and you have to click to confirm okay. So keep an eye out for that. That is legitimate because what I don’t want to have happen is for people to sign, other people that don’t want to be part of my insiders, okay and getting this type of information from me and I don’t want to waste my time, my energy, my money to send that out these reports and things to people that didn’t even want them in the first place. So it’s called a double opt in. You go right now to, check your email within a minute or two it’ll show up there. You’ll see an email from, you’re going to click the link in there to confirm you want it. And then later on this week, once we’ve got this special report finalized, we’ll let you know and we’ll send an email out to everybody. So keep an eye out for that in addition to my normal Saturday show notes email that you’ll get from me and you will be able to click on that link it’ll take you to a quick signup page so you can sign up for and I’ve got I mean some amazing special things for you that I am not announcing anywhere but you’re going to love this okay you still gonna love this so again, Do it now. Get on my insiders email list. And we’ve got a special website that we’re going to be releasing, you get to be part of the early release program beta, if you will, where there’s going to be incredible content, incredible content. Eventually I’m going to be charging for this, but you’ll get in for free. So here we go with our friend, Mr. Jim Polito,

Unknown 3:38
The man with the plan and the giant brain. I’m talking about our Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson. Good morning sir. Hey good morning Craig this you got to help us with this we have so many different topics today but I want to start off with the most important the Marriott hack three on hundred and 27 million guests thank you very much Marriott Corporation What are these folks going to do?

Unknown 4:11
Oh boy this is this is crazy. There’s quite a bit of stuff you haven’t heard in the news but what what first of all I think the most important thing to remember is the bad guys have been in this database since about that looks like maybe 2014. So this is a really really bad deal and we got to give Marriott a little bit of a break because it was the Starwood groups that actually had been hacked and then Marriott bought them and as part of Marriott integration of their computer systems. Marriott figured out what had happened

Unknown 4:48
oh ok. So we Starwood and they they bought Starwood

Unknown 4:52
Exactly. So you know, that doesn’t mean that they’ve heard well, right, yeah, it was so reminiscent of last year with the Equifax hack. It’s It is really crazy here. They’ve done so many things wrong. For instance, they’ve sent out notices by email to people whose data was stolen. We’ll talk about that data in a minute here. But they sent out the email. They didn’t send them up from they didn’t send them out from any official website. The domain they sent them out from if you try and go to the website of that domain. There is no website at that domain. It’s No certificates. Yes, there’s no identifying security certificate for the email. The email is not digitally signed to show that it is Marriott doing it the only way you can even figure out that this might be legitimate is Marriott on their data breach notification site has a small note saying yeah by the way a third party firm is sending you email What do we tell people day in day out about clicking on email Jim.

Unknown 6:08
Right. You tell them not to do it.

Unknown 6:13
Exactly. So I’m just I’m shaking my head here now as is the case with so many problems that you have in business you bring in these PR firms that know how to do with disaster response right that that’s what so many businesses do well Marriott had set this domain up apparently earlier this year and it sent out to me email from there but there’s no way for regular person to check and see hey wait a minute now is this email coming from a scammer into come from the Marriott Corporation? That’s not where I normally get my email for Marriott. They blown this thing. It’s crazy. And then now let’s talk about the data that was stolen. k. You mentioned What? 300 million?

Unknown 7:03
327 million yeah,

Unknown 7:04
exactly. It could be as high as 500 million. But that number 327 is right now considered to be the most accurate and look at the list of stuff that was stolen as part of this hack. It includes all your personal information. And I mean, personal. Because if you traveled abroad and you were with Starwood, you had to give your passport number.

Unknown 7:35
OK, so now we’ve got scammers out there that are that have their passport, you know, bad guys pickers that have passport numbers for all of us have all of this information.

Unknown 7:51
My gosh, and so now we have to worry about a few things. First of all, you’ve got to worry about your credit and your credit being used your identity stolen, okay, you have to be okay. You have to worry about your passport. Now worried about your passport may not be as big a deal because when it comes to credit cards, for instance, all you really have to worry about is that somebody might use it and you have to know this and then you have to follow through. Okay. Yeah, having your identity stolen means that you could get pulled over for broken taillight on your car. And all of a sudden you are the subject Alba felony arrest and other words, all of a sudden, there’s a half a dozen police cars, your face down in there in that very cool statement. Yeah, on the road. Right, right. And when it comes to your passport number, the bad guys have the number but it’s not terribly useful to them. Because if you still have to have a physical passport, okay, now think about this. in the longer term. I just flew out of around Orlando airport a couple of weeks ago, I was down there for conference. And in the Orlando airport, they had these new identity machines that were biometric. And the federal government has in our passport, RFID chip, they’ve got these little chips that can be read in your passport, right? So the bad guys can reproduce a passport. But it’s very expensive, very hard to do. So only the most determined bad guys, maybe bad guys like Al Qaeda, that will send their people to flight training school, you know, can use this thing can do it. It’s it’s not going to be your average run of the mill bad guy that’s trying to steal your identity that’s going to be able to really make use of the passport I get concerned because I see the federal government going closer and closer to having completely digital IDs, no paper and that concerns me more now. We’ve got the Marriott breach on top of Equifax last year. So we’re talking about two of the biggest breaches in history. And many of us have our data not just on these sites. But in many other sites. Now, there is something really good that came out of the recent tax bill. And what came out of it from a security standpoint is you can get your credit frozen for no charge. Now from the

Unknown 10:28
right now you don’t have to pay it all.

Unknown 10:31
Exactly. It used to be 10 bucks to lock it down. Lock all three of these credit agencies. So it was 30 bucks every time you turn around, basically, yeah, if you want to get new credit somewhere so right now bottom line is freeze your credit. Okay, just three and five Americans have ever even looked at their credit score. And you know, preaching a credit as a step beyond that. And we’re seeing this happen more and more. There’s no good solution for this. Thank God. Marriott caught this, you know, I wish it had been caught three, four years ago. But consider this, okay, it’s not going to cost you anything. I’ve got a report that I can send out to you that goes step by step through exactly how to freeze your credit. You can ask me for that you can send me a text, you can email I’ll make sure you get that report. If you’re one of the people that’s on my monthly subscription for watching the dark web. You already have that report because I send it out whenever I find a compromise to you. But I’m more than happy to send that to you. I advise everyone not only check your credit report, but freeze your credit. And then if if you want new credit, you can have to unfreeze it. But it leaves now thanks to the Trump sign tax bill. It’s free.

Unknown 11:56
We’re talking with Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guru you heard there and at the end of this segment will give you a number you can text My name to that number. And Craig Peterson. If you’re not already on his list will put you on his list. It’s the nice list. Not the naughty list. Because he won’t mess with you won’t send you stuff you don’t want won’t bother you. And of course he won’t sell your name. Alright, this one. I just have to go here.

Unknown 12:26
A high tech toilet. How can I say it tracking my every movement? I it’s a family show, Craig. But what is this is your on the spot here. It says smart toilet.

Unknown 12:48
Why do I need a smart toilet? If a toilet was smart? You would no longer want to do the job it was designed for

Unknown 12:57
exactly Is that true? Or do you remember the movie The island I love that movie hi fi movie. And if you picked it a future where they were raising people duplicates of people shown so they can harvest organs. Right? Yep. And one of the things they had to do was make sure these clones were healthy. Yeah. And so it monitored their urine output. Yep. And so now researchers at the European Space Agency have teamed up with MIT sanitation specialists who thought MIT got into tenants

Unknown 13:34
and toilets. Yeah,

Unknown 13:36
yeah, it’s called FitLoo.

Unknown 13:40

Unknown 13:42
That’s what the British in some Europeans call a toilet, the loo

Unknown 13:46
The loo. Exactly and it’s located in the water closet

Unknown 13:50
Yes, in the water closet

Unknown 13:52
and it screens human waste for early signs of disease. This is really kind of a cool idea you know, I you know, I was in medicine for many years and her medicine and medical people are kind of strange. First of all, they smoke far more often than the regular public and secondly they tend to examine their excretion and

Unknown 14:18
because there are so many things you can gather from that human ways that data is gathered by sensors in the toilet bowl century your mobile phone you can see how your health is doing how it’s changing you’ll be able to see from this symptoms of early diabetes all the way through an intestinal bleed is phenomenal and I gotta say when it comes to intestinal belief I have a sister in law who has been in critical condition now for a week and a half they finally were breathing tube because she had a rupture in we’re in testing

Unknown 14:57
something like this FitLoo might have helped them oh it’s fun to choke out there’s so many jokes

Unknown 15:04
yeah it is also true so okay I got a smart toilet watching my every moment no but if it detects disease, that’s fine. Alright so if you would look there’s a lot of other stuff that Craig got to me this week but we wanted to make sure we focused on that Marriott hack so if you text my name to this number

Unknown 15:30
855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553

Unknown 15:39
and standard data and text rates apply. You’ll get on Craig Peterson’s list he’ll periodically send you information as he mentioned in this segment if there’s some kind of a crisis you’ll already have that information or if there’s more information that’s needed you’ll get it and he will not sell your name he keeps you on the nice list and he won’t put you on the naughty list Craig thank you so much look forward to talking with you next week

Unknown 16:07
alright thanks Jim and get that out to people that report on freezing your credits to people who have a little bit later on this morning

Unknown 16:14
excellent thanks Craig. Appreciate it. Craig Peterson everybody. All right when we return a final word. 

Unknown 16:22 

A quick reminder that URL again if you haven’t done it yet you will not regret this this is going to be big it’s going to be fantastic we’re doing a major launch next year you’re will be a part of it and you’re going to get in for free because you’re a listener to me on the Jim Polito Show so and end the podcast right Take care. Bye bye.