Recycling Plastic Bags – How Technology Is Solving The Problem: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [11-13-18]

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Craig is on today with Jim Polito talking about how technology is helping with our problem with plastic bags and plastic waste and how China has been hijacking the internet backbone of western countries.

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Airing date: 11/13/2018

Recycling Plastic Bags – How Technology Is Solving The Problem

Jim Polito: [00:00:00] I’m talking about our good friend and our Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson. Good morning, sir.

Craig Peterson: 0:06
Hey, good morning, Jim. You know when it when it comes to plastic bag, there have been some technologies that have come out about that, about being able to because I’m told over and over. Oh, you can’t put them in single stream. Because with the other plastics, they’ll jam up the machine.

Unknown 0:24
It’s like, it’s like smart people like you, Craig could figure it out. That’s why we have some people like Craig Peterson and others, because they figure out these problems for us. Like they got us to the moon. They got us a smartphone, they got a heart transplant, like oh, that guy’s gonna die. Why? Well, he needs a new heart kid. Well, can’t you take one from somebody else and put them in there? I never thought of that.

Unknown 0:52
Well, I may a basement stairs guy first off that’s where you’re like me and Danny. Yeah, yeah, exactly.

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Choose a plastic bag with a plastic bag as opposed to a plastic flowers. Yeah, you gotta get done. You know, I will have to send you on a plastic flowery thing. Yeah. Craig. So you can be like the rest of the guys. So that’s number one, which is the easiest. You guys are already doing it. But there are a couple of new technologies that are out right now. First of all, and this was only discovered this year, they were digging through some of these massive, you know, trash heaps that are out our landfills and what they found was really really interesting they found plastics that has been degrading now it’s not supposed to be great when it down on the ground. Yeah, styrofoam was degrading a few other things with the grading and in various ways. And what they found was there’s a bacteria that has now come into being that they had never seen before. According to the research I was reading and this

Unknown 2:00
bacteria will digest any and all plastic for, you know, like it’s flat 95% of plastics that are out there. So what they’re starting to do is they’re, they’re trying to make sure, first of all that this plastic isn’t about to, you know, studied in our cars or something if they spread it around. But the idea is they’ll take this and they will start spreading it into the environment of the land cells and it will start eating up all of the plastic which is really good. So that’s number one that is brand new. And number two, that’s been around for a while. Most of these small plastic bags that we get from the stores such as Walmart and others are designed to be biodegradable, and if they are out in the open and exposed to the sun, they will break down and break down very quickly. It’s only a matter of months. And so those tree is brand new and number two, that’s been around for a while.

Unknown 3:00
Most of these small plastic bags that we get from the stores such as Walmart and others are designed to be biodegradable and if they are out in the open and exposed to the sun they will break down and break down very quickly it’s only a matter of months and so those trees that have plastic bags in them that you mentioned if they’re the newer plastic bags they will just fall apart into pieces very small pieces at first and then completely break down wow the problem is already solved frankly thank you but but no we have to feel good and go out there and say we’re going to do that and as I said my town is taking away styrofoam too so I’m gonna you know get my takeout order wrapped in newspaper

Unknown 3:53
you know I mean that’s that’s basically what it’s boiling down to

Unknown 3:58

Unknown 4:00
But many times that Intel Penn and Teller did an episode about that on their show and they were actually able to convince people to use I think it was 17 different recycling bands you know one for soil toilet paper one score so no timers at different in court or South that have come in contact with raw chicken

Unknown 4:25
and and it was absolutely amazing to be able to do it yeah

Unknown 4:31
no, I didn’t is that from their show which I did see some episodes where you can’t say the name of the show on the air yes yes that was a cable show and it was it was a good show and then add in its name it had a curse word which was funny

Unknown 4:49
yeah well then you know they did that and I had a chance to talk to potential at but the reason they did that was that they

Unknown 4:59
you can

Unknown 5:00
You can say someone’s line and you can’t say someone’s misrepresenting or misleading but you can call it that subtle swear phrase. Yeah, be banned. We can say BS. There you go. So you can call it BS and you can’t be sued for that. That’s right. He said, they spent a lot of time with the lawyers on that whole thing. So that’s what I called it, but they would they did this study, they found the original guy that had come up with this study that says we’re about to be very 10 three deep with trash from coast to coast. Yeah. And this daddy was incredibly flawed, actually had him bottom there show, unbeknownst to him being on their show. But it was incredibly flawed. And they pointed out how all the trash from the whole country would fit into an area that was like 10 miles.

Unknown 5:57
I mean, you people begin to

Unknown 6:00
And then reporters rewrite it and it suddenly becomes the truth and it becomes accepted. And it’s Wait a minute, just like the Did you know the whole eight glasses of water a day. No one can tell us where that came from. And there are many physicians who will say, well, it’s important to be hydrated but Who said anything about eight glasses of water a day? I wrote I read a study on that one. Yeah, apparently it came as well as the 10,000 steps a day Yeah. came from a Japanese marketing campaign a lovely

Unknown 6:39
there was no science behind it at all. Yeah, but it was a marketing both own channel marketing campaign. Just like you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day of baking in a while. I know bread bacon and eggs was a marketing campaign. Yeah, you didn’t eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. It was all marketing Yeah, well.

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So, yeah, it people tend to fall into this. It’s a headline people read, right? If it bleeds, it leads. Yeah. And so, you know, we heard about that barge of trash of New York City. Oh, yeah, it floated out there. And remember that one? Yeah, man. So all these people are thinking that somehow there’s no way to dispose of the trash. But it turns out there is a plastic bag many of them now, and that this technology is easy and cheap can biodegrade in the sun. And we’ve got a brand new thing nature’s taking care of it is, you know, factory of it’s breaking it all down. Well, if you believe in natural selection, you believe in evolution. You believe in the origin of species, then you know that Mother Nature will find a way and bacteria that wouldn’t ordinarily eat plastic. Well, all of a sudden a mutation and DNA somewhere says hey, look at this and we can eat

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Plastic and digest it. Just like there are certain bacteria that can eat oil pollutants. Anything else? Craig? We’re running out of time. What’s a good ad line from what you’ve got this week? And then we’ll get folks the information so they can get on your list and get everything that’s going on this week. Yeah, there’s a lot that I think the number one thing that you might want to mention real quickly is that a lot of people have been getting on President Trump with him going out and Shane China is stealing intellectual property. talked about this a little bit on the on your show before. Yes. And the reality is now we have found that China has been hacking Now I mentioned the different type of hacking, China Telecom, big telecommunications company out of China. They have a presence in the United States they’ve been using their presence in the US to reroute our

Unknown 9:00
traffic through China certain companies they will go after company or an internet service provider and I’m not going to get technical and how they do it but they will route all of the traffic of China they will break the encryption they’ll capture everything we’re talking about email traffic website traffic banking traffic, everything we routed to China them back to where it’s supposed to be. People hardly ever notice sometimes it’s been six months or more that they’ve been monitoring a company or in some cases, government offices and sustainability. So so basically

Unknown 9:37
it’s basically like in the old days there the rerouting all of my mail that comes to my house through their processing center. They’re opening it up. They’re looking at it, resealing it and then having it delivered to my house without a gem. Wow,

Unknown 9:55
Craig, you’ve been a big help today while actually helping us with the plastic issue.

Unknown 10:00
But not just that with this information. And folks, you can get all this information from Craig Peterson. All you have to do is text my name to this numbe.r 855-385-5563 855-385-5563.

Unknown 10:20
That’s right. And Craig will get back to you with that information. Standard data in text rates apply. He will not annoy you. He will not sell your name. He won’t try to sell you anything. He’s just going to provide you with great information. And Craig, thank you so much for your time, buddy. You were a big help today. Hey, take care. Take care. Bye bye. All right, when we return


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